We will also deal with mental health issues, workplace violence, health and wellness initiatives, and drug free workplaces. Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation. This course will touch on all the main areas of the subject matter so that by the time you finish, you will have a well-rounded understanding of the issues involved. Years ago when people went to work in America there were no laws or guidelines in place to protect the workers. Participate in WSH practices within scope of own role and responsibilities, to prevent accidents or minimise risks. At the end of the course, you will be able to: Unit 1: Safe Work Practices and Risk Control, Unit 2: Potential Hazards and Unsafe Work Practices. Workplace falls, due to floors, ground surfaces, and walkways. The older the person is that is injured, the more time they are usually away from work because of it. That's largely influenced by the type of work that is being done. This lesson looks at outdoor workplace safety, including working in extreme temperatures and construction zones. What type of injury or illness can take place in the workplace? Workplace Safety & Health Practices Implementation is a core unit for WSQ Certificate in Environmental Cleaning. Less than 1 year of work experience in environmental services industry as a General Cleaner, Waste Collection Attendant or Waste Recycling Sorter. This course will help participant to learn how to recognise hazards and the safe work practice when working at height. Work health and safety education is essential to ensure a business is legally compliant, develops a culture of workplace safety and reduces risk. The competency-based course covers topics like WSH legislations, promote WSH culture, accident investigation techniques, identification and analysis of … CSOC Course, or WSQ Apply Workplace Safety & Health in Construction Sites, is a mandatory WSH training for construction workers required by MOM / WSHC. This allows them to perform cleaning services safely in accordance with workplace safety and health regulations and organisational procedures. Workplace injuries and illnesses can not only be detrimental to the health of the employee, but it can also result in a great deal of expense for the employer. The goal is to identify what those risks might be and take preventative steps to help lower the incidence of injury and illness. This lesson focuses on mental health issues in the workplace, including anger management, keeping up employee morale, reducing stress, and more. Over the last couple of decades, great strides have been taken to help make workplaces much safer. Throughout the lessons in this course, you will be introduced to what workplace safety is, and why it is important. Coursemology is an online course directory, listing short courses in Singapore to provide information on WSQ courses and SkillsFuture Subsidy to corporates and individuals. Qualified safety inspectors are highly employable with over 91 percent in full time roles. We hope you enjoy the course! The insurance liability issues, combined with time off work and lost productivity, can cost businesses thousands per year. Workplace safety remains a very critical issue today in all businesses across the country. NOTE: For registration of more than 10 students, please send us a corporate training enquiry instead. Recognize workplace hazards and safety issues. This lesson focuses on forming a workplace safety committee, covering the process, goals, trends, and training of new employees. Course Price: $ 320.00. In completing this course, I have reviewed safety areas at work...I will be taking more classes. NTUC Income Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #07-05, Singapore 529653, Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #02-514, Singapore 310190, SkillsFuture Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES), AWSHPP – Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant, CSCPM – Construction Safety Course for Project Managers, BCSS – Supervise Construction Work for WSH, CSOC – Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Construction Sites, Workplace Safety and Health Practices Implementation. You will also learn the ins and outs of conducting a routine inspection, filing reports, and the importance of creating a workplace safety committee. Course Schedule: 1 day Class (8.30am - 05.00pm) English : Weekly every Wednesday and Saturday. This qualification will give you specialised skills to seek work as a safety inspector or human resources assistant. Course Schedule : For more information, please see our courses & schedule calendar. Learning Outcome. This lesson is about accidents in the workplace being reported, including filing a report, getting testimony, and workers' compensation. Welcome to the world of workplace safety, health, and inspection. Preferred Training Location (Singapore) AnywhereCentralEastWest. This lesson looks at routine inspection practices, including what to look for and monitor. Coursemology is an online course directory, listing short courses in Singapore to provide information on WSQ courses and SkillsFuture Subsidy to corporates and individuals. When the act was formed, it changed workplace safety issues, as the mission was to protect people from being hurt on the job. Industry Standards and Regulatory Requirements, Causes of Hazards and Unsafe Acts and Work Conditions, Preventive Measures for Potential Accidents, Emergency Response Equipment and Supplies. This lesson focuses on common hazards in the workplace, including asbestos, as well as fire safety and hazard communication. This lesson focuses on preventative measures that can be taken to help avoid workplace safety issues. Upgrade your skills and knowledge in work health and safety with this mid-level qualification. As you work your way through the course, you will find additional tips, tools, and links that can help enhance your learning experience. BCSS Course, or WSQ Supervise Construction Work for WSH, is a mandatory unit for supervisors in construction industry. This lesson will focus on some other workplace safety issues, such as fatigue, posture and working the midnight shift. Describe workplace safety, health and inspection. This lesson focuses on safety in the office, including how it relates to computers, being organized and neat, and taking security measures. It is likely that changes will continue into the future as well, to keep up with the ever-changing workplace setting and worker expectations. After that, heavy- and tractor-trailer truck drivers, nurse's aides, orderlies, and attendants experienced the most injuries and illnesses per year. Additions have been put in place to cover such issues as protective equipment, chemical exposure limits, confined spaces, hazard communications, bloodborne pathogens, and exposure to asbestos, among other things. Course Calendar; Certification Courses for Professionals / Specialists; Short Courses for Continuing Development; Certification Courses for Supervisors / Technicians; Certification Courses for Tradesmen; Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Courses; Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Executive Programmes; Customised Training This lesson addresses some workplace health issues, such as fragrances, blood borne pathogens, and hand hygiene. It is in their best interest to try to combat the issue and reduce the instances of workplace injury or illnesses. Additionally, you will learn preventative measures to help create a safer work environment which will benefit everyone. Summarize mental health in the workplace. NTUC Income Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #07-05, Singapore 529653, Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #02-514, Singapore 310190, SkillsFuture Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES), WSQ Certificate in Environmental Cleaning, Perform Basic Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces, Provide Quality Service - Customer Management, Clean Vertical Surfaces, Glass and Ceiling, AWSHPP - Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant, Supervise Service Operation - Customer Management. Workplace Safety and Health Courses. Candidates will be trained to conduct safety inspections, recommend control measures, monitor, and improve WSH performance, and apply WSH engineering principles to WSH risk management. WHS Risk Management is an online professional development program that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to contribute to identifying work health and safety (WHS) hazards. Every type of workplace setting, from hospitals to hotels, has risks that are present for their employees. We do course listing for training providers in Singapore to improve your employability via skills upgrading and job skills upskilling through skills development courses. Previously known as OPSOC course, CSCPM course – Construction Safety Course for Project Managers – is mandatory for individuals managing construction project exceeding $10m in contract value. "The entire course was very helpful. Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements, English - United States, Canada and other English speaking countries, Professional Development (Self-Paced, Online Class), Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the.

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