You can see this very soon if you take a look at the fills during the first vocals: To get the “flageolet” (harmonic) sound of the second lick, pick very near the bridge and mute the string a little bit – a sweet, floating tone. Back to the Dominos: Some of the licks are noted below – take a look at the lime-line. Amaj7 Dmaj7 Why does love got to be so sad? Ryder” was a big hit. It turns out, Jim Horn actually really wrote that coda. His style and technique is what’s really amazing. Both styles were influenced by each other those days…. So this is simple and easy to understand. – EC, Guitar World December 1994, “Tom hooked Duane up with Clapton,” Allman says. The starting chords are Bm and A. [F] I know you're going to [C] break my heart if I [E7] let you. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad tab by Eric Clapton at There’s also a 5:31 minutes studio version of Got Go Get Better from 1971 for the second Dominos album, which was never released. If you play them as arpeggios, you have already mastered the main parts of the song! Play the chords: starting with minor chords, it moves towards the major tonic chord E. During this some licks are played in the background. You can play it also without a slide and use bends instead. ): The licks between the vocals are played in A minor pentatonic (1st pattern) like: The pre-chorus between (Do you wanna see me crawl across the floor) and the chorus (I don’t wanna fade away) are in the A major/F# minor key with the chords, A – E – F#m – D – E (for the pre-chorus) and The Dominos including EC also played on George Harrisons All Things Must Pass, which was released in the same year (1970). Every one of them. Nobody knows you when you’re down and out (Bessie Smith / Jimmy Cox) is a slow 8 bar Blues in C (originally in A) with a chord progression which differs from our well known I-IV-V progression. Even throughout the coda there are changes. It’s well known that the coda (the end) of Layla was added afterwards. It came to me: the whole world was shaking, and it felt like it. Hmmm, maybe I do [laughs]. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Most solo parts are playing using the first two fingering patterns of the A scale. Tabbing it all maybe possible, but it’s more important to know where you are playing here: they play together in the (remember: virtual) key of D major. song: "Why does love got to be so Sad", (function() { Am G Like a bird on the wing, Am G I've got a brand new song to sing, F C E7 I can't keep from singing about you. Chords like D7/F# are called slash cords, that means for this example play a D7 with F# as the bass note (which is normally D like E in E7 or A in Am etc.). We continue with the basic chords for this song: Emaj7 and F#m, played with two guitars. It is slower, much more laid-back and relaxed. Related for Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad tab, WHY DOES LOVE GOT TO BE SO SAD by Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock, [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G] [Am] [G]. Clapton is sitting on the ground in front of him. This one has already been described here. I’d got really used to him, and after that I felt like I had to have another guitar player. Killed in a motorcycle crash in 1971 at age of 24. Anyday (Clapton/Whitlock) is a slow song in A with Duane playing slide in drop d open tuning (e-b-g#-d-a-d). All we can do now is to play it in C, no matter how it sounds together with the album. Three methods come to mind to play this: playing fingerstyle (grin), using a pick and a free finger or playing with a pick and muting the unwanted strings. There was thirteen of us: “Indian Head” Davis, Jimmy Karstein; there was a bunch of us living in this house in California. (earnestly) As a matter of fact, he did not write that – he did not write that. Little Wing (Hendrix) is one of Jimi Hendrix’ signature songs. Amaj7 Dmaj7 Why does love got to be so sad? “Yeah, that came to me one night. It just killed me. It had to happen. First solo, E minor pentatonic at 3:00 minutes: He continues all over the minor pentatonic with some additional notes (as usual) from the major pentatonic. The song starts with the signature lick in D minor. The later added coda was from Jim Horn, Jim Gordon and Rita Coolidge. The intro starts with a special chord sequence: E – F#m – D – E, played as barre chords like: How do this chords fit in the scale? until 0:45. The chords for the pre-chorus (I was a…) are E and A. So, Tom Dowd put both parts together – the piano coda. Here it’s again: Let’s jump into the cold water and just begin with the intro. I left out the flat and sharp notes (b/#) – and the rest is the C major (Ionian) scale! That’s Jim and myself at the end of that thing. – Bobby Whitlock (, now, Although the unplugged version seems to be very different, I will compare both and try to show what both have in common. There was Chuck Blackwell, who played drums with Taj Mahal; I mean, there was thirteen of us living in this house! Now it’s getting tricky: 2(14) means to play the harmonic above the 14th fret while pressing down the string at the second fret. She was in love with Carl and when he died she couldn’t take living without him and shot herself in the head with a pistol on Christmas Eve or day, they buried her next to Carl (source: forum). In an interview during the Crossroads guitar auction EC stated, that it was a Blind Blake tune which inspired him to the chord change. The intro solo contains the essential licks of the song, here is the tab: The second and third solo contain similar licks. – Bobby Whitlock, interview 2000, The intro (no slide) goes pretty easy like. I was at Eric’s house; (I) stayed at Eric’s for six months and then we got a place in town – we called it “the Domino flat.” It was ‘hell on wheels,’ I’m telling you, we were a terror. A lot of stories and reviews have been written about the album, about the band and about the heavy use of drugs during the sessions, so I will focus on the guitar playing part of it. Bm – A – Bm – A – G – D – F#. Too bad that the tape on the album version started too late and so missed the beginning…. On the other hand Duane played a lead guitar part on “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad”, trading the licks with EC. [Am] Won't you show me a [G] place [Am] Where I can hide my [G] lonely face? She also found Carl Radle dead at his home. Or use a live version, but then you don’t have Duane’s slide. You don’t need to learn new fretboard patterns – the major pentatonic scale is just 3 frets down the minor pentatonic. Look at the music basics for a better understanding and use the scale generator to get fretboard schemes. It’s not unusual, especially in Rock guitar music, because you get a “fatter” tone – you can use thick strings and it’s still easy to bend. So I had a little puppy and a cat, and I was one of thirteen people that was living in this house in the Valley. The whole thing came to me, and I made up chords. Not exactly, it seems to be a bit more than a semitone. Chords are (key A minor…): Then we have this wonderful slide solo (still in standard tuning, no slides noted): The songs ends with “I am Yours”, played with the Am chord. The chorus (Anyday, Anyday, I will…) is in a different key, in D, with the chords D, A, G. Notice that D is the fourth of A and A is the fifth of D! We have more than one guitar on it, even more than two, so we have to analyse them separately. Whenever there is a survey of the “best” EC album, “Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs” (LAOALS) is the winner. The second solo starts at 4:13 with Duane on slide. If all chords are played as dominants, they are also called secondary dominants, because each chord’s root note is the V of the next chord. ), The key is A, so the main chords are A/A7 – E/E7 – D/D7. My ass. I don’t know how to play it with a pick, but if you prefer fingerstyle simply use your thumb for muting the string above the 14th fret and use another finger to pick the string. The chords are played as slow arpeggios up and down – that’s all! You can try to find out the rest by yourself. I’ll discuss both the album and the live version from the Fillmore concert. Audio snippet (MP3, © Stax Records 1967): “You know what? I am yours is the next ballad with EC on acoustic guitar and Duane on slide. you see that A is the fifth (major chord) and Bm is the sixth (minor chord). Let’s with the intro, EC’s acoustic part: Now Duane on slide, originally open G, here noted in standard tuning, but still slide…. . “I’m incredibly proud of that song. And the pentatonic minor scale fits nice to the relative major scale. Let’s take a look at the intro: The pure pentatonic lick starts on A (the V) and ends with the root note D. The double stops that follow are 5th chords containing only the notes 1 and 5. – Eric Clapton, song lyrics. King, but I think the electric versions are much better. Now you have to fine tune your guitar to the song, tuning all strings down again about a quarter tone. If you like to play the main piano theme with your guitar, you can also add double stops with the notes from the chords: I can’t tab the slide parts (both Duane and EC playing together), because of the tuning problems (see above). The chords can be used for the unplugged version, too. Jim Horn showed him that – Jim Horn just did my album – and Jim said, “Lemme show you somethin’, and I went, “Whoa!” – he did! I’ve tabbed the intro, it’s a great Slow Blues to start a little bit jamming with it (recently EC played an acoustic version with B.B. It was like a dead dog. He was a great producer.” Finally we get the Blues! is at 3:04 (chords: A A/G D/F# F). Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The reason it that the guitars were tuned up a quarter step and played using the key and fingering pattern of A, in real between A and A#, kind of A(1/2)#. The A major pentatonic fingering pattern is the same as the F# minor pentatonic (relative scales). See also: Layla on Wikipedia – a good summary. “I was there when they were supposedly sneaking around. “We were playing a city gig on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Absolutely true, and that’s a fact: I can attest to that. It’s not exactly in C. Some fellow slowhanders told me that there have been problems during the recording or that the speed was changed in order to get it on the album. Still an active musician, co-writer of many songs. Analysing the chords you see that they fit into the Dm scale: Guitar 2 uses the same lick just one octave higher: At 0:08 Duane starts the same lick, but another octave higher. 0(12) means to play the harmonic above the 12th fret (12) using the open string (0). For the filling licks we can use the A minor pentatonic (first pattern at the 5th fret). And the song is about my little dog, and he was the thorn tree in my garden. I don’t know what the hell they did when they weren’t with me-don’t know if they’d been in bed or where they’d been, but at two o’clock they were ready to play. Diagnosed as acute paranoid schizophrenia. EC also played some slide in the end. All tabs are still noted in standard tuning, so you don’t have to change your tuning. A bending from an A minor note into the major scale note is really cool, especially from a minor to major third! Looking at the basics you see that the D(I) and E(IV) can be played as major 7th chords because all notes belong to the D scale.

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