Is your hair a brassy-yellow tone or an overly light, almost white, dazzling blonde? Base is level 6. © 2020 Ugly Duckling All Rights Reserved. How to tone down yellow/blonde hair without ruining the color? The hair dye hasn’t taken as well to the roots and now … Also, in such lighter shades, the difference between two colors is an important change. Purple shampoo and toning products are the best friend of any blonde that wants to keep their color bright and not yellow or brassy. If you do not wish to use lightener, you can. Not all bleaches work the same and for this reason we do not recommend that you use any beauty store bleach. This means that if your hair is a light blonde 8, for example, when you apply the toner it will still be a light blonde 8, but you will have removed those unwanted yellowish tones. Which shade of hair color should you choose to tone down blonde? That’s why, in my salon, many women decide to tone down their blonde with gray toner. As I told you at the beginning if your hair is a brassy yellow shade, you have three options: apply a darker dye, use a purple toner, or bleach your hair. And you want to tone down the blonde, not bring your hair down to brown, right? Detailed video tutorial below. I absolutely loved my results. Click on them to learn more! Do you want to end up with your brassy yellow hair without changing your hair tone? She opted for the racoon look and now she is going to pay for it. In that case, you’d better apply a dye, which is the safest and easiest way. Best of all, neither will it damage your hair. Once you choose the shade, you simply apply the dye as directed by the manufacturer, to make your hair look darker without losing the main pigmentation of the blondes. This hair has also been blonded in the past, but not so well. Lift the darker hair with lightener, then tone the whole head. According to your answer, the solution will be completely different. You can also color instead of tone for a fuller and more deep color result. What toner should you use to cancel out unwanted tones on brown hair? Results before and after. If the hair is orange, it basically means one of the following: Basically, if you have orange hair like this, you need to do the 3 step process as explained above: Lift, Tone and Finish. In most cases, it will be the regrowth area, which can be anything from 3 inches to 6 inches & more. You can use both products regularly after coloring to keep the hair from turning yellow or brassy again. This happens, and very often, because after all, a bleached hair, either on the whole surface or through highlights, needs strict maintenance. We’ll start with the simplest solution, i.e. Then tone. However, choose this option carefully because you can end up with burned hair. NB: You can purchase all these products in one set, which includes a Free Set of Coloring Tools. Using a purple toner to tone down the blonde. These undercoats often represent a challenge for colorists and their customers as generally speaking these undercoats are not very attractive nor desired by clients. Only One Free Tube Per User. Maddie came in to our salon with hair looking like this - yellow! It all depends on whether your shade is a brassy yellow blonde or an extra light blond. UD is a miracle color line. It will work when the hair is not too dark - at least level 7 and above. Hair After Brilliant Blondexx - the dark regrowth has gone now & the whole head is a consistent very pale yellow color. Apply lightener to regrowth and ends both. Elona had to apply Brilliant Blonde and lift her roots right up. For best results, use plenty of product and massage in very thoroughly. Use them with 20 or 30 Vol if the hair is really really brassy. If after 30 minutes the hair is still orange, rinse and re-apply, with 20 Vol instead of 30 Vol. Follow the 3 Step technique to get rid of brassy hair: (a) Lift with Lightener, (b) Tone with Toner, (c) finish with Purple Shampoo & Mask. First, you need to consider the health of your hair. Image Supplied by Ugly Duckling Stylist Hon G. What should I do to get rid of my client's yellow? They show some often encountered cases in the salon. They do work better than most & will give you the lift you require - without compromising hair integrity. If the hair is orange, and you don't want to lift the orange out with a lightener, then you can consider going for, Use Ugly Duckling's regular ash blonde colors (anything ending in .1). Make sure that you saturate really well, and do NOT RINSE the hair too soon. Thanks to Brilliant Blonde, which is made for dark bases, she got the regrowth right up to a very pale yellow. Orange mess. Now once you are done with the regrowth, we are ready to tone down & get rid of any remaining yellow pigments. Her stylist never lifted her hair correctly in the past and her base is dark anyway (level 4). If you bleached your hair and it became very yellow, your hair fiber did not finish expelling all the color. Use the qualities of Brilliant Blondexx, which will lift very well, & take it all the way to a level 10. I want you to focus on the color. When you bleach your hair and strip away the color, these tones start to show through. It's called. We eliminated the dark regrowth and all traces of yellow and orange from the hair. What do I mean by this? Make sure you get it all the way to level 10 - see the picture at the top of the page to see what level 10 looks like. The pearl blonde toner killed the yellow tones, leaving it a nice, neutral blonde that I love. You wanted a blond and you chose a shade that was too light? Using a darker dye to tone down the blonde shade. (Blue combats orange tones, as shown in this post). This way, you won’t lose the blonde base, but you can go several shades less. Ideally, it should be at least level 9 (see picture of hair color levels above). If I were to ever open my own salon, I would definitely consider using the entire UD line in my salon. The result was a stunning Pearl Blonde result - with zero brassiness! But they do contain a lot of purple pigments and they will do the job well if you don't have our regular toners handy. If  your hair is healthy , you can choose any of the three options, but remember that bleaching is a chemical process that requires certain knowledge. You can see that we got her hair to an ultra white blonde result - no brassiness whatsoever! …. Blondes 8 and 9 have the most yellow pigments. Don't be afraid of adding in fresh mix during the processing time if you can see that parts are not lifting. They contain intense purple pigments which will neutralize any remaining yellowness or brassiness in the hair. It loses its pigmentation after each wash. Can you dye your hair while it still has hairspray, gel, or another product in it? No crappy blue I had to wait weeks to wash out so I was left with my silver, it was just a gorgeous silver right away and 4 months later it still has the pretty silver going. It's called the Blonde Protect Set. Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask both contain intense violet pigments which will do the job of killing any remaining yellow. This should allow you to achieve an acceptable or even good ash blonde hair color result - provided your hair is not too dark or brassy! Make your mix with 20 Vol Developer for the root area and 20 or 30 Vol for the lengths depending on how brassy it is. Now, it’s the turn of those women who went too far with the blonde. For example, if it’s very damaged and prone to breakage, I don’t recommend bleaching because you’ll damage it more. Be patient! With the purple mask, leave on for 10 minutes under a plastic cap and, if possible, some gentle heat. Not all bleaches work the same way. Hair After Brilliant Blondexx - the dark regrowth has gone now & the whole head is a consistent very pale yellow color. When the hair has reached level 10, rinse. almost white. We applied Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo. Therefore, either you have forgotten to tint the unwanted shades, or you have tinted them, but the neutralizing effect has disappeared. © 2020 Ugly Duckling All Rights Reserved. This is more common than you think. Next, we applied Intense Pearl Blonde 100V with 20 Vol to the whole head. Purple Shampoo. If your hair is in one of these shades, you can apply a darker color or gray toner. Use these products & techniques and you can easily achieve the same results in your salon. Swimming with hair dyed purple, red or any other semi-permanent color, Does Shimmer Lights Shampoo work in blonde or gray hair? This toner is one of our best sellers. Before attempting to tone down any area with toner, you will need to examine the hair & check which areas are the darkest. Green counteracts red, and this … When you light hair to a blonde hair color, you get a yellow undercoat or tone. Randa has dark hair (level 4) but she always colors her hair blonde. Note that in general we prefer to recommend these products as maintenance products rather than as toners. Apply lightener to the regrowth area and lift. Ugly Duckling's Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo and Mask are low pH sulfate-free products that will help close the cuticle after coloring. Blue cancels out yellow on the color … First of all, I´m going to ask you to take a good look at your hair. When you lighten hair to a medium brown color, you get an orange undercoat or tone. Only One Free Tube Per User, Brilliant Blondexx Bond Protect Lightener, Application of lightener mix to the dark regrowth area: always start from the back (this is where the hair is the thickest), Development of lightener on root area: Wash off after 30 minutes or until you have lifted the dark regrowth to equalize with the lengths. While bleaching is a very simple process, you need some basic knowledge of coloring because it can cause irreparable damage to your hair. My friend and I were completely amazed. Ouch! It will give a good toning result. These colors are particularly effective at neutralizing any orange in the hair. The mix for these toners is 1 part toner to 2 parts developer. You can also go for a blue-based ash blonde color result: either. We really recommend that you follow this technique if you wish to deal with your brassiness. If your hair is level 6 or below, you need to lift with an Ugly Duckling lightener, then tone. Ugly Duckling toners are very fast acting, and allow you to get ash blonde, platinum blonde, pearl blonde or silver blonde results. Important note: purple shampoos only temporarily cover yellow, they don’t remove it.

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