When I had lots of images in a folder including many similar-looking ones, I often found it hard to pinpoint the exact one I was looking for, switching back and forth between thumbnail and full-screen views. For comparison, the same folder took just under ten seconds to write when the drive was connected directly to a computer using a USB 3 interface, but over four minutes when directly connected wirelessly over 5GHz Wifi. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Tapping the photo also brings up an option to save the image into your phone’s internal memory, after which you can post or share it, although you will need to understand how the folders are named and arranged in your Android phone in order to save it somewhere you’ll subsequently find it. And with the transfer speeds of USB 3.0, you save time when transferring large .RAW images or HD videos. And if your camera has Wifi and you only want to copy a few images onto your phone for sharing, then the camera’s own app is the way forward. To compare the connection speeds, I connected my MacBook Pro (13in / late 2013) to the drive first via a shared access point, second with a direct 5GHz wireless connection, and third using a direct USB 3 cable. Using an integrated 6,400 mAh power bank, you get the perfect travel partner to keep your devices running. The drives also have simple controls. With the My Passport Wireless SSD connected to my home access point, I was able to connect to it using two laptops and an iPad over Wifi, as well as a Windows 10 PC connected to my home network with a cable. สเปค WD My Passport Wireless SSD. Product Components My Passport Wireless Pro/My Passport Wireless SSD (Top View) 1 Battery Status LEDs 2 Wi-Fi LED 3 Drive Status LED My Passport Wireless Pro/My Passport Wireless SSD (Back View) 1 Power button About Your WD Storage Device My Passport Wireless Pro/My Passport Wireless SSD User Manual … If you connect wirelessly, whether directly or via an access point, multiple devices can access the device simultaneously and there’s no need for cables; connecting via a shared access point also means your device still enjoys internet connectivity (assuming the access point also does), but data transfer to and from the drive will be slower than a direct connection. Above: With its rubber bumper sleeve fitted, the My Passport Wireless SSD measures 135x135x30mm and weighs just under half a kilo, making it substantially larger than a basic portable drive whether using an SSD or an traditional hard disk. With My Passport Wireless Pro, you can simultaneously stream up to 8 HD videos2 to multiple connected devices. The idea of a self-contained drive is to provide backup in the field without the need to lug around a laptop. Wireless Access to External USB Storage {{item.prices.sale.amountFormatted}} / {{item.prices.sale.billingPlanName}} *. Requires DLNA®/UPnP®or Plex-enabled devices for streaming. You should think carefully about your intended workflow though: if you intend to browse the contents of your backup in the field, you’ll much prefer doing so with a tablet than a phone, and if you end up needing your laptop after all, you could save money and space by using a simple external drive instead – see my WD My Passport Ultra review. Details & exclusions, By signing in, you agree to Western Digital's WD isn’t the only company to offer self-contained storage solutions designed to operate without a laptop. Free standard shipping on all eligible orders over $25. Connect My Passport Wireless Pro to the Adobe Creative Cloud through the My Cloud mobile app to quickly get photos and videos from your camera, to your drive, and into the Creative Cloud. Respectez … Works With PC and Mac Computers Out of the Box So in this test, there’s no doubt the 5GHz direct connection was the fastest wireless option, although the similarity in speed between the 2.4GHz direct connection and the test via my home access point suggests the latter also had a 2.4GHz link in the chain. The more detail you provide for your issue and question, the easier it will be for other Western Digital My Passport SSD owners to properly answer your question.

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