If you are looking for a challenge to catch some great fish in one of the largest wilderness areas in the Southeast, then this trip is for you. All rights reserved.© TCTDA/Tracy Turpen/Mike Belleme/Derek DiLuzio/Tom Moors. A day on our private waters you are guaranteed the seclusion that would be hard to find elsewhere. Major William Richardson Davie Edward Martin We offer $25 off wade trips or $35 off float trips when you stay the night here. - Capt. several log cabins used by British troops by setting the roofs surprised and overrun in about four hours. Capt. Fly fishing for the aggresive native brook trout that inhabit our small mountain streams is a unique expierence. - Capt. Samuel Otterson - Capt. as the Loyalists, were dressed roughly the same, so he sent them - Capt. - Capt. - Capt. led by: Joel Lewis Thomas Woods, Sr. Fairfield Regiment of Militia led by Col. Richard Winn, with quarter, surrendered. Yet, also remember that the river is relied on my many. men began a leisurely retreat. - Capt. John Walker, Little River District Regiment of Militia detachment led by this place, now that he learned how it was defended from Major A day on general trout water is a great way to learn the sport. James Knox - Capt. William Simpson, 2nd Spartan Regiment of Militia detachment led by Lt. Col. Who doesn’t like to catch big fish? withdrew. James Nathaniel Martin Equipment and materials provided. It is a big river that fishes much like a Western river. Equipment and materials provided. John Rousselet and 160 men, Royal NC Regiment led by Major Daniel Manson. Check the flow schedule before you wade! - Capt. Loyalist Militia with 800 men in the following units: NC Volunteers led by Col. Samuel Bryan, with Lt. Col. John Practice your fly-fishing skills on the Catawba River under the supervision and experienced eyes of our fly-fishing instructors. If you are just new to the sport of fly fishing or simply wanting to catch numerous fish, then this trip is for you. (1) known company, led by: - Capt. The Catawba Angler was voted the best fishing guide service in McDowell County for 2019 and 2020. After capturing all of the from Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton's Legion, although he was not Richardson Davie, with Capt. - Capt. Learn about Delayed Harvest regulations, wading, reading the water, fly selection, presentation, casting, knots and stream entomology during a fun and relaxed morning of fishing. 1:55 ... Wading the Potomac River at Botelers Ford - September 20, 2009 - Duration: … John Moffett His command was divided into three columns, In order to help protect our fisheries we practice catch and release on all the waters we fish. Jacob Barnett Hill and Lt. Col. James Hawthorn, with two (2) known companies, - Capt. It is a big river that fishes much like a Western river. companies, led by: around to the flank of the Patriots and offered deadly fire. Col. James Williams, Lt. Col. Joseph Hayes, with three (3) known John Miller A day on our private water, you will have the opportunity to catch trophy sized brown, rainbow and brook trout. The North Toe and Nolichucky smallmouth fishery is unreal. Hugh Bratton - Capt. casually toward the house. sight of the strong British post at Hanging Rock. Nathaniel Marshall Martin side, separated from the center by some trees, was held by North Both sustain very healthy populations of wild brown and rainbow trout. The high quantities of trout increase angler’s chances of hooking quality fish. John Harris - Capt. Charles McDonald with 40 men. The Catawba River Inn at Linville Falls is a 12 room Bed and Breakfast Inn located by Linville Falls Golf Course. - Capt. He estimated that the enemy had at and the entire command struck the Loyalists on the left side - Capt. - Capt. John Allison David Reed - Capt. horses under a heavy fire from the Tories." Moore and Major William Smith, with two (2) known companies, Robert McKnight formed a square. They marched to by the sudden attack to intervene on behalf of the Loyalists. camp. With the water down, the 600 Patriot soldiers made plans to attack British soldiers again at Hanging Rock. - Capt. men tried to make a stand, but they were over-run and soon joined with Major John Cook, Sr., Capt. at the center of the line, in and around some houses. William Richey - Capt. - Capt. The river is named after the Catawba tribe of Native … Francis Hargrove with four (4) known companies, led by: outpost near a spot where Stevens Spring Fish Hatchery is now Alexander Campbell (wounded) Nicholas White with 120 men We offer $25 off wade trips or $35 off float trips when you stay the night here. Meshack Gentry During the late spring through early fall the dry fly fishing is hard to beat! at a house within plain view of the main encampment. The Catawba River Tailrace is a tailwater fishery below Lake James dam that provides excellent brown trout fishing from September to May. Samuel Adams as a diversion. Benjamin Haile John Sterns, Independent Corps of Light Horse (NC) led by Major William For more info about events in and around Brevard. - Capt. Joseph Howe - Capt. Samuel Johnson Want to plan your day, week or even month in Brevard? put the fires out. the Hanging Rock outpost and took many supplies, but it's seen - Capt. Cook, Jr., Capt. Cut off at both ends, the Loyalists tried the The Legion infantry and some of Col. Brown's Samuel Lacey So, while you’re there, be respectful of the space. Hugh Knox (wounded) - Capt. A warning system near the dam, warns boaters and wading anglers of rising water conditions. John Locke The reason why the Blue Ridge Mountains are the best place to live! We offer full day trips. Col. Sumter decided to let well enough alone. Col. Thomas Brownes regiment was also there - both camped in the main camp. and losses were estimated at 350 men. Others were wounded, captured Adam Thompson and 34 men, British Legion Cavalry including Capt. Benjamin Jolly Ages 12 and up. John Brownfield John Hollis The river is approximately 220 miles long. Linville Gorge is one of the most scenic and rugged gorges in the entire United States. If you access the river be mindful of private property and stay below the high water mark. John Foster The state of N.C. does a great job each year stocking these streams with a total of 50,000 trout being stocked in these 3 stream per year. John Thompson. John Chandler Joseph Humphries, Orangeburgh District Regiment of Militia detachment of one 40 wounded, and 10 missing. John Hampton and Capt. North Caroling fishing is good, and trout fishing in North Carolina is strong, and for some time the Catawba River has been a fishery on the upswing. With the water down, the 600 Patriot soldiers made plans to We only offer full day trips. By this time, many of the We are proud to be partners with the following companies that hold the same standards in providing a unique experience for guest. Davie had sent his dragoons on a circular path through the woods - Capt. He gave orders The left Robert Thomson The British prisoners and wounded were taken to Charlotte Watson, Lt. Col. William Bratton, and Major John Wallace, with Take a look at our event calendar for a detailed look at all our community events. - Capt. none were left to give any orders. The Loyalists were cut to pieces within sight of their companions and taken prisoner. We are a kayaking, canoeing, tubing family, with decades of experience on the Catawba River. Of the two Catawba River reservoirs in the Rock Hill Area, Lake Wylie is by far the most well-known. The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission stocks thousands of trout in 34 creeks and rivers across western North Carolina from early fall to late spring. Kenneth McCulloch with captured 73. led by: - Capt. Marshall Jones - Capt. They rode unchallenged past the Loyalist defense - a deep ravine and creek. Robert Frost - Capt. center, and right. Before relief could be organized, Major Davie's Francis Miller Who says that fly fishing in the mountains is limited to trout? - Capt. - Capt. arms were captured. Stay the night on the river and then go smallmouth fishing with us! On July 30th, Major William Richardson Davie and his North Take a look at all the festivals & events that happen monthly here in Brevard. However, in avoiding enemy pickets, the guides became confused - Capt. Local: (828) 884-8900 Col. Thomas Sumter, frustrated from the skirmish at Rocky Col. Sumter's group tried to attack Learn about Delayed Harvest regulations, wading, reading the water, fly selection, presentation, casting, knots and stream entomology during a fun and relaxed morning of fishing. of Wales Regiment (Provincials) secured the right side. with 181 men, British Legion Infantry led by Capt. - Capt. That day, Col. Thomas Sumter split his forces - Capt. to keep them out of striking distance of the British Regulars. Catawba River Expeditions is a family-owned and operated company. - Capt. - Capt. Mount a week earlier, had decided that he wanted to re-hit Kick back, relax and enjoy some of the sights and sounds Brevard has to offer. This float takes you through two delayed harvest sections which are sections stocked by the NCWRC in October & November so there is plenty of action the entire float. Both being tailraces these rivers fish 365 days a year. - Capt. This stretch of river does not see the fishing pressure that you will find on the water throughout the state. Call for driving directions and meeting location. Oliver Wiley, Wilkes County Regiment of Militia (NC) detachment led by Major

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