She is a young girl from Camelot, as well as Henry's first crush. Because Neal used to like that song. Violet then enters, relieved to see that it's just Henry, and in an effort to make up an excuse for being there he tells her that he was hoping she'd teach him how to ride. Violet Morgan is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. That's also probably the reason why Henry keeps using the song over and over again. Show Information Alive He goes there with the Dark Grail and sucks the magic out of the Olympian Crystal, thereby succeeding in his mission, but this simply means that now they can't use magic to retrieve Snow, David, Zelena and Hook from the realm they're currently trapped in. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. When Henry showed up in Camelot, he had his iPod with him. She is amazed by it, wondering what it is, and he explains that it's a gift from the savior for saving the day when everybody was trapped in an alternate dimension. Any other character could have taken her place. Relatives: From afar, his grandparents Mary Margaret and David see this and the latter recognizes it as a first crush, immediately heading over to help out his grandson. That night, Violet visits the diner, where she looks at a strange machine. The song came up again during the episode, "Dreamcatcher" where Henry once again plays it for Violet. Violet is amazed at this, asking if he is a knight, but he proudly defines himself as a writer. She rips Violet's heart out and forces her to break Henry's heart by telling him that she has no interest in being his girlfriend, to his heartbreak. He can't help mentioning his song choice to … Aptly titled Once Upon A Time: Henry and Violet, the book contains all of our favorite characters from Storybrooke, and a brand new story Once upon a time henry and violet book pdf. However, when Violet reveals to Henry that she is not returning to Camelot, Violet and Henry kiss. Having attended many balls in Camelot, Violet is present for yet another one in King Arthur's castle, except this celebration is to welcome the prophesied savior and her allies, who will reunite the kingdom with Merlin. You don't need a label. Species: When the third Dark Curse is cast, and everyone from Camelot is sent to Storybrooke with no memories of the last six weeks, Violet and Henry meet once again, and start their friendship all over. As we learned tonight, it actually holds a special meaning for Henry. She is a young girl from Camelot, as well as Henry's first crush.

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