It was an exhausting day at work and it’s great to be well scented. it is addictive, I find myself craving this particular smell. December 19, 2013 at 12:31pm Reply, george: I’ve tried three-four Tauer’s and haven’t liked any of them (including L’ADDM)- as in there is something really unpleasant in them. Mansur Gavriel Backpack And Nothing Much Else To Say... Beautiful Perfume Advertisements - Chanel N°5 Movie, My Summer Crush - Review: Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum, Perfume On Mount Olympus - Scenting The Greek Goddesses, Unassuming Beauty - Review: Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Eau de Magnolia, International Luxury – Review: DSH Perfumes Ruba’iyat, Love Story – Review: 4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. I haven’t tried many Tauer fragrances and wondered how this one compares to PG’s Brulure de Rose, a woody oriental rose, also with lots of spicy vanilla. It seems just a little sweeter (probably the Patchouli). But I do think Andy uses better materials than most. Instead of a burnt wood undertone, the incense in this composition has a soapy facet. Austenfan: When I ordered my first sample order of Tauer a couple of years ago, I included Une Rose Chyprée, because a lot of bloggers were so positive about it. Delicious bright and fresh roses in the opening. This smells like someone dumped their incense ashes in my Hawaiian Punch. Et voilà, here we have Incense extrême, and Incense rosé is expected to launch in March. Perhaps, the season or the weather or the air or some mysterious chemical processes in my body/skin at the time were not suitable for URC to show off its beauty in full glory Would you say it works better under certain climatic conditions? If you love the balsamic drydown of Estee Lauder Knowing, or the old-fashioned dandy quality of Parfums de Rosine Rose d’Homme, this will speak to you. Keep wearing it and you’ll notice different aspects on different days! Such was the case for me with Une Rose Chyprée, a perfume from the indie line created by Andy Tauer. The Black Narcissus says that Incense Rose has "an effortless integration of freshness...and a subtle insidious mysticism". ( Log Out /  I’ll have to try it :). So happy I did! Ich fand ihn damals schon sehr interessant und eigentlich auch tragbar, aber er war mir doch etwas zu heftig; zu kratzig, zu herb, zu prickelig, zu Tauer. I will definitely have to try more of Andy's creations. Delicious bright and fresh roses in the opening. Forget about "incense" and forget about "rose" - at least fresh ones. Ever (IMHO), Sleep Knot and Pillow Talk, Big And Bold – Review: Boucheron Pour Femme, Instant Gratification – Review: Parfumerie Generale Liqueur Charnelle, Summer Memories – Review: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, Luca Turin at The Perfume Society – Les Senteurs, London on Saturday 3rd October 2015, A Walk Through Sydney Smelling The Spring Flowers, Amazing Goodbye from the wonderful Neil! With this radiant take on rose, Andy Tauer proves once again that he is a magician. The best part is when it rubs of on the fur collar of my coat and lasts there for days. For me this fragrance is bubbly, sparkling and reminiscent of ahoy fizz, sweet Fanta, multivitamin fizzy tablets and medicine. In terms of structure and execution, there are some great fragrances in this genre but they make me yawn. Has nice projection, fairly strong at first, but didn't last too long on me. This story was there in my head, perfectly formed in the instant of smelling Incense Rosé for the first time. There’s also a subtle cinnamon note in there. andy tauer is a real genius with his extravagant and ever so elegant rose compositions, i adore them! I fell wholeheartedly for Le Maroc pour Elle (still my favourite Tauer) and Lonestar Memories, and got a bottle of the former for my birthday 2 years ago. Feels very structural at the beginning, almost you can sense each layer separately. Notify me of replies to my comments via e-mail. After reading your review, I know I have to try it. So glad to see the five stars. It was far too smoky / BBQ like on me. I haven’t tried Incense Rose, but now I shall. December 19, 2013 at 11:13am Reply, Elisa: I love almost all the Tauers too. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances, , fragrance forums, user reviews and more. You smell one rose-based oriental fragrance and you've smelled them all. I was immediately blown away by this one and Phi Un Rose de Kandahar. It should last me a while, since it’s basically pafum strength. The sample came with a little ticket describing the notes which blend together in a way that I am reminded of a forest with tall pine trees, poignant smells, shade, as I am walking over the dry needles shed on the path. As it mellows it becomes more woodsy and somewhat soapy. Incense Rosé by Andy Tauer is the first Tauer perfume I fell in love with. Change ), Contact me: olfactoria at gmail dot com or use the form on the contact page. I ain’t surprised one bit. Hello Victoria, Just wondering if you had any thoughts. It moves me, that a perfume can be so perfect, such a work of art, such an intricately woven flying carpet ready to carry anyone who smells it off into its universe. December 19, 2013 at 2:26pm Reply, Elisa: Ha, I like vavaboom too!! Andy Tauer reproduces the jammy facet of the rose in another fragrance (Rose Flash). December 21, 2013 at 7:56am Reply, Elisa: I wouldn’t turn down an extra 20 ml. aaaaaaah, what a beauty! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The heavy smokiness, characteristic for this note in other fragrances is not present. On first contact, it captivates me, it stays with me and it is a scent that does not only evoke an image in my mind, or a memory, no, it tells an entire story. How fabulous!! The opening is intriguing, and unlike some Tauer products where the name is more misleading that descriptive, here I get the rose as well and the incense right from the start - and more. It’s true that even a sample will last for ages, but mine is probably a bit stale now. Elisa: I’m glad you eventually clicked with URC! Une Rose Chyprée is a niche classic – to me, it’s the reference Tauer, even more than L’Air du Desert Marocain – and a must-try for men and women, even if you think you don’t like rose or chypres. lol If I knew what green geranium smelled like- that would, I believe be the mystery ingredient for me.

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