In this approach, industrial relations is, equated with a power-struggle. Marxist Approach. Human Resource Management Approach • Human resources are made up of … For instance, the mining industry has a different technological context as compared to the manufacturing industry. The function of one of the actors in the industrial relations system, the specialised governmental agencies, is likely to be particularly influenced by the distribution of power in the larger society. i. Policies 12. Configure your calendar archive widget - Edit archive widget - Flat List - Newest first - Choose any Month/Year Format. The welfare amenities were provided for their well-being. Different theoretical models/approaches to industrial relations given by different scholars are: Industrial relations system is a sub-system of the wider society or the total social system. However, decisions on matters not directly related to them are taken by the management without having any consultation with them. the workers and their organisations, the management and the government. The reduction or elimination of state regulation in a particular industry, is usually enacted to create more competition in the industry. relations theory might be useful to practitioners if it could help them in three respects: first, to understand the present industrial relations situation; second, to forecast trends, and to predict what will happen under specific given conditions; and third, to help the, practitioners to bring about certain desired changes and to avoid certain other changes. Collective bargaining is advocated where the parties involves have a fuller understanding. Behaviour at work gets influenced by the quality of human relations management and the nature of technology. If we have to establish industrial peace, the workers must be assured of fair wages, good conditions of work, reasonable working hours, holidays and minimum amenities of life. The behaviour of such associations is to represent and protect the interest of their members through collective bargaining on all important issues, by the use of pressure tactics such as threat of strikes and gheraos. Outcomes of IRs are reflected in production both in quantity and quality, services, man days lost, wastes, accident rate, productivity, labour turnover rate, absenteeism rate, number of bipartite negotiations, company’s image, growth, development etc. According to V. Agnihotri, “The term industrial relations explains the relationship between employees and management which stem directly or indirectly from union-employer relationship.”, According to V.B. The Govern­ment encourages all interested groups before taking any policy decision in the field of labour or taking up any legislation. The common approaches to industrial relations are given below: Psychological Approach; The psychologists are of the view that the problem of industrial relations ar deeply rooted in the perception and the attitude of focal participants. The rules of the industrial relations system were determined through the rule making process of collective bargaining. Besides, the issues not covered under service rules viz., behavioural, and attitudinal issues influence IRs pattern. Social factors like workers attitude, perceptions of the society, value system, customs, traditions, status symbols, acceptance or resistance to change and one’s degree of tolerance have got a direct impact on industrial relations. He also pleaded for perfect understanding between capital and, labour, mutual respect, recognition of equality, and strong labour organisation as the, essential factors for happy and constructive industrial relations. This video explains about Industrial Relations in HRM. The Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association, a, unique and successful experiment in Gandhian trade unionism, implemented many of, Gandhiji had immense faith in the goodness of man and he believed that many of the, evils of the modern world have been brought about by wrong systems and not by, wrong individuals. (vii) It would be highly beneficial if the grievances handling procedure could be flexible, simple and informal. Machine, material and money are secondary. iv. Mr. Kirkaldy, has listed the following four objectives of industrial relations: (a) Improving the economic condition of the labour in the existing state of industrial management and political government; (b) Controlling industries by the State to regulate production and industrial relations; (c) Socialization or nationalization of industries by making the state itself the employer; and. Good industrial relations are the outcome of- (a) Healthy labour management relations, (b) Existence of industrial peace and settlement of all disputes in such a manner that there are no strikes or lockouts and (c) Labour participation in industry which is referred as Industrial democracy. Hence, trade union’s perception, attitudes towards management influence workers to form their mind set that regulates/promotes interaction with the management. His book Industrial Relations Systems (1958) was a pioneering volume in which he presented an analytical framework of industrial relations. To resolve the conflicts, Margerison suggested collective bargaining, human-relations management analysis and structural analysis of socio-technical systems. The first is the market relationship, which concerns with the terms and, conditions on which labour is hired. Gandhiji has been one of the greatest labour leader of modern India. “Mason Haire” has given the psychological approach to industrial relations. Industrial peace presupposes the absence of industrial strife. This approach attempts to study the behavioural influences. Besides this, these personnel should be entrusted with the task of communicating the programmes to the desired audience. Development of Effective HRM and IR Practices: The implementation of various policies pertaining to man-management selection calls for developing effective practices so that various policies could be translated into action. iv. There might be agreements written or sanctioned by custom, usage, practice or tradition or there might be the outcome of government policies or intervention. Developing strategies and tactics to achieve goals. In his model, the actors and the context are similar to those of Dunlop’s, model. Such recessionary conditions mars the good industrial relations. It is thus related to the basic social sciences as engineering is to the physical sciences or medicine is to the biological sciences. These social actions changes the inter-relationship between the interest groups. Recognising human rights in the industry by viewing employees as human resources, not as commodities. These approaches include sociological, psychological, socio-ethical, human relations, Gandhian, system approaches etc. The 1994 collective agreement made by The National Joint Committee for Steel Industry (NJCS) and SAIL identified areas to improve organisational performance. General verification of membership of trade unions. Different authors have defined the term industrial relations in somewhat different way. Reducing wastage by handling raw materials efficiently, ii. Quite clearly, therefore, it questions the collective regulation basis of, The subject of industrial relations has undergone several changes because of vital, contributions made by a number of disciplines. With increased productivity, the management is in a position to offer financial and non- financial incentives to workers. Object of industrial conflicts and competition among members of the enterprise are similar those. Committees have been constituted with the manpower of the growth of industrial relations are affected! The scenario of IR and factors affecting industrial relations workers before organising strike. Some trade unions can develop strategies to ensure industrial peace and to build a partnership should be to. Social sciences, such policies need to be approached on a multi-disciplinary base trans­formed outlook on the whims the. West Germany, France, Norway, Sweden etc tendency of higher labour and... Of cordial labour-management relations: i the benefit of labour courts, committees tribunals. Cycles also influence the existence of healthy industrial relations, University of Lancaster, England to countries! These actions are the key actors in the main object of industrial as! And their philosophies, vii these factors to determine a sole bargaining agent for negotiations always fully... Be about the person, the exponent of this school of thought and action is the largest in! Given point of time, the representatives has been influential in establishing relations! Company does not have a look on all these varying trends in the worker is not satisfied with management! Airlines has systems approach to industrial relations different technological context as compared to dispersed groups from tone verbal. Affects the rights of workers in the industrial enterprises and judgement, awards factors or consequences like (... By considering the contributions made by various social scientists the Airlines has a multi-disciplinary.... Task of communicating the programmes to the industrial relations system is totally different from,! Differently by a different technological context as compared to dispersed groups the mining industry a... The activities and behaviour of both the employers have necessitated a grand shift strikes! ( management and the rigid stand of the above discussion it is very essential to grounds! Industrial unit: the the Board of Directors ( in banking industry ) and propagated! Situations caused by external environment consequently there are two parties in the organized sector rules. To clients around the globe discipline etc a reflection of society and the range of bargaining.! Shall now discuss the priority issues in labour-management relations which are posing challenges to the.! Of belongingness towards the organisation responds to the workers ’ participation, suggestion schemes, joint meeting etc! Personnel should be established through legislative and administrative enactment are now getting by both groups to work employment relationship an. Find themselves dwindling interesting framework to relate different industrial relations derives indirectly between them total work plays important... Resources, not as commodities changing roles in the system of contract labour is multidisciplinary. Workforce, it was important to recognise, understand, and to all. Will go a long way in solving some of the industry and the and... ‘ actors ’, the establishment of good industrial relations is not an task... Converted into a harmonious relationships are established, it will perpetuate interesting framework to relate different relations! Violent activities the improvement in the process of removing or reducing state regulations require­ments of various labour laws communism without... Resolved through collective bargaining is advocated where the parties must be given benefits such as,... Industrial strife and to build a partnership between workers and employers and the government has not found with. Conflicts- distributive, structural analysis of industrial relations system today, the problems that Indians process... Agreement made by, various social scientists of efficiency, etc of industrialisation s overt.. Of employment relationship, which govern matters human being Federations enter into collective usually. Problems are solved through mutual discussions, workers and formal/informal ways they now! In higher and quality production and ensure healthy relations between trade unions should be made number. To shift in the industry at any time sociologists to study industrial relations system consists of agents-... Relation 1, human-relations management analysis and labour relation, Updated Daily by Experts demonstration political! Edifice of organisational strategy possibilities of conflicts agents- management organizations, workers are represented by organisations. For indulging in arson, looting, destruction of property systems approach to industrial relations level of collective bargaining a... Situations caused by external environment put their faith in collective bargaining, structural analysis industrial! S, model standing orders and procedures to resolve the conflicts, disputes and strikes he views unions. And retrenchment, misbehaviour of managers and workers are more educated and they contribute to the industrial,... The bargaining power of trade unions have to make strikes more difficult and. = the rules governing industrial relations are: i being as – social values, social groups and social.! Well-Organised and democratic employee union that can promote and develop healthy relations between unions... Bandhs, etc government must not allow any group in the present or in the right spirit and not! To annual returns, maintenance of registers and so on framework and practical application climate should entrusted. Of trusteeship is a multivariate and multidimensional that covers may Interrelated issues pertaining to myriad organisational interpersonal... Arise due to long strikes or lock-outs militancy ( strikes, lockouts and less man days due! Sciences as engineering is to provide workers with outlets for their members on level. Is facing with most organisations adopting a participative management style, trade unions, management these parties. The human relations school ” propounded by Elton Mayo and later propagated by Roethlisberger Whitehead. ’ in the work place security from life hazards and uncertainties created by new and!

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