Right after SpongeBob says, "Hey! SpongeBob replies "I'm on the outside lookin' in, man." The change in design results in a plot hole in the final episode where Sandy is constantly referred to as being naked, despite wearing underwear. The end credits for the 1997 and 1999 versions of "Help Wanted" have several differences, including: In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Bill Fa, In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Pa. Gary the Snail, who was voiced by Tom Kenny, is not credited in the 1997 version. In the 1999 version, there is a title sequence for "Help Wanted. In the storyboard version, Larry says that the only thing worse than donuts is ground glass and then smashes a glass cup in a fish's mouth. A bucket of water? before running off. [2]Hooray!....Noooo!!! The second outfit that Stinky wears did not originally have the medallion. On The Complete 2nd Season, Patchy's line at the beginning of the second half of the episode, "It's about time you got back! A scene where a video of a drag race car crashing into a wall is shown. This episode was originally called "Neptune's Party," and a title card for "Neptune's Party" was even made before it was changed to "The Clash of Triton. This remains unconfirmed, however. In the storyboard, he is not. [63], In the rough storyboard, there is a deleted scene where SpongeBob is talking to Crab Lady, and she looks like a crab instead of a fish. before Patrick would've said. He sniffs the liquid and realizes, "Hey, this isn't water. [68], In the rough storyboard, Karen the Computer Fairy starts telling the story outside the Chum Bucket. In the finished version, his neck stretches out but is still attached to his body. SpongeBob and Patrick eating cookies in a deleted scene from storyboard. On The First 100 Episodes, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" The Amazing Everything Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Spongebob Squarepants Procrastination Deleted Scene-0. SpongeBob's eyes are red after he builds another Krusty Krab. The dedication card at the end of this episode was removed after the Best Day Ever marathon. It was originally going to be located in his butt. In the original storyboard, when Sandy and Plankton are playing chess and SpongeBob mimics them, Karen comes out of the Chum Bucket and laughs at SpongeBob's impression of Plankton. This line was rejected from the film but was still used in the Ice Cream Dreams book which is loosely based on the ice cream sequence in the movie. We gotta drop the load. Four more scenes (or lines) were also revealed in the animatic as well. In the storyboard, Squidward rubs his head later and SpongeBob looks towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward as they look away and leave. He also puts his arms out, cuddles the pieces of the clock, puts his fist down, and then puts his arms around it. He also has a red beard instead of a gray beard. ", In the storyboard, the scene in which SpongeBob wakes up and greets Gary originally showed Gary taking a bite from a cactus, about garden snails' tendency to feed on succulent plants. In the storyboard, when the scene stops spinning, the truck is tilted to the left. Mr. Krabs then jumps onto the clam's tongue, grabs the dollar and celebrates with it. ", he has a beard and hair. [49] Interestingly, the scene of the fish becoming dizzy afterwards still happens in the final episode. In the storyboard, SpongeBob lassos the lights on his house. There were also three backgrounds of a scene where a jewelry store gets robbed, as well as the First Nautical Bank and a low shot of a building.[10]. In the first teaser trailer, Gary is shown enjoying taking a bath with SpongeBob as the latter plays with his water toys. SpongeBob was next to Mr. Krabs, not in front of him. In the storyboard, Patrick's neck is caught in the window. The Girl I Left Behind Me - "What did you give him?" In the storyboard, Potty looks like he is standing on the top part of the seat. DVD. A shot of Mr. Superawesomeness' (Patrick's) pants ripping off revealing his underwear with him saying, "Nothin' to see here.". In a deleted scene from this episode, the water was revealed to be coming from Pearl's spout. Art from a deleted scene can be seen here. The beginning of Now That We're Men includes the extended intro from the background track, Fight! the camera zooms on him at a dramatic angle. [21], In the storyboards, the montage of SpongeBob catching jellyfish was extended, originally having two more grotesque paintings of Mr. In the storyboard, after the cookie is shown, Patrick is holding a string. Later airings have Squidward saying, "There it is!" In the final version, he sticks the post-it notepaper on the right side of the slide. And for once it isn't my long break. In the DVD release of the Sea Stories DVD, the Patchy segments are cut. You gave me quite a start" to the manager. The Flying Dutchman mumbles "Yeah, sure," and when SpongeBob asks what he said, he says in a louder voice, "I'll get right on that." He then snaps in half, similar how he is cut in half in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV." It is also known to be dubbed in Korean. The audio commentary also reveals that the episode was originally going to start with SpongeBob going out to buy every gallon of ice cream in town and not knowing the flavor of ice cream he buys is onion, then getting bad breath from eating it. Mr. Krabs' teeth are not present, and Squidward is not seen in the background. The list is also less detailed than in the final version. There are two versions of this episode. When Mr. Krabs is crying, there are puddles of tears. In the storyboard, he does not. A mad car chase scene with SpongeBob and Plankton and ends with SpongeBob receiving an F- from. Various expressions and angles of characters are also changed, and the "c'mon!" The kitchen bursts into flames for a few seconds. Interestingly, this line is still included in the video-game. Plane starts to descend at a fast speed. There is also a "Stuck in the Freezer" title card that can be seen in many countries, including Latin America and Brazil. It was cut to save time. That might cause a concussion.". After Mr. Krabs hears that Squidward is selling free hats, he said "Did somebody say free... in my restaurant?!" As of August 28, 2018, the deleted scene was confirmed to have been false by a YouTube user named CDCB2, who has a tape with the original airing of this episode.[30]. Cast credits of "Help Wanted" 1999 version. The orchestra is only seen when the boat is viewed from up close. There is an unused watercolor painting of a cherry pie that was supposed to be used in this episode, likely during the scene at the Shady Shoals cafeteria, but it was cut for unknown reasons. SpongeBob rings the bell, then realizes that Squidward isn't there. SpongeBob Squidward now realize that Mr. Krabs has become crazier than ever, so Squidward whispers to them that they should sneak over to the lifeboats quietly while Mr. Krabs isn't looking. What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor - Krabs takes SpongeBob and Squidward on a trip. In the final version, it does. "yeyeye! When SpongeBob arrives at the Krusty Krab, he's shown wearing his wig and suit from ", After SpongeBob says he and Patrick sneak into Squidward's house every morning, he says "...with our best friend, Squidward.". This is the first time a clam is on a title card. In the storyboard, the Jerkmaker-9000 is leaning away from the carolers. SpongeBob clears his throat to get the Dutchman's attention, causing the Dutchman to wake up and say "Breakfast? and cut to the interior of Krusty Krab with the camera zooming in through the window to the Patty Vault. A shot of SpongeBob saying, "Maybe you should get that checked out" cutting to reveal Patrick has a hole in his head saying, "Why?" © 2020 - Clever Prototypes, LLC - All rights reserved. SpongeBob wearing his wig in the original storyboard. is cut. The parachute patties look different in the storyboard. GreenblattMerriwether Williams Animation Director Tom Yasumi Creative Director Derek Drymon "Pranks a Lot" Storyboard Directors Jay LenderDan PovenmireVincent Waller Storyboard Artists Erik … In the final version, he does not. and runs out of his office. The French narrator saying "Stay tuned to SpongeBob B.C.," Patchy getting hit with a big rock, and the French Narrator saying, "They discovered fire. Additionally, when SpongeBob is showing Squidward to "everyone in town," he stops by a fish typing working on a computer and greets them. ", SpongeBob laughs while playing with the soap dispenser before the song starts in the animatic, it also skips the second "olololo!" [33] There was originally a second "bum bum bum" in the Campfire Song Song, which would cause Squidward's brain to fly out.[34]. A fish pulls out a table and eats their Krabby Patty on it. [65][66], The rough storyboards reveal several scenes being changed or deleted. Cast credits of "Help Wanted" 1997 version. When SpongeBob pats Matilda, it acts like a dog, happily shaking its propeller-like a tail. In the final version, only the upper half of his body is shown. This deleted scene can view here. When Matilda first takes off, Plankton (who is hiding in a toolbox) is hit by all the tools at once, rather than avoiding all but one of them in the actual episode. In the storyboard, Patrick flushes soda cans down the toilet. While waiting in line for Santa (as Squidward), Mr. Krabs says "And don't forget about me pony!," referencing his earlier Christmas wish for a pony "with saddlebags full of money. Mr. Krabs informs everyone that he's received his millionth dollar, which is every crab's goal in life. There's two versions of the same scene where SpongeBob kicks his front door open. Squidward's head is not peeking through the door when it opens. After the Krabby Patty lands, a fish faints, and Mr. Krabs covers the patty with a tarp.

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