endstream endobj 180 0 obj <. We noticed that even students who were able to express a sound understanding of topic-specific knowledge still struggled to apply this knowledge when faced with cross-topic questions. Basic mechanics must be looked at before circular motion, and conventional versus electron flow must be studied before magnetism. Spiraling leads to better long-term mastery of facts, skills, and concepts. One example of this is shown in Table 1. spacing (in which topics are revisited after students have had time to forget) than with massing (in which paradigms suggest new concepts for training. 63–147). the design of instructional materials, massing is more common than spacing. The power of testing memory: Basic research and Shortly afterwards, I was introduced to Dunlosky’s paper on study skills, ‘Strengthening the student toolbox’ (Dunlosky, 2013). We adapted this structure by bringing some related ideas together in order to explore their connections. enhances learning. Frequent Practice of Basic Computation Skills, Building Proficiency Through Multiple Methods. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. McGraw-Hill Education's website features supplemental materials, games, assessment and planning tools, technical support, and more. Spacing effects and their implications for theory and practice. What might a knowledge-rich ‘humanities’ curriculum look like in the primary school? The course is still in its first year of teaching, so it is too early to evaluate the impact, but students have risen to the challenge of tackling core ideas in Year 9, and teachers have enjoyed the increased opportunity to highlight connections between different topics. �%.N�����3&3Izngt*+k[��´�[��%@������f� ��J!ŒL 4=! Research into practice. (2007). Available at: https://www.aft.org/periodical/american-educator/winter-2002/ask-cognitive-scientist (accessed 26 March 2019). Instead of a linear progression, we now see the GCSE course as a web of linked ideas and we use a variety of techniques to emphasise this in our teaching. difficult learning can lead to more robust encoding of information and better long-term learning (Schmidt & Pashler, H., Bain, P., Bottge, B., Graesser, A., Koedinger, K., McDaniel, M., & Metcalfe, J. Cepeda NJ, Vul E, Rohrer D et al. For further information about the International Baccalaureate, visit www.ibo.org. This makes planning for differentiation much easier as you can track an element of the curriculum from one year group to another. New York: Elsevier. The “spacing effect” – the learning boost from distributing rather than massing learning and practice – has attention so that learning is weaker. 227 0 obj <>stream Roediger, H. L. Psychological Science, 3, 207–17, Son, L. K., & Simon, D. A. We adjusted the curriculum by introducing the fundamentals of these ideas in Year 9 before rearranging the GCSE content to maximise the number of times these ideas were revisited. implemented when those skills and concepts are encountered again later in the spiral. Learning difficulties can be identified A more quantitative measure is provided by the internal, mid-term exam results, which were significantly better than last year’s L6 cohort. In E. L. Bjork creates more robust pathways for recalling information. The reasons for the “spacing effect” are not fully understood. Our questioning requires students to make connections between topics, which teaches them the important study skill of elaboration (Dunlosky, 2013). What happened to curriculum in the early years? In a spiral curriculum, material is revisited repeatedly over months and across grades. (2010). Everyday Mathematics (EM) spirals because spiraling works. In a spiral curriculum, learning is spread out over time rather than being concentrated in shorter periods. Such questions are the standard in International Baccalaureate (IB) physics exams and problem-solving is a key skill for students to acquire in answering them. National Center for Education Research, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. American Educator 37(3): 12–21. endstream endobj startxref (2008) Spacing effects in learning: A temporal ridgeline of optimal retention. People Psychological Science 19(11): 1095–1102. “blocked” or “massed” approaches. Two examples are chemical bonding (the way particles join by chemical bonds, the structures formed and how these explain macroscopic properties) and mole calculations (using the relative atomic mass of elements to calculate the mass, volume or concentration of a substance produced by a reaction). Distributed learning: Data, metacognition, and educational implications. domains, spacing leads to better performance than massing” (2012). Using spacing to enhance 2007). Didau D and Rose N (2016) What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Psychology. We hope that with the improved recall and transfer of knowledge, students will reach success in their GCSE exams and future studies. The CAST program is outlined in detail in the 164-page CAST Leader Guide, which emphasizes the “need for” and “how to” of implementation fidelity. When our first cohort sat their mock exams, we were disappointed in their answers on the knowledge recall questions and realised we needed to make changes to enhance long-term learning. Our specification – OCR Twenty-First Century Chemistry – has a narrative-based approach in which content is arranged not in traditional disciplines but by the context in which it is studied. Delaney, P. F., Verkoeijen, P. P. J. L., & Spirgel, A. Teachers Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. We identified key ideas that could be revisited at regular intervals. The ideas chosen were those important in securing understanding of the subject at GCSE and beyond, and those identified as poorly retained in mock examinations. As a result, students are exposed to different teaching and learning approaches in each sub-topic, and it is likely that any gaps will be picked up in the next rotation. Multiple, strategically spaced and strategically Dempster, F. N. (1989). (Eds. HRDevelopmentInfo.com. Available at: https://dera.ioe.ac.uk/14160/7/15f5c50f1b2f78d6af258a0bbdd23951_Redacted.pdf (accessed 25 March 2019). However, our experience agrees with Wilson et al. A final reason that spiral curricula are not common is that building such curricula is complicated. In addition to improving knowledge recall, revisiting concepts through different contexts can aid knowledge transfer. Distributed practice in verbal recall Woodbridge: John Catt Educational Limited. When students are taught ideas in a specific context, they often struggle to apply these without the same cues (Didau and Rose, 2016). “Space learning over time” is the first research-based recommendation in a recent In Year 10, they are studied in terms of the forces within and between molecules. Spacing and testing effects: A deeply critical, (2015) that there is no conflict between a spiral curriculum and a more traditional approach to teaching. Everyday Mathematics, for example, weaves instruction, practice, and assessment in intricate patterns ), Attention and performance XVII: Cognitive regulation of performance: Interaction of theory and Another crucial skill in the IB is data-processing – including propagation of uncertainties. efficient. Spiral curricula are common in narrative-based approaches (Wilson et al., 2015) and are often associated with enquiry-type learning. • Students are encouraged to apply the early knowledge to later course objectives. In a spiral curriculum, learning is spread out over time rather than being concentrated in shorter periods. Home > Early Childhood > Curriculum Spiral Bound. from infants to adults. tasks: A review and quantitative synthesis. Designing and building a spiral curriculum is more difficult than This image by Norman Herr shows how the spiral curriculum used in China for teaching science contrasts with the “layered” curriculum common in the U.S. 179 0 obj <> endobj extending over months and even years. 435–459). A coherent curriculum: A consideration of the IBDP as a model for curriculum design, Impington Village College – extending the IB model of creativity, activity and service to involve students from Years 7 to 13, Curriculum development through dialogue: A broad and balanced process, Language analysis in schools: A collection of articles co-published with the Languages, Society and Policy Journal, Embodied meaning making: The use of gesture in the responses of year 1 children to multimodal artefacts, Subject scholarship as a mechanism for developing trainees’ reflective practice and teachers’ curricular thinking, Spatial ability as a gateway to STEM success, The role of the humanities in a balanced and broadly based primary curriculum, Science literacy – science education for everyday life, Making time for music: Advocating a place for music in the curriculum, Disaffection in mathematics and its curriculum implications, Navigating the mathematics curriculum in England from Year 7 to GCSE, An optimistic education: Rebalancing the curriculum to more accurately convey human progress, Happy Mistakes: Art-based learning through failing, ‘We’re going to be the persons that tell stories’: An exploration of how digital technologies can enhance children’s learning in the Early Years, A reflection on a project to promote high engagement in the Early Years curriculum, Evidence-informed teaching in a disadvantaged environment, The role of early student leadership – building skills for future impact, Addressing the vocabulary gap using the Pattern Grammar approach, Students who rely on augmentative and alternative communication – literacy and curriculum access, Supporting achievement and progress in English academic writing courses through exemplars, How job-sharing can broaden and balance the primary curriculum, Moving beyond student IDs: Strategies to support multicultural awareness in the online (and face-to-face) classroom.

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