more strongly serrate than ♀; Eng. not broadest before hind angles (Pl. They spend up to four years underground munching through plant roots and stem bases until pupating and emerging as adult click beetles. With light yellow pubescence, except where rubbed; in flood-rubbish, moss, etc. 41 (44). Mendel, H. (2002). –> acuminatus, 3 (2). simple (Pl. Authored By Staff Writer; Content © Appearance What Do They Look Like? 8, Melanotus castanipes or villosus Click Carpet Beetle Behavior . with long, rather closely set, yellow outstanding pubescence; L. 9-14 mm. Hind angles of th. Joy (1932) treated all three of these modern families as belonging to a single family under the name Elateridae. 6 (5). ; L. 6– 8.5 mm. el. General shape about as Sericus (Pl. You’re a treasure. less contracted to apex, less shining, interstices much less strongly punctured than striae. ); hind angles of th. Zorochros meridionalis has also been added but is known from only a single 19th century specimen thought to have been collected in Kent. 1 (4). Please treat this as a test key and let me have any and all comments, corrections and updates. –> punctolineatus. Mendel, H. (2004). Join us, volunteer and be a part of our journey of discovery! El. ); sutural angle of el. 7 (8). They can ruin potato and root crops. 11, Negastrius pulchellus sometimes lighter; ant. simple; L. 1.5-2 mm. Th. –> ADRASTUS, 18 (17). Britain, Ireland and abroad. –> DENTICOLLIS, 5 (6). red, el. 128, 15-18). black with joints 1 or 1-3 yellow. Pitchy-red; L. 2.5-3.3 mm. glabrous, or almost so, sutural angle distinctly acute (Pl. ; chiefly in beech.] 1, 4; vl.] Other Type of Flying Beetles. Keep it up Mark. 5, Agrypnus murinus Image credit: gadigal yilimung (shield) made by Uncle Charles Chicka Madden. strongly and somewhat diffusely punctured on disc; L. 9-14 mm. Other names include elaters, snapping beetles, spring beetles or skipjacks. [L. 7-8 mm. slightly less transverse, narrower in proportion to el. [Th. Territorial Area Map (Visual Reference Guide) The map below showcases (in blue) the states and territories of North America where the Luminescent Click Beetle may be found (but is not limited to). Th. black, generally with greenish reflection, el. See the winning entries from the 2006 Up Close & Spineless competition in the Primary, Secondary, Open and Professional categories. and el. ; vr. Th. –> MEGAPENTHES. Checklist of beetles of the British Isles. Beetles, Pan-species Listing, all-round natural history. El. –> obtusus, Somewhat variable in colour; ♂ narrower, entirely yellow, hd. (2011) covers its identification and includes excellent photos. 128, 19); glabrous. 1; vl. The original text was scanned and processed through Optical Character Recognition. Hd. Click beetles are found throughout Australia. An upside-down beetle is a helpless one so rapidly returning to an upright position can save its life. [Eng., Scot. Supplementband. with an impression at middle of base only, disc somewhat diffusely punctured; el. In recent decades, pomonae has only been found in Ireland (Co. Kerry and reported recently from Co. Clare also). Notes on some British serricorn Coleoptera, with adjustments to the list. –> CARDIOPHORUS and DICRONYCHUS, 31 (30). Cardiophorus gramineus and C. ruficollis were omitted by Joy as they were even then very rare and doubtfully British. strongly angled with sides, without a keel; joints 8-10 of ant. more contracted in front; with rather long outstanding pubescence; joints 3-10 of ant. 127, 11). 127, 12). equal to 3 (Procraerus, 49 (48)), or th. S.E. [Entirely metallic-green or purple, or th. Thank you for reading. more contracted in front; el. –> pygmaeus, General shape as Cardiophorus (Pl. with joints 8-10 not at all serrate; L. 8-14 mm.

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