Key Col for: Mount Farnham (3493 m/11,460 ft) … } /*list-style: none;*/ Col Elevation: 1332 meters, 4370 feet. Please note: All hours and dates are subject to change. /*padding-top:7px;*/ Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. Rogers found the pass from the west via the south fork of the Illecillewaet River 28 May 1881. Beyond hiking, mountain biking trails in the Idlewild area include the steep singletrack Twisted Ankle and the intimidating multi-use trail Broken Thumb often used by mountain bicyclists, motorcyclists, and ATVs. .links-wrap{ } trailer Here, you and your guests can enjoy all kinds of warm-weather activities, from hiking and trail running to mountain biking. 0000013630 00000 n padding:2px 5px; Hwy 1 - Rogers Pass 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Kilometers Elevation (meters) West Boundary Glacier National Park East Boundary Glacier National Park 1.7% 6.0% 5.8%. 0000009703 00000 n Generally, frontcountry trails are open by mid-June and backcountry trails are open by mid to late July. ��� q�7k�dz��'g��)��7��&���_��x}�8T����Ʀ=yx��h�y�8�p��tgNkr��8�sᇅ�nO��,?_z˘��cL�n 7�؆��pC/�݊m��}'��y����T���9�t�f&[7v960ⶁ47�T �������3���ިӌV,��ʌ���B�������E����y ��dg��4/�c�8Y�=��|O�y��=W�/H���x-��{Ƌ07R�40�T=]�I<0>�+>_�ɗn��`��)��wΕ�����n�gͷ5�]\mW�*;?Y�ԋx�rh�w��6`��K@�{Q�% ss���Ӯ̭��{Hϝr�0��$iIvt&���E��.�i�8����~��ZK�Ɠ��+��E9��,�X��Z�/�Vc�Tl� �V$+ƝQ�P�dS!�ϑΔ�͛�ǁ#���W���d2H9sx��fұ��x�� �?�:�K��zq����7�}�=;��+3�G�7����z{1��%^z��e�ɹh;a��ə�������_ �Hv4 Nestled inside of the James Peak Protection Area, Rogers Pass is a multi-use trail that is famous for its abundance of wildflowers and staggeringly beautiful views. /*display: inline-block;*/ Completed in December 1988, the tunnel is North America's longest railway tunnel. The CPR soon after built Glacier House, a world-renowned hostelry just west of the pass. ROGERS, hired by the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY to find a route through this range. By Season .links-wrap ul{ Rogers Pass, elevation 1323 m, in BC's Selkirk Mountains, was named for A.B. } The highway winds through the heart of the Selkirks; one of the world’s astoundingly beautiful mountain ranges. width:50%; } This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Rogers Pass, BC V0A, Canada, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. All trails remain open until the autumn snowfall (usually mid-October). Glacier National Park is open year-round, but many visitor facilities are closed by snow from October to May. Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear non-medical face masks. .links-wrap{ Health Center Brgy. This is a good point to stop for a break and take in the gorgeous scenery. Learn more about other locales worth checking out during your stay in Winter Park when you contact our office and ask about booking your lodgings through us today! 0000000696 00000 n The following year, on July 24, Rogers again reached the pass, this time from the east to satisfy his employers that the Selkirks could be breached by the pass. Trails are opened as early in the year as the snowpack allows. An essential place to start or end your day, this recently-renovated information centre features a theatre, exhibits about avalanches, wildlife and the history of the area. COVID-19 Announcement: For more information about our current policies and procedures. Forest ViewShort TermWeeklyCorporate At the heart of Rogers Pass National Historic Site, the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre is a replica of an historic railway snowshed. At this juncture, you have the choice to continue on to the summit of James Peak. 0 /*width: 19%;*/ 0000017849 00000 n Elevation of Sicamous is 362 meters or 1187.66 feet and the elevation of Rogers Pass is 1315.78 meters or 4316.86 feet, which is a difference of 953.78 meters or 3129.2 feet. The Rogers Pass Discovery Centre exhibits, theatre and washrooms will be closed until further notice. Find out more information below on Rogers Pass and what a visit here can add to your vacation experience.

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