Why not look for it in the work of Hirzebruch that Atiyah cites at the end? Just give things a read. © … Most mathematicians recognize the situation and are respectfully trying to minimize the fuss. For mathematicians like me, the "proof is in the pudding," and there are many steps that need to be taken before the community will pronounce Atiyah's solution as correct. Finally, this is in the style of Atiyah. The technical statement of the Riemann hypothesis is “the zeros of the Riemann zeta function which lie in the critical strip must lie on the critical line”. A striking (if unenlightening) showcase of this link is. Of course, two polynomials that agree on infinitely many points are identical. His definition of the critical strip (2.4) is wrong. Seems pretty legit to me but, you need alot of understanding here. 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If his proof turns out to be correct, this would be one of the most important mathematical achievements in many years. Fixing x=0 note that f and g agree along {(x, y) | x = 0, y in R}. (Screenshot from the talk, available here.) The paragraph on Todd-Polynomials (which are a family of multivariate polynomials, btw. Only an abstract proof will do. But f is not identical to g. There is no open subset of R^2 such that f and g agree throughout the subset. At the 2018 Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), Sir Michael Atiyah gave a lecture in which he claimed to have found a proof for the Riemann hypothesis. Is there a version of this in English somewhere? I think it should be given full review and document crtiscisms of it. Show the proofs. (I have an undergraduate degree in physics, am familiar with the Riemann zeta function, but do not see anything obviously wrong with the paper). Atiyah has produced a number of papers in recent years making remarkable claims which have so far failed to convince his peers. First, he will have to circulate a manuscript detailing his solution. For mathematicians like me, the “proof is in the pudding”, and there are many steps that need to be taken before the community will pronounce Atiyah’s solution as correct. What is it that you find bizarre? Skepticism surrounds renowned mathematician’s attempted proof of 160-year-old hypothesis. claims to have solved the Riemann hypothesis, Earth Could Be Shrunk by Particle Accelerators. The Riemann hypothesis is a million-dollar math mystery. One can see the collatz conjecture as a byproduct of this fact. https://mathoverflow.net/questions/311062/sir-michael-atiyah... His past achievements are rightly celebrated. His reputation is stellar, and he is certainly capable enough to pull it off. Then, there is the painstaking task of verifying his proof. Or restrict the statement to polynomials in one variable only? The proof of the Riemann hypothesis for varieties over finite fields by Deligne (1974) is possibly the single strongest theoretical reason in favor of the Riemann hypothesis. Source: I have a masters in Math and have studied the RH in depth during those studies. If Atiyah’s proof holds up, then the nearly 160 year problem concerning the distribution of primes will finally have a solution. On the other hand, there have been several other serious attempts at this problem that did not pan out. If the organizers saw this preprint and decided to green-light his lecture, I would consider that disrespectful (to Atiyah & the attendees) and borderline malicious, especially given the context of his other recent mathematical claims, along with his truly bizarre Abel lecture [2]. Considering the last two breakthrough claims, that Atiyah made (no complex S^6 sphere and a new proof of Feit-Thompson) vanished in thin air, I remain more than sceptical that this "preprint" can be salvaged. Firstly, it’s become clear that the work presented by Atiyah doesn’t constitute a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis, so the Clay Institute can … A solution would certainly yield a pretty profitable haul: $1 million. If RH is independent, then it's true - since any specific counterexample has a concrete algorithm & proof to locate it. Most mathematicians believe that the Riemann hypothesis is indeed true. We know from the Greeks that there are infinitely many primes. I hope we can quietly let this slide without humiliating the legend. Even understanding that statement involves graduate-level mathematics courses in complex analysis. I know Atiyah is supposed to present on the Riemann Hypothesis at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum on Monday. What's more, at 90(!!) He's one of the best mathematicians alive today. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_of_the_Euler_product_f... https://math.stackexchange.com/a/1900048/24124. He has proven the famous Atiyah-Singer index theorem, and has won a Fields medal. After Sir Michael Atiyah’s presentation of a claimed proof of the Riemann Hypothesis earlier this week at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, we’ve shared some of the immediate discussion in the aftermath, and now here’s a round-up of what we’ve learned. In terms of the proof, Proof by contraction has always felt like it yields short proofs. En mathématiques, l'hypothèse de Riemann est une conjecture formulée en 1859 par le mathématicien allemand Bernhard Riemann, selon laquelle les zéros non triviaux de la fonction zêta de Riemann ont tous une partie réelle égale à 1/2. The problem originated in estimating the so-called “prime pi” function, an equation to find the number of primes less than a given number. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WNbTDKljpUR-4im-IxqluY1tKer... 0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6c6uIyieoo. I mean, the whole thing is really sad and not something that I feel like talking much. At some point, Atiyah will need to circulate a manuscript that experts can check with a fine-tooth comb. The Riemann hypothesis has to do with the distribution of the prime numbers, those integers that can be divided only by themselves and one, like 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on. By Frankie Schembri Sep. 24, 2018 , 5:15 PM. Citation New Scientist contacted a number of mathematicians to comment on the claimed proof, but all of them declined. This could take quite a lot of time, maybe months or even years. The preprint may or may not be from Atiyah (though the writing is consistent with his ramblings about physics and history), but this is an embarrassingly bad “preprint”. The Riemann Zeta function is fundamentally the link between the counting numbers and the prime numbers. Would rewording "two polynomials that agree on infinitely many points are identical" as "two polynomials that agree on any open set" fix this? It is just a polynomial. Atiyah has already … William Ross is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Richmond. > The poor man lost his wife earlier this year and this is not the first time mathematics has seen grand claims coming from someone near the end of their career grappling with extreme grief. The Riemann hypothesis has been examined for over a century and a half by some of the greatest names in mathematics and is not the sort of problem an inexperienced math student can play around with in his or her spare time. Atiyah did not present a proof of RH; he presented a four-line argument which, unfortunately, has manifestly nothing to do with the Riemann zeta function. Je ne connais pas les papiers dont il est question, mais celui sur la structure complexe de la 6-sphère doit en faire partie. True to that, he's claiming a whole new way of looking at number theory. From his claims 2.3 and 2.4 then follows T(n)=n, for all natural n and hence T(s)=s, as T is a polynomial. I just went through the preprint and I do not understand your comment. However, there are infinitely many of these zeros to check, and so a computer calculation will not verify all that much. He works with some family of polynomial functions who agree on the sets K[a] that have open interior (2.1). Mathematicians still get some new ideas. does not contain a formula as claimed in (2.6). I think it is in poor taste to discuss this as if it were a serious attempt at a proof. What specifically ticked you off? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WPsVhtBQmdgQl25_evlGQ1mmTQ... https://www.newscientist.com/article/2180406-famed-mathemati... https://twitter.com/hrnn9107/status/1044143799683944448, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6c6uIyieoo. I don't work in this specific subfield but it reads like ramblings. Atiyah gave a lecture in Germany on September 25 in which he presented an outline of his approach to verify the Riemann hypothesis. After the S^6 business I'm disappointed by the organisers in Heidelberg. A proof of RH would give insight to what this link is and give us a deeper understanding of why prime numbers seem so regular yet random. Sir Michael Atiyah claims to have solved the Riemann hypothesis. British mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah claimed on Monday that he solved the 160-year-old problem. They're letting it slide to not make a big deal of it in media. This outline is often the first announcement of the solution but should not be taken that the problem has been solved – far from it. The preprint is well written, arguments are clear and there's enough background for an expert to work things out. What we don't know is how they are distributed within the integers. If, in fact, the Riemann hypothesis were not true, then mathematicians’ current thinking about the distribution of the prime numbers would be way off, and we would need to seriously rethink the primes. It really has many of the usual characteristics [1] of a crank paper, something you can find for a dime a dozen on Vixra. The technical statement of the Riemann hypothesis is "the zeros of the Riemann zeta function which lie in the critical strip must lie on the critical line." The problem originated in estimating the so-called "prime pi" function, an equation to find the number of primes less than a given number. No, I’m afraid not. Does it mean "for f(X) a everywhere converging power series, then T(f(s))=f(T(s)), for s in C"? Sir Michael Atiyah Riemann Hypothesis Proof Lecture - YouTube There is no resemblance to serious mathematics. We know from the Greeks that there are an infinite number of primes. Other recent fiascos include his ludicrous claim of a 12 page proof of the Feit-Thompson Theorem, his asserted proof that there is no complex structure on the 6-sphere, and his talk at the ICM. A solution would certainly yield a pretty profitable haul: one million dollars. The Hirzebruch reference is a 250pp book. An explanation of the problem can be found on the Numberphile youtube channel[0], If anyone else watched that video feeling they understood the "what" but not the "why" like me, let me try to give an explanation. Sir Michael Atiyah is a huge name in mathematics. This could take quite a lot of time, maybe months or even years. In fact, the more I read the proof, the more beautiful I find the construction to be.

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