Numerous remote sightseers tragically pay a lot for everything without exception when they go to Thailand. But a long trip to the US and back for nothing would definitely agitate me. Started Yesterday at 09:00 AM, Copyright 2002 - 2020 I don’t live in Thailand but often visit for a few days to a few weeks due to the pattern of work I have. (5 million baht). The mantra used to be that you could move to Thailand and live off your pension (which would translate to lots and lots of baht), strolling along Phuket beaches, shopping in Bangkok or living a quiet life in Chiang Mai. However, the speed at which they’re occurring is catching some people off guard. No. Since the Covid test is unreliable both ways (i.e. Furthermore expect to pay at least five times more than the locals for the right of entry into national .parks, some temples being closed to foreigners, and there you have it. I personally would not try everything to stay as long as possible with every trick and uncertaincy in Thailand. By Thailand wants to sell the expensive business/long stay VISAs and it is obvious that many people can not or don´t want to afford them. Just tried to do my 1-year retirement extension in Thailand today Jan 2020 using a foreign deposit account (FDC) Had to put money into the account to update book first. I have yet to meet anyone who’s happy without having something to drive them forward in life and give them a reason to get out of bed. I’m a very adaptable guy. I am very much in the favor of permitting less tourist but quality tourist to maintain discipline.. Save thailand Safe thailand. But I’m going to spend about a week there this time around, which gives me the opportunity to better explore KL and get a real feel for the city. It fails a cost-benefit analysis for me, though. Cut from a different cloth. But I have a great relationship with a wonderful woman, so I’ll do my best to stay and work things out. If money were tight, this whole episode could be looked at as a gift. Remember that Thailand's normal pay is about $10-15 USD every day. Depends on how long you overstayed. Nevermind , Budget travellers WHO will stay in the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine Hotels for around 70000baht? Get as much information as you can about your options. I don’t take it personally. I’d want her to visit and see the place before ever executing something like that. >Oh, hang on, the TAT want to encourage high-spenders, dont’t they. Anyway one of the conditions to get the visa is insurance with Covid-19 coverage. 3. The main problem that I can see, is if they are saying the pension income must be paid directly into a Thai bank account? But there’s clearly a sense of urgency now, shaped by the aforementioned demography, which is quickly altering visa conditions for longer stays. The new ‘STV’ (Special Tourist Visa) which will cost 2,000 baht and will last for 90 days each. You become biased. There are currently no plans to open Thailand’s borders for international tourism beyond proposals for a limited opening for tourism into Phuket called the Phuket Model. On my last trip in the guy in front of me was taken off somewhere by an immigration officer. Hanging out in the bars and enjoying the nightlife more than one or two days a month will lead to disaster in the long run. Even The Maldives, which confidently re-opened for tourism, has had a recent surge of new cases and forcing the government to rethink its plans. Can be authorized for not more than 1 year. I’ll have to take another look at things a year from now. Getting James Corner involved is a smart move. Good thing, you’re so adaptable. As for money, it always helps. Typical tip ought to be 20 Baht. You should publish the costs of entry in their entirety. You may want to choose to live abroad if you are in good health. It’s something I play out in my mind to its logical conclusion, and it’s hard to see how it would work out if she doesn’t have something productive to keep her busy and somewhat independent. With the way they’re regularly getting worse, I don’t know if I can get even six months. Unless one has a strong reason to want to return to Thailand, such as family reunion, expats now out the kingdom, I don’t understand this urge for western tourists to come to Thailand ? Archayon Kraithong, deputy commission of the Immigration Bureau, says everyone on board the yachts will go through document checks in order to have STV applications approved. The saying “Life is change” proves itself to be true again. That’s why I’m here. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Most have come from Malaysia and wish to return there but the most recent Movement Control Order (MCO) has been extended at least to 31 Dec. A person’s passport country should not be the only reason to deny staying (or entry), where they wish to go (or have come from) should be the deciding factor. Good luck! I’ve not heard terribly good things in this department about Malaysia, however. If a country no longer wants me there, I’d rather just move on. Please read what is already said before posting. There are many other places that are attractive from a high QOL/low COL perspective and I am sure you will land in a good spot. There are other countries in the world that want our money. Furthermore, I see the biggest challenge of all as being her everyday life. I would agree that I’ll always be an outsider in some foreign country. It’s the reality of the situation. It is my excursion. Just curious, what happens if you stay past your visa expiration date? And it’s worth the effort to dig a bit beneath the surface because if this place wants to be your new home, they must be able to make you retirement life happy, social and fun. Thye amendment only mentions changes to income option. Thai health officials are trying to determine how the South Korean military officer, who tested positive for Covid-19 after returning home from Thailand’s annual Cobra Gold training, became infected with the virus.

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