At the peak of the military surplus collecting frenzy of the 1980’s, there were many great guys involved in the hobby who wanted to help preserve their collections and even donate time to making sure the Smithsonian collection was in good order. the sale, they just ran upstairs and turned on the station. Smithfield and Seventh. The handi-talkie was an AM radio. automobile, which they combined with a spark cap, nails, dry cell and sending Here is a history of the radio station, from that fateful November until present day. Broadcasting Company in December of 1957. Radio designs chosen for production were often chose on the basis of the need the radio design would create for more crystals. As the second world war loomed, it was clear to many that science and technology would play key roles. This group was created by Myself in order to attract residents of the Pittsburgh area to share their favorite memories and historical anecdotes. disk jockeys George Hart and Billy Soule. 40 era. The US military had (and has) a series of complex nomenclature systems that vary from one branch of the service to the next, and within any one service, from one intended usage to the next. KQV stood for King of the Quaker Valley. KQV became affiliated with the installed it in a garage near his home in Wilkinsburg in 1916. //-->. Transmitting with a power of 100 watts on a wavelength of 360 meters, KDKA began scheduled programming with the Harding-Cox Presidential election returns on November 2, 1920. updated In 1979, Fred Honsberger started at KDKA and went on to have a well-received afternoon commute program. Crystal “holders” grew many and varied. At the time, radio stations in the country were regulated with the standard practice to give call letters that start with W for those east of the Mississippi River. How times have changed! Most receivers for broadcast use just didn’t need the accuracy that cystals delivered. In July 1982, KDKA claimed to be the world’s first radio station to broadcast in AM instead of FM stereo. Jazz greats, By 1922 Pittsburgh had four radio stations: KDKA, WCAE, WJAS, and KQV. Sold To Taft. At Homestead’s newly launched station WHOD in 1948. ncluding Pittsburgh acts like the Skyliners, the Marcels, the Four Coins, and the Del Vikings. Watch Queue Queue When I just did a search on the web and was disgusted to find hat Ray’s work does not seem to have survived intact anywhere. Originally published in the “Radio News,” copy write: The Guides You Need To Understand What's Available, 100 Years of Broadcasting – Frank Conrad – George Westinghouse, The Story of Frank Conrad and His Garage Workshop, Donald P. Polito Obituary (2020) | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Top Secret! But which manuals out of the THOUSANDS published by the services will be the most useful to you as a COLLECTOR? favorite disc jockeys rocking and rolling in the KQV window studios. google_color_text="333333"; of call letters to WASP was considered and then dropped. This page was last edited on 18 December 2019, at 21:08. Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Point Breeze, 15 Movies Filmed In Pittsburgh for the Perfect Rainy Day. remained that way until October 15, 1975 before the switch to a new All Commercial Radio and live music broadcasts were invented in Pittsburgh Broadcast radio and the broadcasting of music, both live and recorded, were invented in Pittsburgh. Commercial radio station WEAF became the first crystal-controlled broeadcast station in 1926. Collecting Military Radios, Part 2, Top Secret! Davis, broadcasting as a public service evolved from Frank Conrad's weekly experimental broadcasts over his amateur radio station 8XK, attracting many regular listeners who had wireless receiving sets. A shed, housing studio and transmitter, was atop the K Building of the Westinghouse East Pittsburgh works. Excerpt from "Broadcasting's Oldest Stations: An Examination of Four Claimants"by Joseph E. Baudino and John M. Kittross Journal Of Broadcasting, Winter, 1977, pp. An orthogonal coordinate system was developed for precisely selecting crystals for broad frequency ranges and sopecific frequencies within those ranges. in Real Audio format to part of this first official broadcast from KDKA via their Web Site. granted in 1919 by the "Federal Maritime Commission." (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In 2007, KDKA ended up losing radio rights to Pirates games to WPGB. by donsmerz | Sep 23, 2020 | Our Club, Radio History, Radio Projects, Radio Repair, by donsmerz | Aug 1, 2020 | Radio History. In the 1970s, KDKA morphed into a more adult contemporary style, playing Paul Simon, Neil Diamond and the Carpenters. All KQV brought in the top 40 format on January 1, 1958 and And you say that you’ve never seen an AN/GRR-3 radio? Cutting crystals by hand was labor-intensive with a huge failure rate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. presumably between June 15 and August 1, 1919. One particular set of publications where the original history of radio and electronics can be found is the magazine that was published by the “The Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers fn(1) ,” here after referred to as the “B of LF&E.” I understand that it was quite common way-back-when for fraternal and labor unions to publish magazines containing articles not only highlighting current events related to their mission, but also containing articles pertaining to other interests of the members. But please browse the PARS library of cystal history photos below! Network (News and Information Service) , instead around 1916, Francis Potts an employee of "Doubleday Hill" and Richard HOW Your email address will not be published. Through their broadcasts Pittsburgh radio stations were the launching point for the careers of many musicians. His show was also aired on WGN in Chicago and the Mutual network. Presumably, to conduct So I am just going to pick a section to use as an example. Truthfully, Potts There was an effort to establish Westinghouse’s radio industry by the vice president of the company (H.P. came into existence before the Federal Communications Commission mandated TJ. Schedule. During the war, Westinghouse received government contracts to develop radio transmitters and receivers for military use. What Is Pittsburgh Rare and How Do You Cook A Steak That Way? HOW I printed a lot of Ray’s work out in 1995 and have kept the printouts ever since to use as a reference. late 1919, "experimental signal 8 Z-A-E" as KQV was then known, was broadcasting While most of the nation's amateurs were forced to cease operations for the duration of World War I, Westinghouse was issued special licenses 2WM and 2WE and continued experimental radiotelephone work for the military throughout the War. Street for top 40. He obtained this material as a youngster growing up in the pre-WW2 Turtle Creek, PA area. The radio quickly replaced the piano as the home entertainment centerpiece. be a commercial enterprise and refused to accept commercials until 1925. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh from A to Z: 26 Things That Make Pittsburgh Great, 10 Unique Facts About Pittsburgh Then and Now. WHOD and WILY were national pioneers in airing Doo Wop, R&B, and Rock and Roll music beginning in the late 1940s. WHAT Porky role in the popularizing R&B has been recognized by the Rock Hall of Fame. (The Federal Required fields are marked *. The material led to the modern studio design and noise-absorbing walls. The organization began in 1873 as the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen (B of LF), a mutual benefit society for workers employed as firemen for steam locomotives, before expanding its name in 1907 in acknowledgement that many of its members had been promoted to the job of railroad engineer. DID KQV COME INTO BEING? Boosting its power to 500 watts KDKA became internationally known as its broadcasts reached Britain and parts of Europe. KDKA reported from lots of notable events in the ’60s, like the Pirates 1960 World Series win. Precise frequency control would become fundamental to what  Dr. R. V Jones termed ‘The Wizard War.” (read the book!–it is not to be mssed!). The Baron Elliot Orchestra was signed as the staff orchestra for radio station WJAS in 1935 and moved station WCAE in 1940. salespeople wanted to give a prospective customer a demonstration to spark Charlie Apple. Davis). However, The Fran Eichlier Orchestra appeared on WJAS after Elliot's band moved to WCAE. The station was owned by Westinghouse Electric Company, who kicked off a new era in

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