6. Check to make sure that the lower looper-needle setting distance is not too large. ~Mary Kurtz. 4. Metal and plastic aren't necessarily interchangeable. Is your overlocker a 3 thread or 4 thread. 9. Bobbins really aren't interchangeable. Confirm that the proper balance between the threads being used is achieved. All of my samples have skipped stitches every inch or two. Check the following items. eye. Check to see if the machine is threaded correctly. 6. Lots of hot, 'You think dogs will not be in heaven? Check to see that the needle does not contact the needle cooling device. obtained. If the upper looper-needle setting distance is too small, the needle does not enter the 5. Check that the clearance 2 between the upper and lower loopers is not too large. Somebody gave me this tip when I was sewing some beautiful John Kaldor fabric. 6. 8. Brenda. Thank you Swisslass!! Overlocker Troubleshooting; Overlock machine stitch problems and snaps thread. 12. 3. 4. 3.         If this distance is large, the lower looper passes below the needle?            7. Check the following items. Also Bernina 1150 overlocker and Elna 444 Coverstitcher. 10. 14. Check the needle height. machine. Make sure that the proper needle thread tension is obtained. Confirm that the correct type of needle is installed. If the needle is positioned too high, the needle thread loop is made small. Sewing machine doctors, I need your help! 14. Check to see if the thread is placed correctly in the tension discs. 1.    thread cone.             Dating a vintage or antique sewing machine, How old is it..? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Check to see if the thread take-up and thread guides are positioned in place. From a different angle, it could be something to do with the fabric, perhaps. 4. Check to see if the center of the thread guide is aligned with that of the core of the      occurs, causing needle breakage. 1. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 2001 © SINGER Machines Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Fabric jams while using my overlock machine, Overlocker stops in the middle of stitching, My overlocker will not stitch or move at all, Irregular cutting while using my overlock machine, Irregular stitches on my overlock machine, Technical Sewing Machine Problem and Repair, Embroidery software and which format do I need advice. 16.    triangle formed by the upper looper thread. 7. Check for tangled threads - Clean out. Check to see if the thread is placed correctly in the tension discs. 1-Skip stitching that occurs due to the relationship between the needle and the lower looper      overedge width. 5. Does your fit into a spool case before inserting into the spool race or does it fit straight into the machine? 8. Check that the clearance 1 between the upper and lower loopers is not too large. Swisslass has given a comprehensive list of machine tweaks to try. Check to see that each thread guide is not damaged. 7. Make sure that the proper cutting action between the cutting edges of the knives is

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