Best single-player campaign with the most diverse and not repetitive objectives and missions. To get undamaged pelts, you must kill animals with your hidden blade and skin them. But on the other hand, combat is absolutely awesome, and the work dedicated to making a world that is alive is nothing short of extraordinary. There are a total of nine different general stores in the game (three in Boston, three in the Frontier, and three in New York). Naval Convoy. Some are not shown on the in-game map, but all of them can be visited after reaching New York. 1. The goal is to leave your opponent with fewer than three pieces or block all possible moves. That's why AC3 is (for now, I hope) the best for me. The side-quests can be found in the indicated locations. And btw, the naval duckfoot, which you have to craft, is far superior to the regular duckfoot in every way, not just comparing them in game. If you cannot get the achievement during the first try, you can get yourself killed, and everyone will respawn. It could be crafted through the use of materials from the residents of the Davenport Homestead. One thing to be said about the weapons and tools though, why the hell is the inventory screen so shit? 0 votes. 1. The other 35 missions need to be played in a specific order. Each Pivot unlocks a new Animus Hack cheat code under the options menu. That being said , there were definitely things AC3 did better. First of all, the combat- AC3 nailed combat in some ways, but it just ended up feeling repetitive when there are waves of 20 guards around every corner and your only choice is to fight them head on- I feel like Revelation's bombs would have been brilliant in AC3, so many times I looked at clusters of enemies and wished I had shrapnel bomb. There is a harbor nearby that can be used as a fast travel station. The range and accuracy are surprisingly good. whereas AC3 has the stupidest, slowest, clunkiest screen of all time- To have to pause the combat just to get out a simple tool or weapon is out of the question so you can only equip 4 items in your quick inventory, meaning if it's not a hidden blade, sword, pistol or rope dart, I essentially won't be using it in combat. Naval Duckfoot Recipe - A Naval Duckfoot requires the following materials to craft: This page was last modified on 5 November 2012, at 14:17. And if you do the game-changing event to liberate the town, all that happens is they have blue coats instead. The frontier is crawling with life in such a way that it makes me believe those animals live there and don't need the player to be around to go on with their life. This attack is very powerful, but in order to use it effectively you have to seat the ship's side perfectly towards the enemy. After completing the "Monster Of The Sea" side-quest, talk to the same men who gave you that side-quest. If you look down, you will see an MMA fight with Guilherme Venancio vs. Luis Otavio Duris. The quest giver can be found at the harbor in the Homestead area. The following is a list of the order you will need to complete the side-quests during each sequence to increase the artisan levels. Running around the cities, saving people, doing all these little missions made the city feel alive, almost too much so though- if you get in a fight in the city you'll end up against dozens of guards, and I've seen them actually spawn in fights, there are way too many enemies in the cities, it's absurd. Just kidding. It got kind of dethroned by AC4, but now that time has passed, I do realise that AC3 is still kind of my favourite in some regards, especially the combat which (at least on PC) was a lot less fun in AC4. tell me more about this archaeologist boner. Once all enemies have been defeated, interact with the back of the carriage to get some good loot and the "Prince Of Thieves" achievement. I'm ONLY missing the Naval Duckfoot gun and the crate behind the manor doesn't refill smdh wtf yo I do have 100% complete fortunantly for me but still I want that last gun and I'm not going to play through the game again Reply . To change equipment (for example, to use a new sword), enter the "Equipment" screen at a shop to switch items. To have to switch to my inventory and select "horse whistle" rather than just pressing some far away key is absurd, and typical for a console port.

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