We need to take a moment and think. and Smith, S.E. One of my great heroes is the Emperor Julian the Philosopher – Flavios Klaudios Ioulianos, a Greek of Constantinople, who regarded Hellenismos – Greekness, in the sense of philosophy, religion, culture, world-view – something anyone could share, regardless of where they came from. Alachiotis, S. and Karatzia-Stavlioti, E. (2006) ‘Effective curriculum policy and cross-curricularity: analysis of the new curriculum design of the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute’. Protonotariou, S and Haravitsidis, P (2006b) ‘For a school that respects otherness’. It also coincided with a new wave of immigration coming in from various parts of the world as a result of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (Hart-Celler Act, INS Act of 1965, Public Law 89-236) under the Johnson Administration. In the 21st century, there is no doubt that America is embracing multiculturalism now more than ever before, particularly on college campuses. Later that academic year, Spring of 2008, Alpha Nu was established at WSU and became the current United Greek Council's eighth organization. Are Aging Politicians and Supreme Court a Rising Gerontocracy? Part of Springer Nature. Multicultural Greek organizations therefore provide a safe haven for students who may otherwise be without one at their universities. About half an hour away by ferry from Greece’s infamous party island, Mykonos, is the island of Delos. EMERGENCE OF MULTICULTURAL FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS. The exception was a few historically African American fraternities and sororities, collectively known as the Divine Nine… Throughout America’s history, the country as a whole has learned to, albeit slowly, embrace diversity. In 1998, as the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, Inc. (NALFO) emerged uniting the Latino fraternal community, the members of multicultural fraternal organizations realized the need for similar efforts. The view from the top of the rocky Mount Cynthus, the highest point on the island, is spectacular. New member presentations will usually feature individual performances in which new members show off their knowledge of their organization’s history and values, as well as perform individual dance routines. 209–227), in Damanakis, M. Not logged in daskaloi132 (2010). Initiated by the founding of the first multicultural sorority, the end of the twentieth century gave birth to a new movement – that of multiculturalism. As a result, multicultural fraternal organizations have become positive organizations that value all cultures holistically and are committed to the success of the individual as well as the community in which they thrive. Foteinos, D. and Bouzakis, S. (2008) The Greek State and school knowledge: In the era of globalization and multicultural societies’, (pp. ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Strikes a Chord as the Next ‘High School Musical’, On ‘ALIEN,’ Lee Su-hyun Highlights the Beauty of Being Different, Karen Guan, Southern Methodist University, How Multicultural Greek Organizations Changed the Landscape of Traditional Greek Life, Greek Life Is Hastening the Demise of the On-Campus School Year, These POC Songwriters Never Got the Recognition They Deserved, ‘Da 5 Bloods’ Shows That Spike Lee Is the Most Prescient Filmmaker Today, ‘Grand Army’ Is Inclusive On Screen But Problematic Behind the Scenes, Before You Buy the iPhone 12, Look Outside the Apple Ecosystem, These Talking Dogs Have Something To Say, and Humans Are All Ears, A Crash Course on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, Must B Nice’s Podcast ‘Day by Day’ Tells Relatable Fictional Stories of Quarantine, ‘Without You’ Cements Lauv as the King of Pop Melody, BookTube Is an Enriching YouTube Community for Book Lovers, Why Hand-Washing Your Laundry Is Better Than Using the Machine, ‘I May Destroy You’ Confronts Misrepresentations of Sexual Assault, Shedding Light on Kai, One of the Voices Behind EDM, The Continued Existence of the Wage Gap Is Still Critically Important, Rumored Reboot of the Batman Arkham Video Game Series Excites Fans, How ‘Queer Eye’ Both Fails and Succeeds at Representation, Why Washington D.C. Statehood Is a Racial Justice Issue, Rachel Cargle Takes No Prisoners With Her Anti-Racism Education, ‘White Fragility’ Is Good, but Could Impair Potential for Multiracial Class Politics, The Exclusion of South Asians From a Broader Asian Identity Has To End, How I’m Educating Myself and My Parents on Race and Allyship, Be a Better Ally by Remembering Your Place While Consuming Art.

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