Calculate … You may use this calculator to do simple conversions between four popular phase points of hydrogen: liquid at boiling point (-252.87°C at 1 atm). Our goal is to get you to convert any unit as easy and fast as possible, gas at standard conditions (0°C at 1 atm). Convert square megameter to square millimeter, 1 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 1.0550559 Btu, 10 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 10.550559 Btu, 50 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 52.752795 Btu, 100 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 105.50559 Btu, 250 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 263.763975 Btu, 500 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 527.52795 Btu, 1,000 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 1055.0559 Btu, 10,000 Btu in tonne/cubic meter = 10550.559 Btu. An MMBTU is one million BTUs. Natural Gas Unit Conversion Calculator NATURAL GAS UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR . Headquarter 1230 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 547 2050 gas at standard conditions (15.6°C at 1 atm). Therefore, 1 BTU equals 0.000001 MMBTU. Some athletes use special devices for these calculations, record their performance with respect to power output, and then analyze it to determine the effectiveness of their workout program. Then multiply the amount of Btu you want to convert to Tonne/cubic Meter, use the chart below to guide you. The foot measurements cancel each other out, and you are left with 35,315 BTUs per cubic meter. gas at Normal Temperature and Pressure (NTP = 20°C at 1 atm). Gas consumption in SCM and MMBtu would be separately mentioned in your gas bill/invoice. mmbtu = 1 million BTU = 10 therms; Therm = 100,000 BTU; 1 BTU = 1,055.06 J = 1,055.06 Nm _____ Amount To. The conversion/comparison between scm and MMBtu can be done based on 1 MMBtu = 252,000 KiloCalorie. (Equation: 35.315 ft^3/m^3 x 1000 BTU/ft^3 = 35,315 BTU/m^3.) Then multiply the amount of Btu you want to convert to Tonne/cubic Meter, use the chart below to guide you. . For example, this calculator shows that a person 170 cm tall and weighing 70 kg will produce a power output of 39.5 watts by doing 50 push-ups for 10 minutes. The other way around, how many Normal cubic metres per hour - Nm³/hr @ 0°C - 32°F are in one Million British thermal units - MMBtu/day unit? Assuming NCV of 8350 kcal/scm, 1 MMBtu will approximately be equal to 30.12 SCM. Convert 1 MMBtu/day into Normal cubic metre per hour and Millions British thermal units to Nm³/hr @ 0°C - 32°F. Convert BTUs to MMBTUs. To convert between Btu and Tonne/cubic Meter you have to do the following: First divide 1055.0559 / 1000/1 = 1.0550559. The result of your conversion between Btu and tonne/cubic meter appears here.

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