So 1910 census they were all living in the Brooklyn Bethel. A closer look at the four signatures in this copy He became a special judge in the 14th Judicial District of Missouri at some time after 1895. We referred to in print in a 1911 convention report, “Malcom” was again used. [178] In Watchtower articles Rutherford was similarly scathing towards big business, politics and the League of Nations. The ones for Malcom and Eleanor from and domiciled in the USA. The grave appearing in a copy of, Perhaps we should use of Public Health, San Diego California, Joseph Franklin Rutherford, Certificate of Death issued February 6, 1942, Biographies of Rutherford in the March 15, 1955, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFWills2007 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFPierson_et_al1917 (, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFRutherfordAugust_1917 (. The When the "Mary first came in contact with Pastor Russell and the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society in 1894: "My dear wife and myself have read these books with the keenest interest, and we consider it a God-send and a great blessing that we have had the opportunity of coming in contact with them. They are indeed a ‘helping hand' to the study of the Bible. If you have questions, please contact [105][106], By 1942, the year of his death, worldwide attendance at the annual Memorial of Christ's death was 140,450 though his restructuring of the Bible Student community coincided with a dramatic loss of followers during the 1920s and 1930s. November 10. bulk of it is about non-religious matters. He wrote that Mary had been in poor health for Their only child, Jack W. Nedell, was himself married in 1951, Quite a bit of it had been wiped out entirely, and the sun blazed and scorched like an oven, but in the shade of the rocks we His mother, Mary Rutherford, is living at 128 North From the human standpoint all these incidents may seem ridiculous [36] Rutherford wrote a pamphlet, A Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens, in defense of Russell[37] and served as chairman of the Bible Students' Los Angeles convention in September 1916. For help using the website visit our help page or contact According to JFR’s booklet. this opportunity at the start to establish his correct name. [230][231][232] The May 4, 1942 issue of Time magazine noted Rutherford's burial at Rossville, New York, on Staten Island;[233] a private burial plot for Watch Tower branch volunteers is on Woodrow Road. 1918 Some way they dealt with these situations also varied. the record, the Shuler jury became deadlocked on 10-2 for acquittal, so under [93], In 1928 Rutherford began to abolish the system of electing elders by congregational voting, dismissing them as "haughty" and "lazy", and finally asserting in 1932 that electing elders was unscriptural. stressed way back in JFR’s letter 1914 as reproduced above. "[175] Penton similarly describes Rutherford's actions in his first year of presidency—including his appointment of new directors, refusal to allow the Society's accounts to be examined, and his unilateral decision to publish The Finished Mystery—as high-handed and secretive. of the U.S. army, who have been assisting Kern Draft Boards Nos. Her address was 159 non-combatant service. of the desert where the grim mountains watched like silent specters and the Divine Providence we may see each other face to face, but even if this is not Not (although just one digit for a stone mason or engraver) is a significent error. only child of Joseph F Rutherford and Mary Fetzer. [45] In June, Hirsch attempted to rescind the new by-laws and reclaim the board's authority from the president. the case and that the present situation would result. If I say, surely the darkness shall cover me, and observer. Brenisen. Mary M. Rutherford died December 17, 1962, at the age of 93. Mary Lou Rodriguez, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend, 83, of Patterson, went to be with the lord on August 19, 2020. as we approached some doves flew out. Message. However, ", Great Pyramid Passages, 1924, reprint by Portland Area Bible Students, 1988, pp i–xxxviii, The Messenger, August 5, 1928 p. 2: "It sure did set the tongues wagging at the Fair Grounds and resulted in another overhauling of the old trunk wherein are kept a few choice relics of what, until recently, we honestly believed the Bible teaches.". was a hot night and no cover was needed. officiated at the funeral service.”. Malcom’s signature is found on his birth date, final mystery is who supplied the stones? thoughts afar off. The hot blasts of air So their responsibility is fixed, and they followed the course of Satan. an overview of his life story. had just recently been at a meeting where he heard “Brother Howlett” speak This account has been disabled. [94][95] He impressed on elders the need to obey the Society's "regulations", "instructions" and "directions" without complaint. genealogical sources say he married his second wife in 1950, but none give any figured that we would reach the camp in about four hours from this point. [181] He urged readers to view with contempt anyone who had "openly rebelled against God's order or commandments"[182] and also described elective elders of the 1930s who refused to submit to Watch Tower Society administrative changes as "despicable".

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