She too misses her family. This is the thread where you can post as many off topic Maiden rants as your moods lets you. Xie Bei Ming pretends to be oblivious but when Dong Ru Shuang sighs that she has to take initiative again, Xie Bei Ming stops her. She quickly turns away but Pei Zhao tells her to come back. Camera, why you at the wrong side when he pinched her ear? Su Ci is a Prince Qi fan but she doesn't know Prince Qi is Pei Zhao himself. Chen Yao (Sebrina Chen): Su Ci. She saved the original bride and took her place to punish the villager except her plan was ruined when the three of them saved her. Every move is aimed to kill him but Pei Zhao doesn't dodge her. A name of a red bean. After an unknown amount of time, Su Ci is teaching new detectives but Pei Zhao is hovering around asking her if she wants to have lunch. Su Ci sure is initiating a lot of the kisses ^^" Pei Zhao will also never let their kisses end with just one. Network: Tencent Video. Also, the seat cushions (when we received it) were visibly lumpy, but I have noticed they are smoothing out over time, I actually think this lends well to the charm and beauty of the sofa. But no. She continues to investigate about the mastermind behind the poisoning. He will marry the Princess in exchange for her safety. Why, oh why, didn't they include Total Eclipse on NoTB? A Princess from a neighbouring country is to be betrothed to Prince Qi. As Pei Zhao recovers from the medication/poison, he asks Su Ci about her feelings on his identity. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Pei Zhao feels comforted and hugs her even tighter. He promises to clear her family's name so that way she can be with him without any regret. All in all I have found the sofa itself and the service to be impeccable. I laugh when I watch this hug scene because there's a BT'S of Pei Zhao standing upright for Su Ci to hug him but she's too short so for this scene to be possible Pei Zhao had to be giving her manner legs, Fei Yuan was right about Pei Zhao lazing around politics and chasing after his wife in Ep23, lol, Ep3 Autopsy scene / Su Ci has a rope around Pei Zhao's neck, They're so close together it's suspicious, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion | Recap and Review, Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos | Recap and Review. Su Ci comforts him. Xie Bei Ming gives him some golden advice as a man: if the girl is unhappy, you must. A fortune-teller reads Su Ci’s future that she is a curse to others and will be solo her entire life. She's certain he's the one and if he's reporting to Pei Zhao that means Pei Zhao is the one who killed. Su Ci twists her ankle. She pulls at his belt that she just tied around him to give him a sweet kiss.

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