And then is heard no more. Those shackles sometimes are nothing more than an illusion. Learn More. Same can be applied here though within certain contexts. ', Reality, at a quantum level, depends on the observer. Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Both husband and wife should be ready to give up those expectations that do not allow for a quiet and peaceful household. The poet Robert Frost expressed it beautifully when he wrote, “We dance around the ring and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows!”. Like / Follow us to get daily picture quote feed. If this seems to sound reminiscent of the movie ‘The Matrix’, it is only because this idea was part of the very basis of the story. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. This happens because you see through the illusion. But the chances of this kind of change to occur is next to impossible. When you see others suffering, you must do what you can to help. What if the reality as we know it exists only inside a dream then may be our minds could be confused by various deceptions.René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. 1. Parents do all this because of their dream that their children will achieve great heights, and they will take care of them during their old age. 3. Take a deep dive into Ayurveda - the centuries-old proven health and healing system. You are limited or unlimited by how you choose to think. You’re never separated from your loved ones, even in death. Facebook page: Click here ( To answer the differences among the present, the past and the future, There are three competing theories. The day we understand that it was just the illusion, and the reality is far away from the illusion, our hearts break. This creates the thinking that “I need this to be complete in some way.” When you trust that every moment is complete in itself, you step into the freedom of life. The delusion that there is something to be afraid of is perhaps the most insidious of all. They then ejected all of the atoms until there was only one atom left. The dress is back: Are these flip flops black and blue? But those shackles can paralyze us from moving forward. Share your quote explanation or your life experience by commenting below. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Be careful here because people often emphasize the differences in beauty preferences more than the overwhelming similarity. This leads you to the mistake that, “I am here and not everywhere.” Certainly your individual, limited consciousness is only here, but when you tap into the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness, which permeates the whole universe, you are instantly equally present in any part of the Field. Archived. The sleepless nights they went through during the first few months, always being in constant demand for attention, never ending laundry and the pile of utensils to clean, make them exhausted. With the understanding Ahum Brahmasmi, “I am the Universe” and “I am the Totality”, what could you possibly fear? so you should identify yourself with Atman, not with human limitations. Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. Your path from the unreal to the Real is actually quite simple. Sign up for self-paced courses designed to deliver balance and health. Let us know what you think of the website. To share it as Whatsapp status from mobile, tap the image and hold for few seconds. To move on, we have to learn to look beyond the things that tie us down. ... as in a script; history becomes a dramatic record. Though this shouldn’t keep us from breaking the ones that are simply untrue and unnecessary. The fact that the second grating was added after the atom passed through the initial crossroads suggests that the atom had not determined its nature before it was measured for the second time. The physical world exists only as sensory data in the perception of minds, and not as a substance or a thing in itself. This tells you, “I can do this but not that.” There is nothing more creative than the mind of God, just look around at nature. You know it is just a movie, the projection of light and color on a screen or just actors playing the stage. It was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behaviour was brought into existence.”. It opens. Deepen your well-being practices and develop techniques to teach others with a prestigious Chopra certification. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Parent expect their children to get a good grade in examinations and get a money pouring job with little or no effort. And can you truly deny the possibility that this is your reality? Get certified. Is death just an ILLUSION? But it may not be possible in reality. Fear only exists when Love is absent. It’s when you look around and experience all the thousands of individual objects, but miss the one Pure Consciousness that connects them all as part of the eternal Wholeness. Heard the saying that fear is nothing more than an illusion? Reality is an illusion, and at the same time, your magical existence is real. You can transcend the worldly limitations, stepping into the wisdom of the unlimited unknown. View LightExistenceMotivationApp/?ref=hl’s profile on Facebook, View UCueoZ7S__lnDI9NJvSij7oA’s profile on YouTube, Click here (, Click here (, Click here (, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The great mystic Osho said, “When you are absolutely dissatisfied with things as they are, only then do you go in search, only then do you start rising higher.

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