But again, it seemed incomplete. Jill Filipovic is an Arizona State University Future of War fellow at New America. In 2011, there were 87 per 100,000 people. At the same time, he complains how easy it is to get into the U.S. and how the asylum process guarantees every applicant a hearing. She goes to church for solace, and the pastor knows something is wrong. “They end up feeling that that is normal, as they do with the other kinds of violence they suffer.”. We have provided a few examples below that you can copy and paste to your site: Your data export is now complete. Sofia’s mother says her daughter asked for an abortion, but given the law and what Sofia’s mom heard at church, that wasn’t a possibility. She was studying at the time and had to leave school. Women sit outside their home on the hills overlooking the city of Tegucigalpa. Upon crossing the border by foot, Maldonado, who was just barely 18 at the time, was exhausted by the walk through the Arizona desert. Talking about it is hard, but she does it anyway. In 2014, the agency issued only a few thousand titles during the year and 100% had flaws. Fonseca founded CDM nearly 30 years ago. In a future article in this series, we’ll explore how the agency flipped the script and has increased the number of titles issued while reducing the error rate to zero. The calls to La Línea almost always came from panicked women, often crying. Additionally, any form of contraception, no matter how carefully used, can fail. This is an increase of 1.47 % (124,685 people) compared to population of 8,499,343 the year before. He hired a coyote to help him cross the border but two in the group who had promised to pay the required $5,000, left without paying. She told us how, years ago, she treated a patient who tried to end a pregnancy by inserting a metal stick in her vagina. A great number of Honduran girls have been, like Sofia and Ricsy, raped and impregnated as children. ), 1 min. The reasons people migrate are complex. For now, she gets through the days with her son and her 3-year-old daughter. When she walks alone, she looks around anxiously in all directions for pursuers. The only “evidence” doctors had for reporting her to the police was the marks on her belly. Only about half of Honduran women work outside the home. “It was the worst nightmare of my life,” she said, her hands braced against her chest. When exhausted families, mothers toting babies and young women traveling alone arrive at the southern border of the United States, it’s not just gang violence or criminality in general that they’re fleeing. She wasn’t showing other signs of pregnancy, even though she was told she was in her second trimester. Garcia is anxious. Before that, when she was an even younger girl, Heydi was raped by her father’s best friend, she told me. And his family continues to threaten Marlin, saying “that I was going to pay for what I had done to their brother,” as she puts it. The Honduran government has spent decades making it difficult for women to assert control over their own bodies, even after they survive violence. “You have to end the pregnancy to save the patient,” she said. But it’s illegal in Honduras. All of this has left Sofia with few options. She ran to the police station and begged for a ride to the bus depot; the officer who promised to drive her, she says, took her on his personal motorcycle to an empty plot of land instead, where he raped her. Gender-based violence is the second-leading cause of death for women of reproductive age. “I tell him all my things,” she says. Silvia believes that by not reporting women who come to her hospital after an abortion, she could put her job at risk. According to an analysis by InSight Crime, gang membership and activity have been on the rise in the past two decades, and the associated violence has hit the country’s urban areas the hardest. Top: A pregnant woman is drawn on a wall outside the bedroom of “Alma,” a 22-year-old living near Tegucigalpa. “I think it was on purpose. They didn’t. There are a lot of things she shouldn’t be thinking. The process was so painful that she fainted several times. We met her a handful of days after she spoke with her new lawyer, but before the scheduled court hearing. One of the latest was a Facebook comment saying she was like Jezebel, the reviled Biblical queen who was killed, carved into pieces, and then eaten by wild dogs as punishment for her sins. After much begging by her siblings, she finally agreed to go to the hospital. A friend recommended a clinic, and the day of the abortion, she went there alone. Through my work, I hope to help solve some of the world's biggest problems--poverty, disease and climate change. At least 40 percent of pregnancies are unplanned or unwanted at the time they occur. No one has been convicted under the abortion articles of the criminal code in the last three years, according to data provided to Human Rights Watch by the Honduran Attorney General’s office, but seven people were accused of having or providing abortions, and two were detained.

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