You will start receiving your job listings tomorrow morning. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. • Several years of experience researching and implementing mitigation solutions (PoC/Demo level) for protocol vulnerabilities including algorithms development, performance/cost and impact analysis of algorithms implementation. The working language at ENCRYPTO is English, so you must be able to discuss/write/present scientific results in English, whereas German is not required. We are in particular interested in people who have hands on experience with the design, implementation and/or analysis of cryptosystems submitted to NIST's post-quantum standardization effort. Further information about the group is under New cryptography careers are added daily on Show a record of excellent publications in leading venues for security (S&P, CCS, Usenix Sec, NDSS) cryptography (CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT) or general theory of computer science (STOC, FOCS, ICALP). Searches related to cryptography jobs. Successful candidates must have an MS in Computer Science or a related computing area and will have demonstrated an expert grasp of knowledge of the Cybersecurity field at all levels, either through a demonstrated record of teaching excellence, or through industrial experience. Responsible for defining the digital circuitry of future processors, FPGA-based hardware accelerators, and I/O interfacing designs (e.g., Work with multiple security protocols including AMCE, KMIP, SSL/TLS, SSH, CMP, while utilizing…, Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and…, They will be key contributors to project delivery and research at NCC Group, The candidate must be able to show solid expertise in cryptography/security and machine learning illustrated by having published in major venues such as ACM CCS…. Topics of current interests include, for instance, individual privacy in large-scale behavioral datasets; re-identification attacks against privacy-preserving data systems or aggregates, privacy of machine learning models, privacy engineering solutions such as differential privacy and query-based systems, ethics and fairness in AI, and computational social science. • a detailed research proposal, Suggestions from local search as you type. It is always better to apply as early as possible. Engineering Security EngineeringFull timeAbout the RoleAt Hotstar , we have over 300 million users and capture c... A postdoctoral research position at Microsoft Research India offers an opportunity to be at the forefront of computer science research and technology development , and work w... Security Cloud Engineer - Security Technology Services - ( 2000014944 ) Job : TechnologyPrimary Location : ASEAN & South Asia-India-BangaloreSchedule : Full-timeEmployee ... PKI - Security Specialist - ( 2000003471 ) Job : TechnologyPrimary Location : ASEAN & South Asia-India-BangaloreSchedule : Full-timeEmployee Status : PermanentUnposting D... We are Grabbing the job detail for youGrab is more than just the leading ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia. Missions consist in: The Institute of Distributed Systems at Ulm University is searching for enthusiastic PostDoc and Ph.D.-level researchers who are expected to support and strengthen our research activities in the area of security and privacy in vehicular networking and automotive systems. Have completed (or be close to completing) a PhD in computer science, mathematics, or related fields. For example, the work package will explore how energy efficiency constraints can be satisfied by (secure) cryptographic designs and implementations, and, on the other hand, how energy efficient technologies can impact on security in a positive or negative way. More info about Projects: For interested students, please send your CV to and provide any relevant information about the topics you want to work on and the skills/related background you have. Under special circumstances, the doctoral degree can have been completed earlier. Given the project goals, a strong background in micro-processor design and implementation, and/or implementation (e.g., side-channel) attacks on cryptography is therefore desirable. PACE group is seeking applications for a motivated researcher in the area of embedded and mobile security. How to apply: Dear Jobseeker, Find millions of jobs on single click. Interested students are welcomed to send their resume and unofficial transcript to This position is available from December 2020. **Skills and Experience: Review of applications starts immediately and will continue until positions are filled. Suggestions will appear below the field as you type, CRYPTOGRAPHY SECURITY ADMINISTRATION - VP1 LEVEL | BANK, Security Analyst (Public Key Infrastructure & Cryptography) (ID: 490479), Principal Consultant - Permanent (Java & Cryptography/ Up to $8,000 + AWS +VB), Research Fellows (Quantum Information Theory & Quantum Cryptography) - (00D8P), Security Engineer (Up to $7,500) (ID: 502096), Assistant Vice President, IT Security (Application and Data Security Lead) - (20000216), Key Management Assistant (PKI, OS, HSM & Network Technologies) (ID: 490479), Security Consultant (Access Security+ IOT Software Solutions) (ID: 502096), Penetration Testing Specialist @ Tampines Ref: SJ, Research Fellow (Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Electronic Engineering), Senior/ Research Engineer (Cybersecurity), I2R, IT Cyber Security Engineer ( SOC / SIEM) (ID:500471), Project Officer (Computer Science/Engineering/Electrical Engineering), Research Associate (Computer Science/Engineering/Electrical Engineering), IT Cyber Security Engineer ( Risk Management / SIEM) (ID:500471), Digital Security Consultant (IOT & Access Security Solutions) (ID: 502096), Juhler Professionals - A division of Temp-Team Pte Ltd, HONG KONG APPLIED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ASTRI). personal data, banking information, or encryption keys) inside a secure "enclave" from the rest of the untrusted operating system. We are looking for motivated individuals with a strong background in circuit design, especially with experience in ASICs and/or hardware implementation of crypto cores. PhD in Cryptography, emphasis on efficient and provably secure protocols, Excellent record of peer-reviewed publications, in particular at IACR, ACM, and IEEE conferences, Experience in the implementation of cryptographic protocols in C or Rust, Good understanding of practical systems and their security, Identify functional and security requirements of cryptographic protocols for the DFINITY platform, Design provably secure, scalable and practical cryptographic protocols, Design security models, capturing requirements and adversarial models, Provide full implementation specification of cryptographic protocols, Collaborate with a team of Researchers and Developers across our global research centers, Participate in software architecture decisions, providing necessary information in a clear fashion, Collaborate with engineers to implement cryptographic protocols, Write high-quality research papers targeted at top conferences and journals, Represent the company in academic and industry conferences and share technical information with the public, New cryptographic schemes for consensus and distributed transactions in Blockchains, Practical quantum-safe cryptographic deployments for Blockchains, Efficient cryptography for vehicular and unmanned aerial systems, Searchable encryption, Oblivious RAM, and multi-party computation, Very good programming skills (e.g., C, C++), familiarity with Linux, MS degree in ECE/CS/Math is a big plus. For more information, please visit our website: (6 - 8 yrs), Vulnerability Assessment Analyst The security evaluation work in the CYPRESS project includes both risk and threat modeling as well as actual lab work (i.e. You will start receiving your job listings tomorrow morning. The topic of the position depends on common interests, including (but not limited to): DFINITY is reimagining the Internet as a public network that hosts secure software and services. The overall aim of the PhD position will be to design and evaluate provably secure cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving authentication and verifiable delegation of computation protocols. The PhD post can be in any (fun) area of crypto; the candidate will be supervised by Elisabeth Oswald, and as co-supervisors A. Roy and E. Andreeva are potentially available. The professorship will be part of the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications, which is an internationally visible research environment with more than 60 researchers in information security. Strong background in mathematics is an absolute must, together with computer science and cryptography. Please apply at Our current areas of work range from theoretical computer science (algorithms, , systems (distributed systems and networking, programming languages and tools, security and privacy), machine learning, natural. The research topics of these positions are focused on cryptographic engineering and fault detection related security analysis. The positions come with no teaching obligations, although teaching opportunities exist. The content of the job posting is the responsibility of the person requesting the posting and not the IACR. Required skills: a) good knowledge of digital electronics and embedded systems; b) knowledge of CAD tools and FPGA design (Intel, Xilinx or Microsemi) as well as simulation tools (Modelsim); c) ASIC design using Cadence tools (design, simulation, verification); d) good level of English. Has experience in working with embedded/IoT devices or android devices for vulnerability assessment. 4340 • Several years of experience researching and developing tools/demos/PoCs which demonstrate the impact of such security issues (vulnerabilities) on the network. Excellent team work member. You’ve previously managed a team of researchers working on novel consensus algorithms. The Max Planck Society wishes to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented. For full consideration, complete applications must be received by December 1, 2020 but will continue to be accepted until the positions are filled. The candidates will be part of a project that is collaborative between two research groups (led by Prof. Awad and Prof. Aysu) at NC State and are expected to work on the intersection between hardware security and emerging computing architectures. Good knowledge on Networking, DNS, DHCP, DFS & Network load balancer

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