Next up, was installing the baseboards to the front of the units. I wish you had a youtube channel and 2. are you available for hire? We used a small bead of construction adhesive on the back of the puck light to secure it into the recessed hole in the shelf. The room is 6’5 across and there’s 37” between the units. In doing a little more research online, I discovered that many people have had the same problem with the intense and long-lasting chemical smell of this paint, *especially when they do two coats instead of one,* and there’s essentially nothing to be done about it except to wait several months until offgassing is complete. Thanks. Once we routed the holes for the lights, we drilled a hole straight through to accommodate the cord for the puck light itself. Hi Erin!!! This limited our options down to hanging rods, drawers and shelves. The light switch on the side of the cabinets–what type of clearance was needed inside of the drawer for an electrical box? Just curious they look very smooth from the drawer open pic. May in inquire as to what brand/finish/paint you used to spray the color in both your closet and master bedroom? Firstly well done your room and the cabinets look incredible! Thank you for sharing. Thanks so much for the very detailed post. Most people hid the drawers by adding doors on the wardrobe units, but we didn’t have the space, or the desire to add so many unnecessary cabinet doors to our space. Then we screwed the drawer fronts on from the back, going right through the tape. Turns out they don’t sell 5/8 inch Poplar, so Cory ended up finding stain grade flat pine board at Lowes that worked like a charm. We cataloged how much space we each needed for our clothes (High, Medium, Low) and storage type by clothing category in a spreadsheet, and then I referenced it as I created each of our sides of the closet to ensure we had enough space for our existing wardrobe items and our storage preferences. I absolutely adored the blue, custom cabinetry and decided I was going to figure out a way to get a similar look in my own house with a non-custom budget. Thank you! Did you apply a bullnose to the front of the bottom of the closet units (above the base), or is the base profile include what I’m calling a bullnose at the top portion of the baseboard? But, once you get the hang of it, the closet wasn’t too different from spraying walls or furniture. I understand you took out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the attachments that keep the shelf’s in place? Thank you! Avec notre outil de planification en ligne, vous pouvez aménager vos quatre murs avec votre nouveau système PAX avant même de l'avoir acheté. Do you find it is tight? Where did you add the strips to? I’d love to do something like this but not sure how to deal with the ceiling height…plus the light switch is 21 inches from the back wall so it is inside the depth of the Pax unit which is 22 7/8 inch deep. So, this is a bit back of the envelope math and excludes any of the drawer hardware because that was gifted and is a big variable cost…. Can you tell me why you replaced the hanging rods? You are my hero, this is the most beautiful ikea hack that I’ve ever seen, and your house is just beautiful. Did you screw the new fronts of the drawers to the old ones? Arts de la table, vaisselle et ustensiles de cuisine. But, it does seem like a TON of work for a DIYer, and that you would need a professional carpenter to help with all the details. So that comes to about $2,500, but, we used pretty high-end Farrow and Ball paint, so I think the cost could have been closer to $2,100 total with more budget-friendly paint Hope that helps – the cost will vary a lot with differing layouts and wardrobe unit counts. We continued the wire through the ceiling (we have attic access and just drilled a hole on each side of the closet and fed it through ). For this, we used some scrap strips of 1/8th inch tempered hardboard to bring the shelf up to level and secured it with screws. Sure! Ok your ikea hack closet is just stunning! IKEA does indeed sell the L-shape divider (called the Komplement frame divider) that allows you to install the narrowest drawers in a wider frame. Kind of a silly question—how did you go about exchanging the clothing rods (wood dowels)? Did you and what did you do? 36 inches across from unit to unit for example? Hi – Do you have a source for the baskets at the top. Thank you for the effort you make to include details in your posts. To install the drawer fronts, we taped the washers to hold them in place, as it is next to impossible to slip them in between the drawers and the wood front. What was the total cost on this project? Can you clarify the steps: Did you actually remove them and wallpaper the entire MDF, or did you take the time to wallpaper each section to shape/size? This is gorgeous. Can you clarify the steps: Did you actually remove them and wallpaper the entire MDF, or did you take the time to wallpaper each section to shape/size? It looks like oubhave 2-3 feet in the middle? Cost-wise, I don’t think we would have saved much by building out the entire closet from scratch in wood. Can you please share custom drawers s faces dimensions? Vous choisissez le style, les dimensions et les accessoires et obtenez un prix sur le champ. I’m at the trim stage now. We fed these cords in a chain, where for each unit, one light branched off and fed into the unit from the very top in the back. These are the ones we landed on: – they’re actually marketed as trays, but work perfectly as shallow baskets! Did you just cover the existing wood fronts, or remove them and remake them? My question is regarding the wallpaper. Most tutorials I read online indicated that they primed once, we actually did two coats because the primer dries really fast and we’re a little bit neurotic. Hope that helps! Your closet turned out beautiful. How did you hide/cover this in the end? Omg you literally took my image from my brain, different color. Créez votre combinaison de rangement PAX, de la simple armoire au dressing complet, à partir de modèles proposés ou en partant de zéro. Dès que vous avez assemblé votre dressing PAX, vous pouvez l'optimiser avec ces aménagements intérieurs ! We decided to maximize the closet so we chose the taller wardrobes. Amazing job. Hi Genevieve! Did you think about that when you were designing the closet? So, I sought out a closet system that I could customize and paint to match my vision. I’ve been designing cabinetry for 30 years and this is stunning. We bought a spray gun on a whim and it isn’t really designed for big projects like the walls, but we’ve made it work anyway, so I’m not sure I have the best recommendation :/ (it’s the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer). Have you tried using a heavier coat of wallpaper glue? How long did the project take in man hours for the install, carpentry, and painting. Hi Erin, your post has inspired me to attempt redoing our walk in closet with the pax system, with customization as well. Thanks so much for sharing. How long would you estimate this project took to complete? Awesome closet!!! It seems like a lot of work and I was going to ask if you or your husband were experienced cabinet makers, but then I read at the begining that you’d never made cabinetry before. You can create an attractive display of your belongings or just have your clothes easily accessible to make your daily routine more simplified. This was something I was very concerned about because the shelves in the Pax units don’t sit flush with the sides of the Pax units, so the depth of wood needed here was thicker than the 1/2 inch Poplar we used everywhere else. And good luck, sounds like an incredible project (restoring a mid-1800’s house is my dream!). We attached the baseboards to the front of the wardrobe units with construction adhesive, and added nails where the baseboards sat flush with the vertical sides of each individual wardrobe unit. How did you move the electrical outlet? I, too, did two coats, allowing a few days for offgassing and curing before the second coat, and keeping windows open and fans running during painting and afterwards. My fiancé and I are using this as a guide on ours. Hope that helps! It’s a small detail that you may not notice, but is one of those things that you certainly would have noticed had it not been installed. I did have a bad experience with Zinsser BIN paint, though. Et ce n'est pas tout : les rangements à suspendre dans votre dressing PAX tirent profit de chaque espace disponible. Design your own PAX wardrobe inside and out, from door styles, to shelves, to interior organizers and more. On the sides, we added flat panels of wood to cover the gaps between the Pax units and the wall. in favour of clean, classic closet designs. I’m curious how you’re liking the shallower 13” side with hanging clothes. This is so amazing! Because the MDF comes folded 1-2 times, there’s an unightly seam that definitely screams low quality. But there were some upgrades that I wasn’t able to find any examples of in the wild, including recessing in-cabinet lighting and adding drawer fronts for an inset, full custom cabinetry look.

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