Watch the following tutorial to see just how easy it is to make a tribute video for your families using the funeralOne Life Tributes Software system. Choose a song from our music library, or upload your own. Memorial slideshow maker - easily add music and photos to cherish their memory. Then follow these 6 steps on how to use our memorial slideshow templates to make a memorial video that honors their legacy. Browse the templates and hit “Select” to choose a memorial template for your memorial video. Keep it to one track, or combine a few songs. Import the music directly into your DVD software, as you did the photos. Making the video 10 to 15 minutes long. What Are You Using To Create Your Memorial/Tribute Video DVD? Creating a memorial video can also be a healing part of the grieving process. If you know someone who has labored for many years to provide for himself and his family and whose working years are finally coming to an end, there may be no better way to show your appreciation than to create a video tribute and memorial. It constitutes a poignant and personal way to celebrate his or her life and memory. View Video Tribute DVD Demos Cherished moments deserve more than a slide show. Using around 80 to 100 photos. Choose songs known to be favorites of the person or family members you are making the tribute for. If you prefer, you can also choose to have no music played at all for a peaceful silence. Create an account or sign in the web service to get started. Make your tribute truly personal with the music he or she loved. The music and images together should make a video 7 to 9 minutes long. To make it as easy as possible, choose an all-in-one platform with memorial templates that are ready to customize and share. If you plan on sharing the video during the reception after the memorial service, we recommend: Including only photos (no music), and playing the video on a loop in the background at the reception. Open the official website on your browser. Limiting the length to 6 to 8 minutes. Retirement is a special time in a person's life. See the steps on how to make a tribute video with LightMV. Select two to three songs to accompany the images. It is very easy to make photo slideshows for funeral and create funeral photo DVD slideshow with Photo DVD Burner Professional . By creating cinematic-quality memorial tribute videos for your families, you’re giving them a unique and personalized keepsake that serves as an integral part of their grief and healing process. Life Tributes by funeralOne, the world's leading tribute video software package, … Create a picture slideshow as a memorial tribute for a loved one who's passed on.

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