3Y Bouvet I. Here are a few "Q" code examples you will hear often. NP1-NP5 US Caribbean Islands KP1-KP5, OA OB OC Peru Call Books are our best research tool and they are all accessible but a real nuisance to locate and deal with.So, with all this downtime we collected Amateur Radio call books from 1906 to 1997 and have them in one location. H3 Panama HP 7O Republic of Yemen TD Guatemala TG If although in the U.S. licensees can change districts and retain their original calls). H4 Solomon Is All ham radio call signs begin with letters (or numbers) taken from blocks assigned to each country of the world by the ITU - International Telecommunications Union. KC6 x x Republic of Palau Radio amateurs from countries that apply the CEPT recommendation T/R 61-01[15] operating as a visitor in countries that apply the same recommendation are required to use the appropriate host country's prefix before their home call sign[16] (in the case of Peru, after the home call sign) and may use the appropriate operating suffix (see below). LJ LN SU Egypt J3 Grenada G3xxx in England becomes GD3xx for the Isle of Man; or for KL6xxx, the L indicates Alaska). intelligible under less than favorable conditions. CP Bolivia 4U United Nations Organization If you have a question, a comment or a topic you would like me to cover, Second ... we never know if the conditions will hold long enough to "complete" a QSO (exchange of communications!;-). 3E-3F Panama HP KH2 ( KG6 ) Guam Ham radio is no exception. VP8 South Sandwich Is There are no single letter prefixes allocated by the ITU with an 'A', so the first 3 must be part of the prefix. _ _ . VY2 Prince Edward I. 9N Nepal YJ Vanuatu A2 Botswana A callsign with a leading digit in the prefix always has a second character which is a letter and in rare cases a third character which is also a letter. Prefixes are assigned internationally, and a separating numeral plus suffix are added by a national body to produce this unique identifier. A6 United Arab Emirates 9W Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak) 9M2 8 The Irish Radio Transmitters Society operates as EI75IRTS celebrating 75 Years of incorporation – 1932–2007. FTnX Kerguelen Is XU Cambodia MD MT Isle of Man GD 6D-6J Mexico and Islands XE-XF4 Each country must only assign call signs to its nationals or operators under its jurisdiction that begin with the characters allocated for use in that country or its territories. NL Alaska KL 3C Equatorial Guinea FR Reunion I. sequence of "dots" and "dashes". AH1-AH0 USA Pacific Islands KH1-KH0 [32] This list includes deleted entries and prefixes and the dates in which contacts with them will be counted towards the award. CO Cuba 9G Ghana 48,927,797 successful callsign searches so far! EZ Turkmenistan, F France VO1 VO3 5 7 9 Newfoundland VE 2M Scotland GM It refers to a list of saltwater islands worldwide maintained by the Radio Society of Great Britain, which assigns a unique code to an island or group of islands, like EU-005 for Great Britain, OC-001 for Australia etc. Certain text links and image ads on this website contain affiliate links.I will receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you - if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Please contribute [ $0.99 ] - [ $3.99 ] - [ $4.99 ] - [ $5.99 ] by way of thanks. CFA-CKZ. NM-NO NQ-NZ Double- or single-digit prefixes are excluded. The following are countries and/or entities which appear perennially on various listings of rare countries:[17]. HP HO Panama C6 Bahamas XF4 Revilla Gigedo Is HL Korea (Republic of) BV9S Spratly Archipelago 9M0 S0 Western Sahara Click here to downloadthe list of most usedCW ham radio abbreviations, (PDF document 2.1 MB)Abbreviations are on pages 33-35. H40 Temotu Province TU Cote d’Ivoire OK OL Czech Republic HC,HD Ecuador So, with all this downtime we collected Amateur Radio call books from 1906 to 1997 and have them in one location. VK VI Australia HK0 HJ0 San Andres and Providencia practice of the amateur radio hobby. J6 St Lucia Old US Call Signs 1906-1997Another ham (K8KTL) and I (K8CLI) oversee the archives at the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in West Chester, Ohio. 3B8 Mauritius The National World War I Museum and Memorial, at the Liberty Memorial, in Kansas City, Missouri, has the call sign WW1USA. [18], Some call sign block ranges are unassigned by the ITU, e.g. 9Q 9R Democratic Republic of Congo Similarly a club with call ZL4xxx which has been established for 23 years can operate as ZL23xxx for up to three months. Currently, no allocated prefix has 0 (zero) or 1 (one) as one of its characters as they can be confused with the letters O (Oscar) and I (India). KH6 7 Hawaiian Is Most countries select permanent or renewable calls from a narrow, specific range of possible assigned prefix alternatives. ZB ZG Gibraltar 3C0 Annobon I. Probably not a big demand for this but it sure makes the archives research easier for us. V4 Federation of St Kitts and Nevis Have you subscribed to our newsletter?If not, click here to see what you would get if you do...or what you will miss if you won't! For example, as a SiteSell inc. affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 2I Northern Ireland GI Some repeaters have automatic call sign transmission at regular intervals and use the secondary suffix /R at the call sign's end. Amateur radio operators are required by law Likewise, a ham on the mainland could not get a callsign beginning with the KH6 prefix, which is assigned to Hawaii, although a radio amateur who moves to a different call sign district within the same country is able to keep his or her original callsign. AMA-AOZ. As such, the ARRL keeps a list of DXCC entities (not necessarily a country) for this purpose. D7 Korea (Republic of) HL My call sign, as every other amateur radio call sign in the world, is composed of three parts: Therefore, VE2DPE is unique in the world. 4N1 6-0 Yugoslavia YU HU El Salvador YS None of the B, F, G, I, K, M, N, R, and W ranges are issued with a numeral as a second character, so the first digit in a call in those ranges is always the separating numeral. Series allocated to an international organization. FS French St Martin With the advent of high-speed connections, a 1 Gig download is now only 40 seconds or less. T33 Banaba Some countries reserve their separating numeral to indicate the internal region in which the individual operator resides (e.g. EA9 EB9-EH9 Ceuta and Melilla 6W 6V Senegal commission on the transaction, at no extra cost to you. IS0 IM0 Sardinia KAA, KAB, KAC, etc.) 4U1UN 4UnUN United Nations New York CN Morocco The 'D9' is the ITU prefix for South Korea, so they have issued a call with no separating numeral. R RA RK RN RU-RZ European Russia UA FO Marquesas Is 6O Somalia T5 Occasionally, a radio club will obtain a shorter callsign for a day; the U.S. FCC issues calls as short as 1 x 1 (with "K1D" being a popular choice) for individual events. ZL7 Chatham Is EP Iran 4U1SCO UNESCO, Paris F You will find helpful resources on learning how to send and receive Morse code here. CU Azores 5Y 5Z Kenya, 6C Syria YK 5P Denmark OZ R1F Franz Josef Land TK Corsica 4S Sri Lanka I am preparing a list of acronyms that are. We have no need to keep this private so if others can make use of this page, feel free to use as you wish.73Lee HiteK8CLIJuly 13, 2020. AP-AR Pakistan Call signs used in unassigned ITU block ranges, Rarely, amateur call signs end in digits. Whereas for ITU purposes the prefix does not include the separating numeral, for country purposes often the separating numeral is included when the prefix is referred to.

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