I am the Movement Around the Still Point. CRYSTALS (Access otherworldly beings or boost distant healing) purchase E.T. You may receive a greater understanding of Her nature. It’s time to experience. And remember, when we’re doing ANY magical Work, we are always using the only tool we have: ourselves. Please Watch the video before continuing reading otherwise you'll be lost. If Kheperu is a new technique for you, Isis is an excellent choice as She will be indulgent and kindly as you learn. Incest between brother and sister was allowable for the gods to keep the bloodlines pure. If not, do whatever you would normally do to open a ritual, such as casting a circle and calling the Quarters. There is a Goddess for any intention and situation, we can use them all because they're One!! Rather, consciousness is expanded. And you can connect with the Egyptian Goddesses in any other way that inspires you. In connection with the death, she was the principal deity associated with funeral rites. This week we’re going to talk about Isis Face crystals. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Isis made the impossible possible through the power of her love and her sacred tools of heka (magic) and hesi (words of power/chants). CRYSTALS AND SIZE – IS BIGGER REALLY BETTER? YIN/YANG QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Yin/Yang ? Through an act of will, now let yourself expand to completely fill the Kheper of Isis. The Isis face will look like this instead: Sometimes the Isis Face is missing a piece due to either damage during growth or in the mining process. She places your heart back into your chest and asks that you continue to keep it light by replacing everything you released with grace, love, truth, integrity, forgiveness, and compassion. If tears come, let them flow too. Let me take on Your Kheper, Your Form, O Goddess Isis the Great. The Goddesses of ancient Egypt offer us modern women timeless wisdom on how to live fully from our Sacred Feminine power. Isis face crystals tend to have this feminine energy even in crystals which present as masculine by definition (clear). Claim and own your full feminine power by giving yourself permission to unleash your rightful rage in a safe and private space. These images live by virtue of the energy, both Divine and human, invested in them. Most will consider a Kheper to be a little of both—a sacred and enlivened image to which both humanity and Divinity contribute. Now, imagine stepping backward into the Kheper of Isis. Then she changed herself into a hawk, made love with the golden phallus, and gave birth to their son Horus. To help you go deeper into this month's theme, we're blessed to have Syma Kharal, founder of Flourishing Goddess, here to share five beautiful rituals to help you connect with the Egyptian Goddesses.

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