“Plymouth gin tastes like your typical London Dry with an herbal-orange twist,” says Jeff Duckhorn, head distiller of, and maker of D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin. When used in the dry form chamomile will offer a subtle apple taste to the gin. The taste is similar to that of a mild cranberry, with a hint of both sweet and sour. Maraschino cherry for garnish OPIHR's European gin is perfect for Christmas time, thanks to the spicy flavour and inclusion of myrrh. Mix with Mediterranean tonic and an orange wheel for a take on the classic G&T, or with peach puree and Prosecco for something more decadent. An Introduction to Gin-Note™ Gin-Note™ is a Gin flavour guidance template designed to allow consumers, retailers and others, to benefit from access, across a wide range of gins, to a standard flavour summary of each of those gin brands. Silent Pool's new creation, Rare Citrus Gin, is made "using some of the rarest fruits known to man". Unfortunately, because of the quantity, gin became fiercely popular with the poor. Basic Flavor Profile: Gin/Genever/Absinthe. However, it has a slightly different taste to it. With the peel, it aids in the spirit’s taste, while grapefruit will take over the spirit if the flesh of the fruit is used. The pink peppercorn shares a number of similarities with black pepper. While botanicals still remain true to its roots (pardon the pun) in its medicinal uses (it’s still widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and in herbal medicine), it is most known by consumers as the key ingredient in gin (and also tea!). The barberry, which is also known as berberis will have a slightly different taste depending on the source. The shiso leaf delivers a vibrant, grassy taste to gins. Generally, this style of gin will be staged in wood casks or even tanks which of course impacts a malt flavor you often get in various whiskies. It is commonly accepted in my circle of spirits critics that this is where the term ‘Dutch Courage’ actually originated from. The coul blush apple hails from Scotland and offers a sweet, tanging taste. Some gin distillers, especially in Japan have substituted the lemon and orange peel for the Yuzu fruit (yuzu is one of the key botanicals in Nikka Coffey Gin). This and ginger look similar to one another. Like a tart blueberry pie filling. Instead, the botanical might use the extract to avoid problems with using the regular plant in the distillation (very little of the flavor will be absorbed if the full plant is used).eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'ginobserver_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_13',123,'0','0'])); The mint plant offers a peppermint-like taste while leaving a cooling effect after consumption. When added directly into the distillation process it can have an earthy, yet bitter taste to it. The risk of contamination is highest during transportation, which is why any incoming stock into warehouses should be checked and tested (fumigation chambers are often used for this) and any outgoing botanicals must be packaged correctly.

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