Edd has previously stated that his reasons for leaving Wheeler Dealers had absolutely nothing to do with starting a new show, and that he had nothing lined up at the time. If these restored vehicles were then auctioned from time to time as part of the show at premier auction venues many people seeing the restoration of the vehicle and the fact that it was so well restored would seek to buy them. I haven’t watched many of the wheeler dealer show with Ant Or the shows from California, they are not the same. So have a love of repairing stuff. we only started seeing programs on wheeler dealer in Australia recently. Edd China would show the entire job – bodywork, interiors, electrics, drive train, fuel system etc., but now you get a couple of the main jobs, even if the interior is as rough as a fossil rectum, and Bingo! The fact that Edd left and Mike teamed up with Ant is a classic story. To buy one of the done up cars was the best option as, they were undersold always. Ed’ take no notice of that fat twat Brewer I’ll never watch WD again what you expect from a cockney car salesmen wanker. It sucks. I miss how originally the cars were all affordable too the average guy. That’s the point of being a salesman, you sell cars ya Muppet. Was Edd China right? Sorry but this is extremely obvious to me.I would also not be surprised if it was all Mikes doing to remove Edd as people only really watched it for Edd, what he did and not to see Mike. It was a very real moment and there were lots of real moments. What Mike is saying is actually true. I look forward to seeing him in his own programme sooner rather than later. You would perhaps need to attend the auctions and discuss the vehicle and the solutions. Ed China left a money-obsessed waster not the other way around and Brewer, quite rightly, should be trashed by every previous fan. Rob Phillips Australia Ed was the show it will go down hill from now on luved Ed, sad to see you go:(. Wishing you all the success in the world Edd. I loved it that Edd screwed up and we saw that it thoroughly devastated him. Edd was the star. ‘Yes Shawn, it really is street legal, even in California!’... What's the story with the driving couch?! In 2012, China, and driver from the BTCC, Tom Onslow-Cole, were part of an eBay sponsored challenge, to convert a milk float into a drag racer, which then achieved a place in the Guinness World Records, for the world's fastest milk float. As he is the better “actor” . Mike Brewer is a big fat wanker and knows less about cars than my dog.A friend of mine has known him for years and says I am wrong because I am insulting wankers.He howls like a deflowered virgin when he drives a car that ‘he says’ has power.What Brewer knows about cars can be written on his (very small) bell end In the video, filmed at the Klingberg Vintage Motor Car Festival in Connecticut, Brewer says Edd turned out to be ‘not gracious’. In the meantime I have stopped viewing the show. I realised that I was fast forwarding through Mike Brewer to get to Ant’s work then realised that was what I had done for years with the original series as well. The show was all about Edd fixing cars, with Brewer ballooning in at the beginnimg and end, where he sold the car for £20 more than he bought it for. They don’t actually make their living fro buying, repairing and selling cars. I understand everything. Driving the Quadski (above) Edd set a new class record of 48.51mph, and then went on to achieve another class record of 39.60mph in the Humdinga (below). Mike claiming that Edd felt like the star of the program and Mike claiming that the show was his baby shows us just what was the impetus for Edd’s departure. But none of that matters because lobbing death threats against Brewer and his family are absurd, immature, cowardly, and oh yeah – against the law. TopGearbox is an automotive website providing news and reviews of all the latest Grand Tour, Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers episodes and more. Nice one , ALL I CAN SAY IS STOP BUYING CARS FROM MIKE BREWERS MOTOR DEALERSHIPS IN THE UK According to Edd, his decision to leave Wheeler Dealers was due to the production company’s decision to ‘dumb down’ the very thing which made the show successful in the first place – in-depth coverage of the fixes performed on the cars in the workshop. That is a ridiculous idea, without gloves, your hands become uncleanable, s owhat if you like to cook, feed the baby, play guitar, your hands though wadshed six times still with black grease that won;t come out, lodged under fingernails, no, it is professional to wear gloves. Come back Ed . Most recently, Edd also set two new amphibious speed records at the annual Coniston Powerboat Records Week event. Have Wheeler Dealers reduced workshop time? Track down James May. In the same year, China was featured in an episode of the television show This Is Your Life featuring Madness front man Suggs. Let’s remember everybody, there are three sides to every story, sooner or later the truth will come out. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Any animosity towards Mike is ridiculous. It would have to have a new name. This would in the main provide a premium return. Ant is much better than Ed the lankyplank and Ive started to watch the show again. Mike Brewer, short chubby & rude , uncaring of Edd’s work on projects is not worthy of my viewing, so I fast foreword all MB stuff & on to Edd finishing up the show with great detail. Brewer is a dealer/trader and not a qualified engineer so if I was Edd I would have gotten pretty p*ssed with him telling me what to do all the time. I was initially shocked at Ed China leaving. Brewer ? I miss Edd China WD is not the same with him not in it. Talks himself up while all the work is done by Ed. The videos also have an underlying message detailing Edd’s struggle to get his tools back from the Wheeler Dealers garage. How can you otherwise fairly critique something a TV show without actually watching it? One that comes to mind was his claim to choosing the yellow paint scheme for the Ford Escort. I truly wish you all the best and hope to see you in your own program. So they gave him the option to leave, and he took it.”. Brewer praised Anstead’s superior work ethic in the video, while also suggesting that Edd’s problem was that he let his newfound fame go to his head. I totally agree that Ed was the star of the show. But it’s not the same without Edd, Edd you are sorelymissed the show is not the same withoutyou this new fella is useless i started to the first of the new series and switched off about 10 mins never watched it since. Over a freaking television show. Mike is a second hand car salesman and who really likes them anyway? Here’s how it all went wrong for... Edd China returns with ‘Garage Revival’ YouTube series, Lowering your car? Iam in Aussie and I watch wheeler dealers and enjoy watching Ed go about his craft turning shit into diamonds for resell and his explanation on how he does things and why is realistic and makes sense .. A total low life low IQ big mouth moron. China had an interest in cars and mechanics from an early age. Following Edd China’s departure from the Wheeler Dealers show certainly made a lot of fans sad but some of them apparently took it on the next … Would have not been as good without it ! The show returned earlier this year with Edd replaced by Ant Anstead alongside Brewer. Don’t watch anymore, Not the same without Ed. I enjoyed the show from the start, mike was the spruker! I met the fat man at the Citroen ninety year do at the Ace Cafe where he asked me about my car but he cut me off in mid sentence when he spotted Fiona Bruce in the crowd and just walked off. so long as it’s UK based and covers realistic challenges for all of us occasionally.

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