Customer service representatives are bound by silly rules ("Have you disconnected your router? Phone company gave me the order number from the order they received from EarthLink 6 days before I had no internet. © 2020 LLC - All New Member • 2 Messages. And then the service was running real slow too! I have never had any issues with this service i have had this service over a year but now i hate this service and want to cut it off already! Not to mention, if you are a day late making your payment, they call you ATLEAST 10 x's a day!! Anyway to determine if you have 16x4 channels in your area? I am paying 50 bucks a month for a internet that I cannot use. and I will be cancelling the service. Thank God I speak Hindi. There are also additional fees: The Hyperlink Internet plan has a twelve-month contract and an early termination fee of up to $200. I thought this would be a good option, but it gets old when you have to walk five blocks in the rain to get to a library to use internet when you pay for internet. Everyone complains about the customer service not being from America and not being able to understand them or get help, but if you'd just take the time to learn how to talk to these people your life will be 10000% easier. Through DISH we had finished our contract so the contract was waived. Dealing with Earthlink now is a massive waste of my time. I had to have EarthLink for several years because of where I lived. Will fax work? He also said that he wasn't going to help me and hung up !! This internet is horrible. SOMEONE THAT CAN DO THINGS RIGHT . They falsely advertise providing business class internet services - they don't actually provide it. But it's impossible to get refunded or even stop further charges without calling. i would NOT reccommend anyone to get this service!!! I've had multiple problems with billing (almost every year, they switch me from yearly to monthly when my yearly bill comes due). The provider's 3Mbps plan, for example, costs $39.95/month; compare that to a 50 Mbps DSL plan from parent company Windstream for just $35/month. Transferred 7 times, got to where I wanted on the 7th. Earthlink is a dying company and service and program are awful. The speed of the connection was a bit slow. Don't be fooled like I was! The starting monthly cost of this plan is $39.95. The Level 3 was much worse than the Level 2 but neither one had any interest in helping the customer. HORRIBLE! Could not sign on with the email they had on file. User must check sent file to confirm that emails have actually been sent. Now it has been since the end of January since I have had continuous service. New to the AT&T Community? Even though these speeds are generally faster than dial-up internet service, they are very low compared to some of the other high-speed internet service providers available. And, they only do autopay, directly from your account. I will be calling the guy from time warner/charter today!! Not even satellite was available. I have been here for a few years. they need to train their workers AND get american people instead Indian people. I had to have EarthLink for several years because of where I lived. I suspect they are just bleeding their business until it just goes away. Azerite energy courses through you, reaching (2 * 6) primary stat and then diminishing down to 2 primary stat, cycling every 12 sec. And then it’s a rip off too I paid my bill and my service was still off!!! [HSI] Ultra tier free speed increase continuing to be ignored? This happened twice in one day while only trying to use one device. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We're on a mission to empower consumers to make the best decisions Not worth the headaches I've had this week. Last week I had left work early to wait for the technician to come and hook everything up and they did not show, when I called regarding the no show I was told that they tech had arrived and no one was home (which is a lie) I was home waiting the entire time.

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