Seeing as we have just seen the new adaptation of John Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, these photos are a another great reminder of how paranoid and insane that whole 'Cold War' period was. The film could be consequently read using a secret viewer. The film could then be hidden on an otherwise normal letter or inside a hollow coin. Lessons in Electric Circuits-Vol1-Direct Current, Lessons in Electric Circuits-Vol2-Alternating Current (AC), Lessons in Electric Circuits-Vol. Inaccessible to the general public, some of those gadgets have been recently declassified. They were issued in pairs by the CIA, one was used for encoding and other for the decoding. Its pincer like head is inserted into the envelope to wind-up the letter and remove it. A CIA gadget from the 1970s, it can be regarded as the first smaller Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). since. This pen had a small hidden camera inside it for the purpose of photographing the documents. Tag: cold war spy gadgets. This glove has single shot 0.38mm pistol hidden inside it. Indeed, they were a great asset to the Soviet spies out there in the cold. Here, we are going to present you some of those impressive gadgets. In this, they were aided by the development of new technology and gadgets. Once a sheet was used it was destroyed ensuring unbreakable security. It was used by a secret agent or his handler for communication between them. The code was only visible at certain angle. Your email address will not be published. A selection of our best stories daily based on your reading preferences. An image of a chain link. To avoid being captured or tortured, agent could bit at one of its arms. We are really surprised by these spy gadgets. Adam Taylor. Having a crew of two, it did not carry any weapons but was used to drop or rescue secret agents into the enemy areas. This system developed by the KGB was meant to monitor enemy communications. This multipurpose toolkit was meant to hidden anally by the agent and used whenever necessary. In a critical situation the agent could surrender by raising hands and then later shooting when the target is in range. In this, they were aided by the development of new technology and gadgets. Back in 1970’s, this button camera was used to take picture secretly. It was also possible to wear it like a scarf. These knife was designed to strike a blow to the vulnerable parts of the opponent. No matter in whatever position it was thrown on the ground, this CIA gadget was able to puncture tires on a road or on the runway. This knife was designed by the British designers, Captains W.E. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. A miniature one shot gun could be hidden inside the pipe for use in critical situation. Spying became an integral part of the Cold War. Cold war era is Famous for the espionage and spying operations by the world’s two biggest spy organizations of that time, that is, CIA and KGB against each other. Hence, they developed a camera which could be fitted with a pigeon. The colors of the map were not effected even if the agent made an escape through the water. This CIA designed semi-submersible was used in 1950s. The pigeon could take the pictures of the target from few hundred of feets to produce detailed quality images. Developed by CIA, this fashionable attire could be worn by a female secret agent attending a black-tie event. It was considered to be a technological marvel at that time. Sign up for Insider Select. It could then be covered with labels in various languages to look like a real matchbox. These two pieces put together could make a compass. Copyright © 2020 TechnoCrazed. 4-Digital, 20 Amazing Infographics Reveal Truth About Tech Gadgets, Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad, AngularJS App Development Tools you need to know, How to Make a Lesson Video Using Wondershare DemoCreator. This high-tech shoes had battery, voice recorder and transmitter inside it. Developed by Switzerland this camera could easily be hidden in Tobacco Pouch. as well as other partner offers and accept our, 18 Shocking Pictures From The Life Of Silvio 'Bunga Bunga' Berlusconi >. Used by the German Secret Service, this smart watch can be hidden inside the watch. It was sensitive enough to detect any movements from a distance of 300 meters. History » Cold War » 8 Amazing Spy Gadgets Used During the Cold War. This camouflaged paint box in reality was a bomb. The target person wearing this shoes had its conversation transmitted to the receivers nearby. It had poison in its arms. Can You Unblock BBC iPlayer Outside the UK with NordVPN. She could easily take photos and record conversations. An agent could use this umbrella as a gun to shoot poisoned darts at the enemy at close range. The device was powered by a battery and equipped with an antenna to information in the form of coded pulses.

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