Then something started to happen that we didn’t expect: civilians wanted to discover what it was like to train like a SEAL. Learn desert and mountain survival, map and compass navigation, stone knapping, and more. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have JavaScript enabled. Thank you for choosing Survival Training School of California. 2021: May 8-14, Basic Map & Compass Certification (1 Day)–  Learn to navigate with a map and compass on this basic certification course. Learn More, Receive unlimited attendance, from 1 year to a lifetime, with our wide range of membership options. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not. SERE stands for: S – Survive, E – Escape, R – Return and E – Exist. In his daily life, he is a program coordinator for "New Advances For People With Disabilities" where he works with mentally handicapped youth. Do to the nature of their work it is forbidden to take pictures of many of our coaches, therefore personal cameras are not allowed. Thank you for choosing T.C.S.S. If you fail to meet the minimums for the PST and Murph, you will be considered a performance drop. onPoint’s no-nonsense, sensible educational approach is both practical and relevant to real-world conditions and situations. onPoint Tactical LLC focuses on small class sizes with personalized instruction, and the teaching methodology leverages hands-on, repetitive training drills. onPoint Tactical weaves traditional and modern skill sets into a holistic composite. We have modified and expanded upon this course curriculum to bring an entirely new training event to the public. About Based in Colorado, SERE Training School provides world-wide outdoor survival training and consulting services to Civilians, Outdoor Professionals, Media Organizations, and Active-Duty Military Personnel using our signature brand of highly-specialized wilderness and hostile environment survival training techniques and experiences. Your SEALFIT coaches will use their years of training and experience to help guide you to overcome any obstacle, eradicate fear and tame your mind. Urban and Wilderness SERE training courses were each 5 day courses. I had already taken SERE training both in the Marines and in the Israeli army, but my training with Kevin far surpassed what I had learned previously. The Nation's only year round all-weather field course. Here are the standards: PST – You will be tested for maximum reps and you MUST reach the following minimum standards in a semi fatigued state: In addition to the PST you will be physically tested on how fast you can do MURPH. In conjunction with SERE Training School, California Survival School is pleased to offer our 2 Day SERE Training Stealth And Evasion Basics tactical course taught by our Former US Air Force SERE Instructor Staff. St George, Utah, United States. Modeled after the U.S. Navy SEAL’s famous Hell Week and integrated with Mark Divine’s world-renowned Unbeatable Mind™ training, KOKORO is the premier training event for forging mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and elite team skills. Whether you're an individual looking to avoid a group, a military unit wanting to sharpen your skills, or a company looking to explore and develop leadership; we have an option for you.You'll be in good company; the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, Craftsman Tools, Ford Motors, Stanford University, and more have sought out expertise. WHO ARE WE? Can I take videos and pictures during my event? Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Home Workouts, 1 mile run in boots and utility pants: 9.5 minutes, 5 OD green (follow link below for specific color) crew neck t-shirt last name stenciled on front and back, 5 pairs of wool blend hiking socks (layer for long hikes), Boonie or baseball cap (optional, but recommended). *Professional Lead Ship's Engineer    *Mountaineering Instructor   *TCSS Survival Expedition Alumni   *TCSS Field Instructor Program Graduate   *Mountaineering Guide   *TCSS Alaska Field & Skills Course Graduate & Instructor   *International outdoor adventurer who has spent decades exploring the world's most remote outdoor destinations. Kevin Reeve is the founder and Director of onPoint Tactical Tracking School. *6 Years of Fire/Rescue Experience   *Former Firefighting Helicopter Crew Member (HELITACK)  *EMT                                  *Helicopter Rescue Team Member   *Helicopter Rappeller   *Search & Rescue Technician   *Fire Crew Squad Leader   *Confined Space Rescue   *Techinical Ropes Rescue   *Swift Water Rescue Technician   *HAZMAT Operations   *Dunker trained (emergency aircraft underwater egress)   *Member of the helicopter rescue team for the first civilian space shuttle launches (X Prize Launches, 2003)   *Trained in the ICS & NIMS Disaster Management Systems   *Has provided training to; US Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Center Instructors, US Navy Helicopter Search & Rescue & Special Warfare, US Air Force Special Operations, The US Dept of Defense, The California Department of Justice, and many more, *US Marine Corps Veteran   *US Coast Guard Auxillery Veteran   *EMT   *Physical Security Specialist   *Critical Skills Course Instructor Program Alumni   *Justin has served as a combat lifesaver program (battlefield first aid) instructor to the "Peshmerga" Kurds of northern Iraq, and has trained soldiers and law enforcement from around the globe   *Justin has trained extensively with Ed Calderon of the legendary "Ed's Manifesto" in counter custody and anti-terrorism techniques, Lead Instructor: USAF Sergeant Joseph Hernandez, *Active duty US Air Force Technical Sergeant with 15 years service *Former F-15E Weapons Loader *Skills Instructor Program Graduate *Combat Veteran, 2 tours in Afghanistan, 1 tour in Iraq  *Awarded 2 USAF Commendation Medals, 3 USAF Achievement Medals  *Certified Health and Safety Official *OSHA Outreach Trainer *US Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Graduate *Combat and Wilderness First Aid Trained *Aircraft crash investigator *Joseph has helped trained aircrew, special operations and intel specialists as a USAF Augmentee SERE Instructor *Joe has been the Military And Survival Consultant for TV and an OCR race. Yes, for groups of 5 or more. Critical Skills Course Instructor: Anderson Hailey, Wilderness First Aid Instructor: Jade Stone, US Marine Corps: Mountain Warfare Training Center Survival Instructors & Sniper Instructors, US Navy: Search & Rescue, EOD/Special Warfare, The Desert Institute @ Joshua Tree National Park, Women In The Outdoors ("WITO" is America's largest women's outdoor organization), Stanford University Vaden Mental Health Services, Regal Cinemas (Regal Entertainment Group), "The Best Train Hard, The Best Train Here", Lead Instructor- Sergeant Joseph Hernandez, Survival Training School of California, California. MURPH (in boots with weighted ruck ~20# men, ~10# women. Survival Training School of California, California (805) 503-8861 onPoint Tactical LLC also develops courses for civilian customers who are interested in a closer connection to their ancient heritage or who want to be prepared for uncertain times. 2020 Dates: June 6-8, October 3-5. There will be no exceptions due to safety concerns. Ages 18+, *Travel Safe - Counter Kidnapping, Terrorism, & Criminal Exploitation For Travelers- Department of Defense personnel, civilian military employees, and more, must all take the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Anti-Terrorism Awareness course before international travel for official purposes. Led and developed by a USMC veteran/former Marine … Led and developed by a USMC veteran/former Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor who is also a former pro MMA fighter and coach that has trained with the most elite soldiers and fighters in the world. KOKORO™ is considered the most powerful and challenging physical, mental and emotional training available to civilians in the world. Thomas Coyne Survival Schools LLC 2020. The Combatives Seminar-Spend the weekend with real world combat experts learning the absolute essentials of unarmed self defense. WHAT'S IT LIKE? We understand that so we try our best to accommodate date and/or time transfers, whenever possible. Learn more                               2020: Nov 15 2021 dates May 23, June 20, November 14, Weekend Survival Skills Intensive – Our most popular selection, this course is all about giving you competency in the fundamentals.

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