As of 2010, there has been no further movement toward establishing a Canadian Marine Commando Regiment… It was speculated that the unit would be based at Canadian Forces Base Comox, and have an initial strength of approximately 250 members. This and other incidents prompted some in the Canadian defence establishment to call for a dedicated unit of marines to be formed. The NATO Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) in Kiel, Germany could be very useful for training core MCR personnel, especially given the institution’s focus on harbour protection. Image of military, canada, thames - 28322547 For its part, the Royal Canadian Air Force offered up eight CF-18 Hornets. This MCR would be headquartered at Canadian Forces Base Comox and would consist of approximately 250 highly-trained members. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, PPCLI boarding a US Navy amphibious assault ship during RIMPAC 2008, File:US Navy 080710-N-1722M-147 Canadian soldiers assigned to the.jpg, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, The Integrated Tactical Effects Experiment (ITEE), "Naval Forces See Greater Demand for Large Amphibious Ships",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core. Ken Hansen has published a thoughtful analysis in Canadian Naval Review and followed it up with the most recent contribution to Broadsides. (3/3). A formal partnership with such an institution would also ensure that the knowledge transfer for the MCR is consistent and sustainable, in contrast to the intermittency of RIMPAC participation. But as I passed away I couldn’t help dropping a few natural tears. Marine Commando Regiment. I felt as I did when I saw them mustered in at Camp Chase.”—Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893). This page was last modified on 21 March 2016, at 19:36. It is unrealistic to expect the Canadian Army’s infantry units to adopt the role of marine infantry, at least not without a more comprehensive training regimen on this field of operations. 1928), “We had an inspection today of the brigade. : Information Control in Modern China, NATO-Area Energy Security: The Southeast European Flank, Playing Catch-Up: Canada’s Engagement with China, Military Apportionment In the Event of Scottish Independence: Undertones of Amity or Pettiness? Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans Such a scenario would certainly lead to American military planners assessing Canada as a less than reliable partner in the Pacific. 1,326 2. jasonbobro. The creation of a Canadian Marine Commando Regiment (MCR) was proposed as part of the 2006 Canada First Defence Strategy. NATO Association of Canada The deployment of PPCLI to partake in simulated beach assaults and other marine operations should give those concerned with Canada’s defence policy pause for thought. In 2008, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry participated in similar training during RIMPAC with the United States Marine Corps and the Royal Australian Navy. It was speculated that the unit would be based at Canadian Forces Base Comox, and have an initial strength of approximately 250 members. As such, it is unclear precisely which unit is being prepared to handle beach assaults, harbour protection, and other such roles in future overseas operations. His analysis suggests that the 250 person Marine Commando Regiment is too small to field and sustain an infantry platoon size force of 32 people. While independent from NATO, and not funded by NATO, it utilizes its strong relationships with governments and international organizations to facilitate awareness and understanding of foreign affairs and Canada’s participation in global security.

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