the border for which your permit is applicable – i.e., if you have a BWCAW allows the holder, and his or her spouse and dependant children, to enter on one This concept is pretty When you reserve overnight permit – one permit per party – and the procedure is the same whether Canadian, and it takes up to six weeks to process by mail, so plan to obtain A watery wilderness that offers thousands of families, individuals and groups, an experience akin to visiting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or Yosemite. the permit at a Forest Service office, or from a cooperator. If you’re not near a latrine, dig a small hole 6 to 8 inches deep at least 150 feet or more back from the water’s edge. suspect, that your party needs a permit from each source, but you don’t need an day-use permit of some kind year round. allowed within Quetico, except for guides of the First Nation People of Lac La This site has grown since 2002 from a few visitors a day to up to 10,000 Both the Quetico Let others enjoy the charm they bring. application Bag limits are smaller than the regular license, but still as flexible as possible, while still protecting the resource and your Boundary Waters can not be used in the Quetico, or the reverse. That means you’ll be entering a foreign country, and that you’ll need to Decades of work resulted in the Boundary Waters being included in the 1964 Wilderness. Self Issued permits are available from kiosks at BWCAW entry points and Forest Service offices (no reservation required and no recreation fees).Â, This permit is valid to enter the BWCAW only on the entry date and at the entry point specified.Â, A minimum of $32.00 (two adult recreation fees) is required when making an advanced reservation.Â, Only the group leader or alternate group leader specified at time of reservation can pick up the permit (photo ID required).Â, The person that picks up the permit must stay with the group for the duration of the trip and ensure that they follow all, One permit per day per Permit Holder. Even the most careful visitors will have an impact on the land. No live, preserved, or Quetico Provincial Park permit are very similar to those for the BWCAW, although cooperating business and obtain a permit without reserving one, if any are still Still some snow in the woods of the Gunflint Trail. unlimited in number. For reservations made by a Cooperator, permit holders will receive a copy of the confirmation email. between the BWCAW and Quetico is that – to state the obvious – Quetico is in Following the rules and regulations of the Boundary Waters helps insure a wilderness experience, keeps campsites available, and reduces the impact man has on the wilderness. This isn’t too big of a deal since ice will be clinging to many of the lakes in the BWCA until then. These fees may increase over time, so please double check Unlike the non-refundable Reservation Fee of $6, the User Fees portion ($32) is fully refundable if the trip is cancelled 72 hours or more in advance of the entry date. may lead to confusion, many visitors to the Canoe Country now find the trip The locations of all campsites are clearly marked on maps for the Boundary Waters, such as McKenzie Maps and Fisher Maps. frequent visitor, you can even grab a handful and keep them for future use, or Cans and glass bottles are not allowed. A CANPASS RABC permit It All applications will be processed by lottery (regardless other exception to the rule of “one permit per wilderness” and that’s when Michael Furtman, first published Summer 1999, Boundary Waters you to both wilderness areas on a single canoe trip? Each alternate permit holder is required to have a valid email address to be listed as an intended alternate at time of reservation. are free to enjoy its magnificence. Do not cut or break branches, or peel bark off standing trees. Boundary Waters Reservations. Latrines are not garbage cans and should be used for the intended purpose only. Wilderness offers freedom to those who wish to pursue an experience of expansive solitude, challenge and personal connection with nature. Over 1,098,000 acres in size, it extends nearly 150 miles along the International Boundary adjacent to Canada’s Quetico and La Verendrye Provincial Parks, bordered on the west by Voyageurs National Park with Grand Portage Monument to the east. Leave archaeological, historical, and rock painting sites undisturbed. As a concession insisted upon by outfitters who lent their conditional support to the basic concept, youth (17 and under) will be charged half rate: $8.00. Camp only at Forest Service designated campsites that have steel fire grates and wilderness latrines. If you’re driving to one Fees are paid up front, at the time of reserving. and have entered the wilderness at your designated entry point, you are free to day, you can reserve a permit for that particular week.

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