You get a drop-point 1095 Cro-Van steel blade with a 20-degree edge angle at 5.5″ for less than a hundred bucks. Do you know how many knives you need to survive should you be in an emergency situation? Weight: 7.3 oz. As I mentioned before, I would not use my KA-Bar to chop through wood or anything, but as a general-purpose camping and utility blade, this will definitely do the job. We like the way the glass-filled nylon handle feels in the hand, and the TPV overmold helps provide a solid grip. Overall Length: 5.9″ Plus, they are less prone to rust issues. My Review: The Gerber Ghoststrike isn’t something that will do it all in one but it is a really cool fixed blade that’s light, easy to conceal, and easy to carry with you when a full size fixed blade is too cumbersome or just not viable. MOLLE-compatible clip and nylon sheath for easy access and deployment. We are currently looking for former Marines to join the team who are interested in writing about tactical gear, survival gear, hiking supplies, etc. Full tang knives are obviously stronger than any other type and can be used in situations where very heavy use is required. This is better known as the Ghoststrike Knife, and we looked at their Deluxe Kit. The 1211 version has a straight edge with a leather sheath, model 1212 has a serrated edge with a leather sheath, model 1213 has a straight edge with Kydex sheath, and model 1214 has a partially serrated edge with a Kydex sheath. What if you want the same knife with a pointed tip? The blade is crafted from AUS-8 steel coated with black Titanium Nitride, with the result being a strong and capable blade. They aren’t going to be the kind of knife that you can use on all of your adventures, constantly abusing them, and then passing them down to your kids for further abuse. | Overall Length: 9.1 in. You have a lanyard hole and a blood groove that is automatically featured. Knives with blade fixing are needed in cases where it is very dangerous to get hurt: they are perfect for commuting, traveling, tasks, operations, and various occasions. A blade that is three inches long is legal in most areas. Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel. I would say that for most people looking for a blade that’s extremely strong and has no moving parts but is small enough to accommodate urban life, this is a very solid choice that will provide for a lot of versatility and utility. 14 Best Small Pocket Knives in 2020. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Coming in at 6.5 inches, this is one of those knives that I suggest you check against your local knife laws before you buy it, because if you can’t legally carry it, what’s the point in buying it? Everyone has different needs from the knife grip, and not all knives fit all hands perfectly. Protection: 89 Laws against the carrying of certain knives–either concealed or in the open. The StrongArm has its own sheath specifically designed to be as tactical and versatile as possible. It also made it impressively far through the stick, and the thick, textured nylon handle meant we could push hard and still feel confident that it wouldn’t slip. It’s 10 inches overall, with a 5-inch long blade. | Blade Length: 4.7 in. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 10 Best Humidifiers for Your Home This Winter, The 7 Best Smart Thermostats to Save Money, 10 Best Air Purifiers for a Breath of Fresh Air, Oral-B’s iO Is a Tooth-Cleaning Masterpiece, Roborock’s S6 MaxV Navigates Around Pet Accidents. Weight: 8.8 oz. Some might scoff at the 5Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, but softer steel is actually preferable if you plan to use this knife for cleaver tasks, as it’s less likely to chip than harder steels and it’s a lot easier to resharpen. It’s very versatile, rather tough compared to other 1095 blades, and just has that Ka-Bar feel to it that’s really hard to explain. This will help you in your decision in choosing the best survival knife for your needs. If you purchase this beauty, you will. You would be hard pressed to find a version of this knife that couldn’t suit your fixed blade needs and at the end of the day, these are some of the roughest and toughest knives per dollar you can get your hands on, and hey, they look good too which is a huge plus because we all know looking cool is the most important thing. Trading off knife performance doesn’t mean anti-corrosive blades will, by default, encompass low-quality edge retention but they will likely not have as high marks in those categories as a blade that doesn’t have anti-corrosive properties, given that both metal materials are of relatively the same quality. by Norman Turner - Last updated November 7, 2020. It holds an edge unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and unlike other really hard blades, it has decent corrosion resistance as well. These blades are not very handy, but they can do some serious business chopping. My Review: Folding knives are great for their portability but of course lack total strength and have moving parts, meaning they aren’t anywhere near reliable as a fixed blade but then fixed blades are often large and uncomfortable to carry all the time. Weight: 8.0 oz, Intended Uses: EDC Fixed blade, hunting, fishing, hiking, ranch work. Getting a fixed blade knife that suits your needs is important, and finding a … I also like that it comes with a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok attachment system and a paracord handle wrap, Blade Steel: D2 Actually, so is the leather sheath that comes with it. Without a full tang, you will likely break the handle if you attempt to use it as a hammer. Its canvas micarta (a synthetic laminate that’s grippier than the fiberglass variety) handle is both eye-catching and effective, as it feels soft and easy to hold even when wet. Blade Thickness: 0.8 inches (2mm), Intended Uses: Utility, Camping/Hiking, and Hunting. Here is a video review of the StrongArm Alone. The Borg Knife features a blade constructed from 304 Japanese stainless steel. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s a fixed blade that I have become very close to and as such, I strongly recommend it for just about everybody. In the end, nine models made the cut. Here is a good video review on the SRK, I recommend skipping to 4:05 in the video. Yet, the blade is longer than many folding knives and, by virtue of the full-tang design, stronger. This knife features a patterned, high-friction grip. The Bushcrafter 162 is extra versatile, the ideal addition to anyone’s knife collection. The handle is Ultramar, while the sheath is made of polyester. The best tactical knives have a blade that is fixed. For the price, this is a great blade. Hands down, this is one of my favorite fixed blade knives from one of my favorite knife companies, and to top it off ESEE knives are made in the USA. EDC Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath – Best Compact Utility Knife, 9 Tops TP33-BRK Dawn Warrior Knife – Best Survival Knife, 10 Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike Rat Tail Tang Knife – Best Fixed Blade Knife for Camping, 11 Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Survival Knife – Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife, 12 Gerber 30-001006 Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit w/Ankle Wrap – Best EDC Survival Knife, 13 Cold Steel 39LSF Leatherneck SF – Best Military Style Fixed Blade Knife, 14 Cressi Borg, Long Blade Knife for Diving and Spearfishing Knife – Best Blunt Tip Diving Knife, 15 Tops TBT-031 Tom Brown Tracker T-3 – Best Versatile Camping Knife, 16 KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa Knife – Best Long Reach Survival Knife, 17 Case XX 10340 Leather Hunter WR Fixed Blade w/Gut Hook  – Best Gut Hook Hunting Knife, 18 ESEE 5POG Bright Orange Fixed Blade Knife – Best Multipurpose Fixed Blade Knife, 19 Lion Steel M4 Olive Wood – Best Fixed Blade Knife for Fishing, 20 Schrade SCHF14 Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife, KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, SOG NB1002-CP Instinct Mini 1.9 Inch Full Tang Knife, Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife, Masalong Outdoor Survival Claw Tactical Knife, Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in Full Tang Fixed Blade Bowie Knife, CRKT S.P.E.W. A lot of fixed blade hunting knives seem stuck in the past, with older steel and traditional materials like wood and bone, and Jesper Voxnaes has decided to shake up the category with a new modern take on a hunting blade. It is one of the best small fixed blade knives we reviewed. The Tanto blade was purposely engineered to have incredible stabbing and penetration ability. From a finish that is resistant to corrosion and gets rid of the glare to the laminate scales of the G10 handle. by Norman Turner - Last updated November 7, 2020. This knife has a blade that is made from the finest CPM-S30V American Made steel. The Spyderco Ark certainly isn’t a folding knife as it doesn’t fold so I can’t really say it’s the best of both worlds but I can say that using this knife feels a lot like having the best of those two worlds if that were possible. This product weighs 7.5 ounces and is 10 ½ inches in length. We recommend you ensure a good fit. In fact, it’s backed by a Forever Warranty, which means you can trust the quality 100%. Weight: 5.4 ounces. Overall Length: 11.00″ We find this ideal for most jobs we encounter. A straight, smooth edge on a knife will prove to be most beneficial to your camping event. The following buyers guide of the 10 best survival knives is meant to make this choice easier, KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Durability: 98 If someone commits robbery it is a crime; however, if a knife is used during the robbery it becomes an aggravated crime. Not really, but if you are, then you want this next option. When you put that up next to the mirror polished stainless steel blade, it’s almost too pretty to use, but don’t worry, you’ll definitely want to use it. For example, it can be used to strike the ferro rod as a method of igniting tinder. This is razor-sharp and holds up really well to tough use. The cork is a key part of this knife’s design, and it was our favorite feature—it was spongy, exceedingly comfortable under pressure, and tacky enough that we always had a good grip, even when our hand was wet. Which brings us to the next “other factors to consider” and that being “size.”. Not so fast! The number one value of this knife is that it is made in the U.S. Another story of its value is that it is resourceful and resilient. For added convenience, especially for military and law enforcement, the included modular sheath is MOLLE compatible, letting you attach the knife to a wide range of vests, belts, bags, and other gear depending on the mission at hand. This is actually called a machete. Effectiveness: 90.5 The knife can come with a paracord wrap and they all come with the coveted Blade-Tech Tek-Lok holster, which basically a MOLLE compatible ABS plastic holster designed to be equally as tactical looking as the blade it protects. As a self-defense tool, it is a great bet if you are in the market for a small-blade knife. It is moderately priced at just under $40.00, so it definitely won’t break the bank. That also left us laying into the knife during our rope test and occasionally resorting to a sawing motion just to get through the material. Protection: 91 Portability: 91 They are not usually designed strictly for use as a self-defense or combat weapon, although in a pinch, a knife is a knife, and as long as you “stick them with the pointy end,” you have a better chance of survival with a folding knife than with nothing at all.

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