They said no, that if you read the fine print online that it says you can't use coupons and even though their employee told me I could use coupons that I still should have read the fine print instead of trusting what their employee told me. You can help! My bissell crosswave is a product I live by. Why would I pay for the membership when they send free coupons so often? I only signed up for Beyond membership yesterday because of the $30 off that was advertised. The delivery service (FEDEX) could not reclaim the product, and we are told that a refund could not be issued until all the merchandise is returned. It is suppose to be worth $5.00. I have emails verifying that they would reship the items out to me. Abysmal customer service. So now I can't get a hold of anyone and they have had my money for six weeks and nobody will pick up a phone. A waste of $29 and they lost a customer that had been with them for years before this. Half of the items I am looking for are not on the shelves. It is not because they are moving anything around. You just lost a good group of customers. When that time passed I called again and was promised the refund would be in my account by July 18. There was no reason for me to apy $29 for the membership as I have plenty of coupons for 20% off and my order qualified for free shipping anyway. Still no confirmation. I have called many days and the automated message says the wait times are anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes. I asked to speak with a manager and Brandon was the manager on duty. They do not respond and I have not received my refund, even though it's been well beyond the time they say on their website that I would be contacted and receive the refund. On October 7, 2019, I visited your store in Rego Park to buy a blender. Another girl came over and just watched Henry but did nothing. The manager didn't care that i just got out the hospital. I received it on may 14. I recently got out the hospital and missed my return date. does not offer customer support through live chat. The second problem was that they had one cashier who seemed to be fairly new. Know any other ways to contact I am not claiming to be special or privileged because I am sick. I haven't used this card, as it was still in the envelope. I just started classes 11/9 and today 11/11 I already have a credit balance... Bought a water dispenser have had it over a week. Never Pay Full Price Again. It never came. Customer service refused to reship merchandise or provide an immediate refund. Why did you want to chat with I called everyone i knew to do the same. Please let us know so we can keep sharing the best possible information with other customers. I placed my order but never got $30 off. I want my money. I went into the number on the card to activate it. no communication and no invoice to the payment to this purchase. After a week of no sign of refund I called. The other is in the hair care aisle which is also pretty empty. I was told that signing up would get me 20% off everything on top of any coupons I had, plus free shipping online. Pretty pathetic when a big company like this is so low that they cheat people out of their refunds, which it appears is happening. And there are people around who are supposed to be stocking but I'm not sure what they are doing because apparently they are not doing their job. Finally because the order was $1.88 short they would not ship it at nc. I have definitely not been going there too often anymore. I have attached pictures. I want the product today or the money refunded today. I followed the instructions posted bed bath and beyond's website and sent it back via fedex on may 19. I tried to place an order on line and needed to change it prior to finalizing it I could not change the store or delete one of the items. Why don't they just close the door??? West Fargo, ND 58078 Buy top selling products like Forest Gate Fieldstone 4-Piece Outdoor Chat Set with Cushions in Silver and Forest Gateā„¢ Aspen 3-Piece Acacia Patio Chat Set in Brown with Cushions.

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