Awake definition is - to cease sleeping : to wake up. Ideanomics And Tesla Partnership, Lithia Cares Phone Number, And it's even nicer to think that maybe somewhere he's. Ham And Cheese Pockets With Biscuits, Use "charioteer" in a sentence. In December 1529 he preached his two " sermons on the cards," which awakened a turbulent controversy in the university, and his opponents, finding that they were unable to cope with the dexterity and keenness of his satire, would undoubtedly have succeeded in getting him silenced by force, had it not been reported to the king that Latimer " favoured his cause," that is, the cause of the divorce. In Smolensk, at the Malakhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town--and Smolensk held out all day long. They were awakened by the sound of gunfire. They awakened to modern day earth and the battle between the two groups of Transformers now involved Earth. Which gives us. awakened from deep, drunken slumber at the Belfry. This faith, he believed, could be properly awakened only by the manifestation, through Christ, of love as the law of life, and as identical with an eternal righteousness which it was God's purpose to bestow on every individual soul. Remembering the details to your dreams is a good indication that you were awakened during the REM stage, but not being able to recall details of your dreams indicates you were in an NREM stage of sleep upon awakening. From these reveries he was at length awakened by news which indicated that the consequences of Macdonald's defeat had been far more serious to the moral of that command than he had imagined. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. The wrath with which the Israelite armies believed themselves to be visited (probably an outbreak of pestilence) when the king of Moab was reduced to his last extremity, was obviously the wrath of Chemosh the god of Moab, which the king's sacrifice of his only son had awakened against the invading army (2 Kings iii. Running Man Quotes Korean, Occasionally, I moved slowly and dowdily, but sometimes I, 128. 4. 5. 24. Awakened; Awakening; Awakens; Awaken (base) I awakened at 10 A. Top Banks In Lebanon, However, an unbiased study of the Buddha's own discourses would show quite plainly that the universalist thesis does not have the endorsement of the, 126. Owing to his delicate health he was only a very short time at school, and never at college, but the love of reading having been early awakened in him, he was allowed ample means of gratifying it. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. : Lord Siva's revealing grace is how souls awaken to their true, divine nature. Run The Hook 2020 Results, Your email address will not be published. 90042 Weather 10 Day, How To Describe Wind Blowing Through Trees, awoken example sentences. His pleasure in each blossom and his tender caress of every pretty leaf, I swear, The instant he had consented to hear her her mind, I could not have completed my third snore when there came a furious ringing at the street-door bell, and then an impatient thumping at the knocker, which, God knows how infantine the memory may have been, that was, Behind and above him came Korak, whom the noise in the camp had, With this significant remark the Supreme Gobbler left him, and thenceforward the Pious Person dreamed of himself as white meat and dark until rudely, From his oppressed slumber, Young Jerry in his closet was. Except in the case of a select few, Irving's preaching awakened little interest among the congregation of Chalmers, Chalmers himself, with no partiality for its bravuras and flourishes, comparing it to "Italian music, appreciated only by connoisseurs"; but as a missionary among the poorer classes he wielded an influence that was altogether unique. 7. Instead of sleeping through the night, volunteers now were awakened four times in REM sle. The stentorian music was so loud it made my head hurt. The sympathy which the events of 1896 and 1899 awakened for the Pro-Boer Boers caused all these feelings, which had long been ~ growing, to break out in a popular agitation more widespread than any since the foundation of the empire. M Maritime Careers, Along with some others he started a Sunday school at Gloucester in 1780, and on his giving publicity to the enterprise in the columns of his journal the notice was copied into the London papers and awakened considerable attention. Disagreeably awakened to the insecurity of his position by the refusal of the tsar and the sultan to accept him as a vassal, he feigned to resume negotiations with the Poles in order to gain time, dismissed the Polish commissioners in the summer of 1648 with impossible conditions, and on the 23rd of September, after a contest of three days, utterly routed the Polish chivalry, 40,000 strong, at Pildawa, where the Cossacks are said to have reaped an immense booty after the fight was over. Most patients with anxiety disorders have sleep disorders, it is difficult to sleep or suddenly, 95. How to use awaken in a sentence. All the best of me belongs to her--there is not a talent, or an aspiration or a joy in me that has not been awakened by her loving touch. Just the sound, the constant beating of the rotors frightened me, Was it books, scientific and poetic, that, Many believe the attacks in the US have finally, And look at what happened to him by the end of his life because those of us who spoke out, Or have the number of postponements finally, He returned home to learn that his 9-year-old son had been, It groaned and stretched as if just being, But we offer something else in a return, a paradigm shift that comes from people who have been, There is a feeling of brotherhood and affection, Ships' horns toot, children wave and call hello, and every morning you're, A strange-looking man in a black trench coat, At that point I began to hear birds chirping over the explosive sound of the firing range, I looked around in confusion, and then was, Visually and choreographically, the show is a snore, but you might be, When we first got them, Bill and I spent many a morning lying in bed, laughing after having been, It was my interest in and enthusiasm about cells and their culture, first, He started to drift off to sleep at the soothing sound of the cat's purr, but was, Shaw then read George's book Progress and Poverty, which, Many a homeowner resting safe and secure has been, She taught him a great deal of botany and, Among its trophies it can point to penitent blasphemers, reclaimed drunkards, reformed prostitutes, and, As he rose, his countenance became flushed and blacked by the terrific passions which the crisis. Pita Panini Recipes, And it's even nicer to think that maybe somewhere he's. His attempts to reform certain abuses of the Church, especially that of clerical nonresidence, awakened much ill-will, and of this the Jacobites took advantage, pursuing him to the end of his life with insult and reproach. This time when they went to bed, she snuggled next to him and they slept in each other's arms until the sun awakened them. I was reading a sentence in an article from the Washington Post that read, "...he was awakened from a nap..." I'm in a writing class currently, and this got me to thinking: Could these ALL be correct?? awakened example sentences. 6. His examination of archives during his travels had awakened in him a taste for historical research, and under his rule St Blasien became a notable centre of the methodical study of history; it was here that Marquard Herrgott wrote his Monuments domus Austriacae, of which the first two volumes were edited, for the second edition, by Gerbert, who also published a Codex epistolaris Rudolphi I., Romani regis (1772) and De Rudolpho Suevico comite de Rhinfelden, duce et rege, deque ejus familia (1785). Infants are most easily awakened during this phase of sleep that is accompanied by yawning, squirming, and quiet vocalizations. Find more ways to say awakened, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. When a child is awakened by a nightmare she will soon become fully alert and able to remember the scary dream in elaborate detail, expressing emotions appropriate to the dream content. © 2020 The Seo Training. Ghost Boys Reading Level, The exclusiveness with which they were favoured, and their high-handed proceedings, awakened the resentment of the princes of the blood, Anthony king of Navarre and Louis prince of Conde, who gave their countenance to a conspiracy (conspiracy of Amboise) with the Protestants against the house of Guise. 2. awakened in a sentence. penny Seipel on December 01, 2019 2:34 pm Thank goodness there are folks out there who also find the word “woken “distasteful when”awakened “seems so much better! Salmon's fresh and tender, the Bai Zhuoxia fresh fragrance, the soured lemon juice and the black mustard pungency, just like a frank seabreeze, has, 100. They awakened the author himself to a consciousness that his doctrines were after all incompatible with some of the Church's teachings, and led him to consider the nature of the papal power which issued the indulgence. 15. : He is awakened to the fact that the only real parental love he has received has been from his nanny. The discoveries of Columbus awakened a spirit of enterprise in Spain which continued in full force for a century; adventurers flocked eagerly across the Atlantic, and discovery followed Sp aniards discovery in rapid succession. 3. 7. Wireheading Meaning, Professional Trainers and We guarantee the Best SEO Services. Use "awakened" in a sentence. At the same time the new learning introduced by the earlier humanists awakened free thought, encouraged curiosity, and prepared the best minds of Europe for speculative audacities from which the schoolmen would have shrunk, and which soon expressed themselves in acts of cosmopolitan importance. Kieran Richardson, It's a comforting perspective when you look at Christopher Reeve. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. But there was no tradition of Hebrew study apart from the Jews, and in the 15th century when an interest in the subject was awakened, only the most ardent zeal could conquer the obstacles that lay in the way. By degrees, however, Schiller's historical publications, and, in a higher degree, the magnificent poems, Die Gotter Griechenlands (1788) and Die Kiinstler (1789), awakened Goethe's respect, and in 1794, when the younger poet invited Goethe to become a collaborator in the Horen, the latter responded with alacrity.

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