My presentation goes about the British New Year celebrations, some old Scottish habits during that time and some New Year’s resolutions. E.g looking forward to seeing you, You use the gerund after “to” when it’s being used as a preposition or preposition combination, such as “looking forward to.” This article will help: The certificate requires completing two courses. List of go + gerund combinations. carry on. or both are correct. How can we use the structure after preposition? (If you’re wondering about the origin of this unusual grammar structure, check out this interesting discussion. I really don’t see when we’d use “to go sleeping” We can use “going to” in those situations as well, but we can also say something like “I’m going to go biking as often as possible this fall.”, thank a million Kim am really intrested in you explainations i real apriciate it because it moved me some where by giving me much understanding. From now on, I will visit this page before teaching any grammar . For more practice with other tricky grammar structures, check out my video on. Or still an object should be avoided? Which one is correct? Thanks for the kind words, Silvia! Simply loved it! I’m happy to hear that. When do we use gerund(ing) after using ‘to’ Gerund after the following verbs. Necessary cookies: these cookies are required for you to be able to use some important features on our website, such as logging in. 9 = verb followed by a gerund OR a noun + an infinitive Is it correct to say “Every day I get up early and go running for 20 minutes”? In spite of studying a lot he didn't pass the exams. We do not say “go to swim” or “go to ski.” With regards to the example, both would be okay. We use the -ing form of “go” after a preposition combination. Now that we’ve looked at a long list of activities that we can use with the verb go + ing, try using one in an example in the comments. This weekend is a special case where there’s no preposition. Gerund as Object: I enjoy read ing. Thinking that my daughter had made a mistake in copying the lesson, I told her the B phrase was wrong and that it should be :” Why don’t you go sleep” or “Why don’t you go to sleep?” Whether you use “going to go surfing” or “going surfing” would depend on how far this trip is in the future. It should say “going to listen to.” You have a great eye for noticing that mistake! I am going swimming. “I always go swimming” and “Sometimes I go skiing in winter” are correct. Don’t Let This Outdated Accent Advice Keep You From Speaking English – Your Ideas Matter! I sincerely appreciate everything you share here. it was really useful for me. To say your example the right way, you can simply say “I love to go biking with my buddies.” Remember, we don’t use this particular structure with verbs that require an object. – Learning English Online. Cookie Policy | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy This website also uses a tracking cookie from ActiveCampaign, my email communication provider, to track visits to my website. Do you mind waiting here for a few minutes. Thanks alot. I’m glad you found it helpful! If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. The girls insisted on going out with Mark. When you have multiword verbs, stress the right syllable of the first word: You’ll stress the rest of the content words normally. Gerunds can appear at the beginning of a sentence when used as a subject: Jogging is a hobby of mine. Thank you. Gerund as Subject: Go ing to parties is fun. I want to say I am very impressed with your page. Because go +ing is so common in English (especially when making small talk about weekend plans), it is extremely important to use it correctly. Find out more information about how I use cookies and other personal information in the Privacy Policy. We’ll also talk about how to stress it right so that you sound natural when talking about all these activities. Which is right ? That’s perfect! Both are correct – good job! Hi, Im quite confused. I talk about this in more detail in this audio lesson: This data helps us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns. Let’s go back to basics and review a somewhat unusual grammar structure that trips up even fluent non-native speakers. This article will help you understand the subtle difference between the gerund and infinitive after like: Personally, I would probably say “I like to go skiing” because we’re talking about the whole activity, not just the action. My sentences could be: I love to go riding bicycle with my buddies. Now let’s talk about using the go + ing grammar structure correctly. Thanks a lot. He is not sure how to cope with getting older. He can't stand her smoking in the office. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. For example, they might remember your name and email in comment forms so you don’t have to re-enter this information next time when commenting. Weekly Lesson; Vocabulary; Grammar Book; Verb Tenses; Articles; Conditionals; Modals; Gerunds I really appreciate it. admit. It’s important to remember that we use go + ing with verbs that are not followed with an object. Thanks, Thanks for the thoughtful question! They avoid go ing on holiday on Saturdays. The job involves traveling to Japan once a month. What a great explanation for Non-native English learners even teachers !! In that example, I’m just talking about the action I did to achieve those 10 laps. The patient worries about having the check-up. Functionality cookies: these cookies provide functionality that makes using our service more convenient and makes providing more personalized features possible. This website uses cookies in order to understand how you use the site so you have the best experience. You’re being specific about what you’re planning to hunt. He can't bear having so much responsibility. She doesn't believe in getting lost in the wood. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! Examples: • Nehru did a lot of reading. If the verb needs an object, you can’t use go + ing. In general, go +ing/gerund is used for free time activities. Hello, how to say 2 things together. You’d say “I’m going hunting” if you’re simply talking about the activity. This website uses Google Analytics and Facebook to collect anonymous information, such as the number of visitors to the site, the most popular pages, how users find my website, and how they move through the website. Keep using it correctly. I’ll let you know if it makes sense in this context. I manage it by work ing much longer than 40-hour weeks.. in spite of. We are excited about making our own film. Improving your usage of go +ing is an easy way to sound more natural in English. When people first learn this grammar structure, they tend to overuse it with verbs that just don’t fit. You’ll also hear us say, “Why don’t you go to bed?” This is a confusing language construction, and I’m glad you’re helping your daughter learn the correct way to say it! List includes example sentences. This means you can say “I’m going to play basketball tomorrow” or even “I’m playing basketball tomorrow.” I talk more about how to use “play” in this article: You would either say “We go hunting every winter” or “We hunt birds every winter.” You will not use the base form of the verb after “go to.” Hope that helps! He is disappointed about seeing such a bad report. The data from this comment form will only be used to respond to your comment. Dropped Sounds & Deleted Syllables – Why Entire Syllables Disappear from Words in American English, Advanced Word Stress – Practice Contrast Between Stressed and Unstressed and Reduced Syllables, Express Your Ideas Clearly – Organize Your Thoughts and Communicate Effectively in English, Small Talk Topics and Questions Keep the Conversation Going in English, Improve Your Accent: Pronunciation, Stress, and Intonation, Express Yourself Using Essential Conversation Skills, Ask Better Questions and Create Stronger Answers, Small Talk and Casual Conversations in English. I thought we use this when we are doing it at the time of speaking? Is that correct? We warned them against using this computer. 4. For example, is it right the following? This article might help answer your question:, Hi Kim, Hi Kim, I find it very useful and easy to understand, hope you can keep doing works like this. Is it an object or an adverbial? I’m Silvia, English teacher from Mexico. When you say, “I’m going swimming,” we get a mental picture of that entire activity, not just the action of swimming. These two forms look identical. This article is very informative. Just say: I’m going to practice piano. Yes, all of those examples are correct and sound natural! Instead simply say, “I’m playing cards this weekend.”. You’re correct – we would not use the word “sleep” in this particular construction. “I am going to go playing basketball tomorrow” In short, it comes from Old English. She wrote it down and asked her teacher, who responded both my suggestions were wrong and “Why don’t you go sleeping?” wass the only correct way of making this suggestion. 3. I’m happy my resources have been helping you. Hi Kim, We often ask “What are you doing this weekend?” or “Where are you going tonight?” because these plans are unlikely to change. They often talk about travel(l)ing to New Zealand. There's a real reason for winning the contest. A verb ending in -ing is either a present participle or a gerund. This is the most thorough explanation I found. ; Gerunds can act as an object following the verb: Daniel quit smoking a year ago. We also wouldn’t say: I went studying English at the library. The first one would be used for something that is happening in the very near future (right about now), and the second would be for something happening in the near future (usually with a specific mention of when). There are a lot of verbs we use it with, but not all. I definitely don’t agree with this, and totally think Go + verb ING is used to talk about activities, like to go fishing, etc.

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