Their first song of the year, 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' went straight in the top 10 when it was released in August. The song’s electronic instrumentals against Sarah Barthel’s smooth voice are almost otherworldly, and the delicate string motif and soft keyboard backing the bridge tether you back. A whopping 301 songs got votes this year from our writers. “Every Girl” isn’t rocket science, but the best rock songs never are. His voice’s constant quaver is suddenly dislodged from its usual melancholy piano backing, dwarfed by electric bass and choral harmonies, leaving him to make up the difference with the bite of his words alone. All Rights Reserved, 36. Billboard counts down our picks for the best Latin songs of 2014. birthday parties in the most incredible disguises! In short, I’m obsessed and probably need help. And here Kendrick Lamar slinks around the best combination of words ever uttered in the course of his career thus far, and not because he’s never sounded so effortless, or so confident, and not because he’s never felt so implicitly right, but because here he raps of death, of duplicity, and of embracing the end of all things as one would embrace a grandmother who has knitted you the perfect sweater, or as one would hug close your cousin at the airport: you try not to think about it often, but you’re glad when you spend some time with it and try to understand what it’s been up to lately. And hey, there are worse choruses to teach them than “Do the right thing, do the right thing / Do it all the time, do it all the time / Make yourself right, never mind them / Don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering.” Every song on Divisionary sounds like a bunch of friends having fun making noise—like Edward Sharpe without the cult-y vibe. 1pm - 4pm, Lonely East Midlands never sounded so good.—Josh Jackson, The wildly creative project of the oft-face-painted vocalist, percussionist, looping queen and ukulele player Merrill Garbus, tUnE-yArDs has earned a reputation for non-traditional instrumentation and aesthetics. Download 'Lonely' on iTunes, 27 November 2014, 12:47 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10. A wire hangs from each ear. Just as with our Best Albums of 2014 list, arriving at a general consensus for the Best Songs of 2014 proved an entertaining challenge. Turns out, a bit of songwriting convention combined with some of the band’s signature, spiraling weird, would lead to this—a carefree listen that embodies all possible associations surrounding the phrase “let loose.” Just watch the music video they released for it. There’s debt and fear of inadequacy in this portrait of American society, but in classic FJM form, there are also sarcastic pleas of “Save me, white Jesus.” When he sings “They gave me a useless education and a subprime loan on a craftsman home,” a laugh track kicks in, and the juxtaposition is brilliant. Potentially our favourite track from Katy's latest album, 'Prism', it was the track that brought out even MORE of Katy's fun side (we didn't even think it was possible!) Joel Corry While singer Molly Rankin addresses her wary paramour in wistful tones, the roiling fuzzed-over guitars suggest there are more chaotic impulses lurking just below the surface of her rational, rather modest and drily hilarious requests for commitment.—Eric R. Danton, I’m usually not an obsessive person. We can hardly wait for the rest of this album to drop next year.—Bonnie Stiernberg, This is the song on This Is All Yours where alt-J becomes totally free, abandons the synths, and heads for the twang. 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; See More Year-End Charts. The instrumental is balanced beautifully between the chiming piano and the thundering drums, cradling Li’s vocals, full of heart-tearing loneliness and regret.—Eric Swedlund, Like most Father John Misty songs, “Bored in the USA” is sad, beautiful and hilarious at the same time. I love it, and I think when you look at the lyrics, you get closest to the theme when Granduciel sings, “You were raised on a promise / To find out over time / Better come around to the new way / Or watch as it all breaks down here.” The greatness, though, is in the driving impetus, the unspoken vitality and anger and exuberance and defiance that brings you to a visceral crest and lets you ride it just as long as you’ve got the spirit and the spine.—Shane Ryan, Dan Bejar outdid himself—and everyone else in the band—with this track from Brill Bruisers. But the lyrics are far too abstract for a classic country record. The Los Angeles-based trio has developed a style of glam-garage rock over its past three LPs, and this title track encapsulates that space King Tuff has come to rule. To be so notoriously prolific and still maintain the level of quality Segall has—this year’s Manipulator is arguably his best work—is pretty much unheard of. It’s part catharsis, part cautionary tale and completely riveting.—Eric R. Danton, After Old Crow Medicine Show’s collaboration with Bob Dylan on 2004’s “Wagon Wheel” turned a 1973 song fragment into their biggest hit, the band unsurprisingly jumped to attention when Dylan’s manager offered them the chance to complete a second unfinished gem. Dylan was right and “Sweet Amarillo” reveals a band still boldly scouting the edges of its versatility.—Dan Holmes, “I see the green in the belly of your eyes,” Ty Segall sings on “Green Belly,” and it’s easy to understand why one might be green with envy when staring him in the face. In “Habits (Stay High),” her anthemic debut single, the Swedish songstress spells out her own raw and destructive heartbreak in such a frank and unabashedly direct manner (“I’ve gotta stay high, all the time/ To keep you off my mind”) that it’s impossible not to become enamored with her honesty; she absolutely refuses to mince words, and the result is infinitely relatable. He picks out a timeless solo-acoustic guitar part that frames his drowsy voice on evocative lyrics at once oblique and poetic and as starkly confessional as anything he’s ever written.—Eric R. Danton, The first time I heard this Allah-Las single, my ears instantly perked up at the opening bass riff. He is leisurely twirling the rainbow umbrella keeping him dry. It’s okay if you wake up every day in a body at odds with the yearning inside it. Without further ado, we give you the Best Songs of 2014. His first single off his excellent Our Love LP is “Can’t Do Without You,” which evokes Motown and R&B as much as it flirts with underground rave culture. “I’m not telling you all I’m going through,” Baldi repeats, indicating that mentally and emotionally, heartbreak may not be all that is at stake. I was listening at the insistence (and persistence) of a Twitter follower, and though I could tell almost immediately that I wouldn’t be wasting my time—that this song was really, really good, and with it probably the entire album—it wasn’t until the halfway point that I really understood why. This has DEFINITELY been on repeat this year! Frontman Kyle Thomas plays the feedback-fueled main riff twice to open “Black Moon Spell,” and just before the third repetition, Ty Segall (who guests on the record) blasts the drums so ferociously that the only prescription is Thomas’ howls about the dark sorcery of his “Black Moon Spell.” The song is devious and mutinous, a pump-up song for an overall excellent record. Not just content with popping up once on this list, Ariana's back again featuring alongside Nicki Minaj on Jessie J's MASSIVE summer hit 'Bang Bang'.

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